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Jon Hamm Hits the Slopes with Megan Fox in Upstate New York

February 17, 2011 at 2:16 PM | by | ()

Yesterday, Megan Fox and Jon Hamm hit the slopes together at the Mt. Peter Ski Resort in Warwick, New York. The pair wasn't there just for fun however; they were actually filming a scene for their upcoming movie Friends With Kids, which is being directed by Jon's girlfriend Jennifer Westfeldt.

Jon and Megan didn't do much actual skiing, but they did appear to be having fun while starting a snowball fight for one scene. Megan looked like a pro on the snowboard too, even if she didn't go very far on it.

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Mint Undercuts Zipcar in NYC, Brings Smarts to the Masses

May 7, 2009 at 10:34 AM | by | ()

Now that car sharing giant Zipcar has merged with Flexcar and partnered with ridesharing site Zimride, it's looking pretty dominant on the short-term rental scene. There are still a couple of regional upstarts out there however, and one very affordable, very cute New York service has caught our eye.

Mint, which has a fleet of cars in Manhattan and just expanded with a couple of rides in Brooklyn Heights and Park Slope, appears to be positioning itself as the BoltBus to Zipcar's Megabus. What we mean by that is it's an underdog with a bit of a sleek touch—they've got everything from Smart Cars to Mercedes C300s—that reels you in with almost unbelievably low starter prices.

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Rescue Me celebrates the holidays in high spirits

December 19, 2005 at 11:51 AM | by | ()

Page Six reports on last week's Christmas party for the cast and crew of F/X's show "Rescue Me".  After a relatively tame party at the Soho Grand, they headed over to Ono at the Hotel Gansevoort where they proceeded to order at least 15 brands of vodka and play naked Truth or Dare.

"Denis slid down a banister completely naked. He did it lickety split," continues our tattletale. "Where they were sitting was facing the hotel's courtyard on Ninth Avenue. They were flashing the incoming traffic. Everyone was blowing their horns at them.

Uh, we don't know about you, but our staff Christmas parties are nothing like that. How do we get on that cast?? And...note to self: Don't touch the banister at the Hotel Gansevoort with bare hands this year.

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