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Megabus Expands Seat Reservations to Double-Decker Routes

April 1, 2015 at 6:52 PM | by | ()

While $1 for a bus ticket may seem too good to be true, it's the reality for Megabus riders. The bus line specializes in affordable travel, and the last few years has seen them expand from the east coast, to the midwest, to the west coast (not to mention their original UK routes).

Megabus' latest announcement is not a new destination on the map, but an improvement in passenger experience on all double-decker routes: reserved seating.

The bus line had rolled out the ability to reserve select seats (usually the most desirable) on certain routes already, but today brings the news that the program has expanded to all routes. No more heart palpitations in line to board, hoping to score your favorite seat; now it can be reserved...for a price, of course. It also ensures that persons traveling together will be able to sit together.

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Book Those $1 Seats, as Megabus Once Again Adds New Routes

August 27, 2014 at 10:01 AM | by | ()

It seems like quite some time since all those cheap bus routes hit the scene, but operators like Megabus are still pretty darn busy going from there to there. Thing must be going well, as it looks like they’re adding some new options down in the Sunshine State.

Just last week Megabus started up some new routes in and out of Fort Lauderdale. There are now options to head out to both Tampa and Orlando. For those looking to take advantage of things you’ll need to make your way over to Sheridan Street Station, 2900 Sheridan Street—that’s in Hollywood.

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More $1 Bus Rides to Florida with Megabus' New Routes

May 14, 2014 at 9:26 AM | by | ()

Fans of Florida now have more options for getting into and out of the state, and we’re not talking about bumming a ride from Grandma and Grandpa. Megabus, the budget bus company who've been driving around Florida and the rest of the country for a few years now, is expanding their Sunshine State routes.

Orlando is getting the bulk of the new options, with buses to Miami, Tallahassee, and Tampa. If those destinations aren’t where you need to be—no problem—as Orlando also does the Megabus thing to places like Gainesville and Jacksonville, as well as Atlanta.

As is usually the case with Megabus, there's cheap $1 fares can be had, but they do require a little bit of planning and advance reservations. So if you’re looking to head from Orlando to New Orleans—yet another new option—check things out and get to booking it sooner rather than later.

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Megabus Bringing Buses Back to Cali with Hubs in SF and LA

December 4, 2012 at 11:08 AM | by | ()

If airfare is out of control this holiday season there’s always an alternative way to get to family and friends, and it doesn’t involve hitchhiking or Craigslist. The cheap bus options are on the move again, and Megabus is getting ready to expand even more.

The busy bus line plans to upgrade its offerings in both California and Nevada, as Megabus is going to setup hubs in Los Angeles and San Francisco. This will open up nonstop options to spots like Oakland, Las Vegas, Riverside, Reno, San Jose, and Sacramento—as well as back and forth between San Francisco and Los Angeles—beginning at just $1 each way. As always, the earlier you book the better when it comes to catching one of the low, low fares, so if you have any plans to travel by bus it’s a good idea to start searching now.

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Megabus is Pretty Much Giving Away Seats in the UK

November 7, 2012 at 6:54 PM | by | ()

Everyone knows that those low-cost carriers practically give away the cheap flights over in Europe, but there’s also another kind of low-cost carrier—buses.

Megabus has made its way to the shores of the United States, but they still have a special place in their hearts for the citizens across the pond. That's especially the case for those who call the United Kingdom home.

To celebrate winter they’re giving away 10,000 free tickets to destinations all over the country, and it’s all part of their Megabus Winter Sale. Just like the cheapie airlines, these ground guys also know how to stick it to travelers when it comes to the fees and charges. The free tickets are almost free, as you'll still be plonking down 50 pence as a reservation fee.

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Megabus Crash Reminds That the Back of the Bus Ain't So Bad

August 2, 2012 at 4:28 PM | by | ()

UPDATE: There has been one fatality in the crash, a 25-year-old graduate student. It isn't known where she was seated within the bus.

There once was a time we'd pant while waiting in line to board a Megabus. The sentence "it will be mine" would repeat in our head, as we set our heart on snagging one of the scenic upper deck, front row seats.

That time has gone. It's all about the back rows now.

Today marks the second instance of a double-decker Megabus essentially smacking its own forehead on overpass bridges. The first accident occurred in September 2010 and peeled the roof back like a tuna can. Four died in the crash after the bus took a detour that included a bridge with too low clearance. You get the picture.

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Megabus is on the Move with $1 Fares for More of the Midwest

July 3, 2012 at 9:46 AM | by | ()

So at this point it might be a little too late to score a sweet airfare deal for your summer vacation, but that doesn’t mean you have to stay stuck at home. Think outside of the box when it comes to how to reach your final destination, and it also doesn’t hurt to think about taking the bus. We’ve reviewed survival skills to consider before trying to chase after one of those $1 bus fares, and now there’s even more cities from which to choose thanks to Megabus.

Fresh off their expansion down to Texas it now looks like the Megabus model is moving into Michigan just in time for the summer season. New routes include East Lansing to both Detroit and Chicago, and there’s even service from Grand Rapids over to Chicago and Detroit as well. This will especially come in handy for those college kiddos looking to head back to class in the fall, and they’ll be able to pick a bus that best fits their needs with three trips on the schedule on most days. Just don’t look to escape for the holiday weekend, as the buses aren’t set to start rolling until July 12.

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Megabus Brings Its Cheap Bus Thing to Houston, Dallas and Beyond

June 13, 2012 at 8:57 AM | by | ()

If summer travel costs are bumming you out—don’t worry—as Megabus is here to save you from the dreaded staycation. The ultra low cost carrier bus line is expanding once again, and this time it looks like they’re slowing taking over the Lone Star State. Their newest cities and newest routes are scheduled to arrive in Texas later this month, and of course there will be plenty of fares for just $1.

Dallas, Houston and San Antonio are now well established on the bus route map, and from these cities you should be able to sit back and relax on your way to spots like Austin, Memphis, Little Rock, New Orleans, and Norman—that last one's in Oklahoma. The new options are set to hit the highway as soon as June 19, so be sure to start searching for those $1 fares sooner than later.

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You Too Can Survive Budget Bus Travel...with These Tips

May 3, 2012 at 1:30 PM | by | ()

It's okay to admit that you travel by bus, or even better—by $1 bus specials. The era of cool bus travel has arrived, when it just no longer makes sense to fly between New York and Philadelphia when the bus costs under $20 and usually takes under 2 hours, and it has free WiFi and power outlets. Take that, regional jets!

Especially with today's news that BoltBus is expanding to the Pacific Northwest, we feel the need to remind travelers of the unofficial "bus code." Everyone knows to shower before a long bus ride (and after), but there's a few other tips you mostly learn from actually dealing with long-haul rides.

After the jump, our Top Five Tips For Surviving Budget Bus Travel

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Three New iPhone Apps to Jumpstart Spring Travel

March 9, 2012 at 11:05 AM | by | ()

· Travel Channel Layover Guide with Anthony Bourdain
Big fan of Anthony Bourdain? Looking for great places to eat and hang out, Bourdain-style, in cities around the world? This app was made with exactly you in mind. The Layover Guide ties in with the popular Travel Channel show by giving users photos, videos and tidbits from Anthony on his top spots in Miami, New York, LA, SF, Montreal, Singapore, Hong Kong, Rome and Amsterdam—plus the promise of 10 more cities coming soon.
There's the addition of a little Foursquare-like action in the app, earning badges as you "check in" at the venues, but to us, the real value of this app comes from the ability to quickly decide on a cool place, get Bourdain's two cents and then head off directly using the location info.
Buy on iTunes: $1.99

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10,000 Free Tickets from Megabus' Newest Hub in Atlanta

October 25, 2011 at 11:14 AM | by | ()

Big news for travelers in the south! Budget traveler favorite Megabus has just expanded their US route network to include a new hub in Atlanta, Georgia. From the ATL, Megabus will run to 11 cities, of course with all routes and all seats starting from their usual $1 (plus 50 cents reservation fee).

The 11 cities from Atlanta are: Birmingham, AL; Mobile, AL; Montgomery, AL; Charlotte, NC; Chattanooga, TN; Knoxville, TN; Memphis, TN; Nashville, TN; Gainesville, FL; Jacksonville, FL; and Orlando, FL.

That's a lot of Alabama and Florida! With the news comes a giveaway, naturally. Megabus has 10,000 free seats on the new routes, for travel from November 16 to December 16. Enter promo code ATL10K to knock the cheap fares down to FREE.

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Can You Survive 8 Hours on a Bus? How About If It's Only $1?

August 4, 2011 at 1:28 PM | by | ()

Sitting in one place for 8 hours, traveling from city to city—when you think of that, you're probably imagining a transcontinental flight, right? Well of course that can also be by train or bus, and increasingly it's the latter as MegaBus continues to go crazy in expanding its route network. The newest city to be tapped by the big blue bus is Omaha, Nebraska, an 8-hour and 40-minute journey from downtown Chicago, where Megabus' US operations regularly tie up rush-hour traffic.

As usual when Megabus announces new routes, they've put a whole slew of seats on sale for $1.00. Right now, that's 1,000 seats, and we double-checked some random August travel dates and the $1 fares are truly plentiful. Enter promo code OMA1K to knock the fares down to FREE. The only catch is that travel needs to happen before September 17, although Megabus' famous seats-for-$1 deal extends across all routes for the first few seats booked on each bus.

What we're trying to say is, that if you have to travel this new route (or any route) later this fall and still want the sweet $1 seat, you've got to get at it early, very early, as pricing goes up as the bus fills and as the departure date nears. Now the difficult decision: are you willing to endure a 9-hour bus trip if it costs less than even a Dunkin Donuts coffee?

[Photo: Jaunted]