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Re-Enacting History: Battle Of Britain Rages Again This Weekend

Where: Evesham, United Kingdom, WR11 7PA
June 25, 2009 at 3:42 PM | by | ()

Along with the tasty barbeques and popping fireworks of the middle of summer come the re-enactments of historical battles. To help you plan fun excursions to watch guns go off, we're listing our favorite battle re-enactment sites all this week. Any suggestions or questions? Let us know.

You don't much more hardcore than driving amphibious DUKW vehicles, setting off pyrotechnics, calling in the British Legion and enlisting more than twenty re-enactment societies to carry out a weekend of World War II encampment outside of Birmingham, UK. Don't worry, there will also be a beer tent at this weekend's "Wartime In the Vale" at Ashdown World War 2 Camp spectacle.

Beginning with a salute flight on Saturday as a memorial to the Battle of Britain, the re-enactments and 1940s festivities hit high gear on Saturday night with live entertainment by "The Forces Sweethearts," a war song singalong, and a burlesque performance by Kitten Von Mew.

If you happen to fly into Birmingham on a European LCC this weekend and have some time to kill, or can make the trip over from London, tickets for the weekend are £6 per adult, or £12 for a whole family. We say drop the kiddies off in the children's area with mini Land Rover rides and make a bee-line for the bomb displays and aforementioned beer tent.

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