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Bronze, Silver & Gold: Our Top 3 LA Restaurant Picks Near the Special Olympics

July 15, 2015 at 3:35 PM | by | ()

The Special Olympics World Summer Games are right around the corner. Soon 6,500 athletes from 165 countries will flock to Los Angeles to compete in 25 different sports. It’s one of the most powerful sporting events on Earth, and it's sure to bring a hefty amount of business and tourism to the LA area for the duration, from the opening ceremony on July 25 to the closing ceremony on August 2.

Well over half a million people are expected to visit LA for the Special Olympics. Obviously, priority number-one for any spectator is to see as many of these astonishing athletes as possible while they perform extraordinary feats of strength, endurance, perseverance and spirit. But what do you do on your off-rounds? Eventually, you’ll have to peel yourself away from the Games to grab a bite to eat. That’s where we come in.

The competitions will be sprinkled throughout 20 different venues, but the largest group of people will be gathered for the opening and closing ceremonies, which are being held at the centrally located Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. Using this venue as our epicenter, we ranked our Bronze, Silver and Gold medals for the Top 3 nearby restaurants you need to try while in town for the Special Olympics. (Bonus: All of our winners are reasonably priced. You're welcome.

Let the Games begin.


Restaurant: Chicken Itza Restaurant

Address: 3655 S. Grand Ave.

Hours: 8 a.m. – 9 p.m. Sunday – Thursday; 8 a.m. – 10 p.m. Friday & Saturday

Why You Need To Go: Located inside the Mercado la Paloma, Chicken Itza Restaurant specializes in Southeast Mexican cuisine from the Yucatan peninsula, which is heavily inspired by Mayan, Spanish and Lebanese cooking. This family owned and operated business has been open for more than 15 years and has been featured on Diners, Drive Ins and Dives, so it’s got that whole “Guy Fieri ate all our food" vibe that tourists seem to love. As far as we're concerned, one glance at the menu was all we needed to know this was a special place. Many will tell you that your order must include the Conchita Pibil, a slow-roasted pork dish that also has a nice kick of habanero chili. [Image at page top via Facebook]

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Let's Talk About How LA's New Rail Line Ignores LAX

January 24, 2014 at 9:40 AM | by | ()

Brian Sumers - the Los Angeles reporter who covers all things airports - promised us that we would "enjoy" the video below, which he took this week at a ceremony celebrating the groundbreaking of a new light rail line set to go from L.A.'s Mid-City to the general vicinity of LAX. He very specifically wrote "trust me" and then he followed up with "you'll enjoy it."

Brian Sumers fucking lied to us.

Let's discuss, shall we?

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Police Arrest Second Idiot Involved in LAX Dry Ice Bombs

October 21, 2013 at 5:29 PM | by | ()

Authorities have added a second arrest in their investigation of those three dry ice bombs planted last week at Los Angeles International airport. We're going to get to the details down below, but first let's dispense with some necessary unpleasantries: when NPR wrote that the "prank bombs... caused paranoia" at LAX, that was staggeringly moronic.

Dry ice bombs of any kind can be filled with shrapnel and metal fragments, and ice bombs made out of glass bottles can - quote unquote - require "major operative intervention," to say nothing of taking lives. These things are bad news and shutting down an airport as they're exploding is not paranoia. The geniuses who set them off - employees of Serviceair, which does baggage handling and cleaning at LAX - are very rightly in a world of legal hurt. Just building dry ice bombs is a felony in Los Angeles, let alone exploding them in an airport.

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California's Zoos are Overflowing with Baby Giraffes

May 31, 2013 at 5:48 PM | by | ()

Summer travel means zoo travel which, for the purposes of this week, means giraffe travel. We'd argue that it should also be giraffe travel for the purposes of every other week, but we're content to use what time we have together right now to urge you to go see baby giraffes in various zoos up and down California.

In case you can't - and we feel badly for you, genuinely - we've embedded some videos at the bottom for you to look at. View, and be jealous.

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Gorgeous Time-Lapse Video Finally Explains Los Angeles' Allure

August 27, 2012 at 3:33 PM | by | ()

Los Angeles is the third coolest city in the United States but also the single most stressful. Maybe because of all that stress it ranks fourth among American cities as the overall best place to live, despite how the top six areas in the United States where people "value sex most"—literally #1, #2, all the way down to #6—are in and around Los Angeles.

What this teaches us is that lists are stupid. Even when they're not just made up (which is almost always) they tell you little to nothing about how people live and travel. Except lists about the best zoos for looking at baby monkeys, which often end up including the Los Angeles Zoo. Those explain a great deal. Because baby monkeys.

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Four Zoos for Visiting Baby Monkeys This Summer

June 8, 2012 at 4:33 PM | by | ()

Spring is quickly transitioning into summer, which means two things. One, the weather is perfect for outings to the nations' zoos, where you can see baby otters and baby giraffes and baby tigers and - as you're about to read - baby monkeys. Two, those zoos are about to get overrun by screaming children so you won't be able to view any of those animals in peace and quiet (no but seriously, we heart kids).

As usual we've tried to give you parks on both coasts, because people are going on vacation. Also as usual we've embedded a bunch of videos at the bottom, because baby monkeys.

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Exhibition of Liz Taylor's 'Serious Bling' Currently Roving the Globe

September 27, 2011 at 3:54 PM | by | ()

Elizabeth Taylor's jewels, clothes, and art are crisscrossing the globe leading up to their auction at Christie's in December

One of our on the ground London contacts returned from The Collection of Elizabeth Taylor exhibition with the following report: "That woman owned some serious bling."

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LAX to Become Foodie Paradise?

August 6, 2010 at 4:47 PM | by | ()

If you've never been to LAX, it's tough to convey to you the precise degree to which the food options spectacularly blow. This Chowhound thread, where a discussion of tolerable LAX restaurants turns into a debate over whether you should flee the airport by rental car or taxi, should help you get started ("the quality of the food at LAX is criminal... LAX ranks among the worst" airports). Heathrow has a Gordon Ramsay restaurant. LAX has four McDonalds's, three Burger Kings, and two of those Home Turf Sports Bars where you can double your vodka for only $2. Not a bad deal, but still.

Now a coalition of Los Angeles restaurant owners and civic leaders is gearing up to change all that. A meeting in downtown last week brought together fourteen of the city's most respected and successful eatery owners, the intention being to turn LAX's food options upside down. From high-end steaks to niche Latin options to sushi that's safe to eat even before a 6 hour flight, the hope of the SSP group is to totally transform the airport's reputation, and to do it with a Los Angeles flair. All of the new eateries will in some way be tied to established local institutions like Nick & Stef's Steakhouse or the Border Grill.

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Neighborhoods to Know and Go: Downtown Los Angeles

May 12, 2010 at 1:30 PM | by | ()

[Photo: Steve Jurvetson / Wiki Commons]

Downtown Los Angeles has been languishing in a perennial state of about-to-be-revived for decades, but in recent years it looks like it might actually be happening. There's always been a vicious cycle: to get people to move in you need businesses, and to get businesses to move in you need people. Finally someone made the decision to just start building shops and restaurants by brute force, hoping that people would subsequently follow. To take only the still-opening but impressively huge LA Live "entertainment campus," you've got Club Nokia, the Staples Center, the new Ritz-Carlton hotel, a Regal Cinemas, and a dozen restaurants including an ESPN Zone, a Yard House, and a Wolfgang Puck Bar & Grill.

So while it's impossible to exhaust even a tiny bit of what there is to see and do nowadays, there are some definite highlights—and a few niche locations—where visitors can eat and drink and shop and see.

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Run, Don't Walk to See David Lynch's Painting Exhibit in LA

Where: 2902 Nebraska Ave. [map], Santa Monica, CA, United States, 90404
November 20, 2009 at 4:29 PM | by | ()

Los Angeles' reigning auteur of "weird," director David Lynch, doesn't limit his mode of creative expression to the screen. Though better known for helming films such as Mulholland Drive and hawking the benefits of transcendental meditation on college campuses, the fabulously-coiffed Lynch actually began his career as an artist. In 2007, a major retrospective of Lynch's multimedia art was featured at Paris' Fondation Cartier, and earlier this year, a selection of his photographs were on display at L.A.'s Michael Kohn Gallery.

We deemed the latter exhibition, a visual offshoot of the Danger Mouse/Sparklehorse album Dark Night of the Soul, a mediocre representation of Lynch's creative bounds. We've yet to see his paintings in person, but as dedicated Lynch-o-philes we'll be rushing off to see his first L.A. painting show in a decade at Santa Monica's Griffin Gallery.

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Off Rodeo Drive: Our Guide to Shopping LA's West Third Street

Where: West Third Street [map], Los Angeles, CA, United States
November 18, 2009 at 2:28 PM | by | ()

In this installment of Off Rodeo Drive, we're calling attention to a Los Angeles shopping destination that some would say looks like a shadow of its former self. Driving down West Third Street just past The Grove, you'll notice many more empty, stripped-down storefronts than there were just a year ago. Contemporary favorites like Built By Wendy and Pixie Market—both New York transplants—have shut down, along with a beloved cookbook store whose departure locals mourned.

Yet, West Third Street remains one of our very favorite places to shop in the city. Stores that have stuck around have earned their loyal clientele, customers which include oft-photographed celebrities ducking into Joan's On Third or Toast for a post-shopping lunch. So, without further ado, here are five stores to hit in the area for a quality retail fix—after the jump.

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How to Get Tickets To 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show'

November 11, 2009 at 12:24 PM | by | ()

Few people saw Ellen DeGeneres' second-coming as an entertainer when her talk show launched in 2003. Now, though, she's adored by many for her signature dance, relaxed interviewing style, and ability to deliver a killer commencement speech, making tickets to Ellen seemingly impossible to come by. The best you can do is try your luck via the booking process, which we're going to walk you through step-by-step. Demand for certain days and times, and your degree of luck, will ultimately determine whether you'll sit in as an audience member.

First, you'll have to consult the online calendar to see if there are open dates in the near future. Already this is problematic. We tried scrolling across dates in December and January and weren't allowed to click on any, which tells us that they're either not open for request yet, or they're full.

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