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How Dangerous Is It to Travel to Machu Picchu?

Where: Cusco, Peru
March 8, 2013 at 12:52 PM | by | ()

Airfares from the US to Lima, Peru have been shockingly low lately—we're talking $500 roundtrip on a route that's typically at least $800—and some of the reason is likely due to a (now lifted) travel warning from the US Embassy in Peru to Americans traveling in the Machu Picchu/Cusco area.

This week that warning ended, after a couple feared to have been kidnapped was actually found, happily traveling still, just through areas with no internet access. There is a rebel group (named Shining Path) still threatening the area in general, but the situation is once again safe for tourism.

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At MATE, the Brand New Lima Gallery of Fashion Photographer Mario Testino

Where: Lima, Peru
October 25, 2012 at 6:22 PM | by | ()

Flip open the ginormous tome that is the September issue of Vogue magazine and, almost near the end, this stunning photo presents itself. The entire spread is essentially a love song by the Vogue-favorite photographer Mario Testino, to his native Peru. Taking editor-at-large Hamish Bowles along for a ride down to Lima, the two visit Testino's newly opened museum, MATE.

MATE stands for Asociación Mario Testino and, since its premiere exhibiton "Todo o Nada" features only Testino's work, MATE comes across as a monument the photographer has built to himself. Even visiting MATE on our own, last month during a brief stay in Lima, can't shake that feeling. MATE will eventually feature the work of other Peruvian artists within its restored walls, but for now it's the domain of Testino devotees.

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Up and Over the Andes: Flying TACA from Lima to Cusco, Peru

Where: Cusco, Peru
October 3, 2012 at 4:41 PM | by | ()

The Embraer-190 at Cusco Airport

The Jaunted Goes to Machu Picchu Series:

1. Flying into Cusco
2. Sorting out documents
3. Riding the Vistadome train
4. Riding the Hiram Bingham Orient-Express (Part 1 - the train)
5. Riding the Hiram Bingham Orient-Express (Part 2 - the dining & extras)

One week to kill in Lima, Peru. This is what happens when you book reward flights and take whatever availability. We'd learned that lesson already. Friends who'd been to Lima before advised us to get out—one week was plenty time for a side trip of several days to bucket list destinations like Machu Picchu or Colca Canyon. And so, Machu Picchu it was, but first we'd have to get our butt over to the city of Cusco.

The quick decision meant we had done little pre-planning and, searching flights from Lima to Cusco and back, the prices were already rocketing. The eventual winner, after searching LAN, TACA and StarPeru, was TACA. We went with TACA for three big reasons:
1. For the roundtrip price ($331.96 total), competitive with the other airlines at the time of booking, we could fly Biz Class on TACA.
2. We'd never flown 'em and were curious
3. We're Star Alliance Gold status and TACA is a member of the alliance.

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RNP: Three Little Letters That Mean Big Things for Modern, Eco-Friendly Flying

Where: Lima, Peru
March 20, 2012 at 3:32 PM | by | ()

"Terrain challenged" isn't exactly what you want to hear about the airport where your flight will be landing, but thanks to technology (thanks, technology!), it's now a cause for excitement rather than worry. Add this acronym to your travel vocabulary: RNP, or "Required Navigation Performance."

RNP is the hip, new navigation system that uses satellites and 3D calculations to devise the best route into an airport. Alaska Airlines, Southwest, Qantas and a couple others are old hats at using RNP by now, but LAN only made the switch in February to using the technology for the entire flight.

The lucky inaugural RNP route: Cusco-Lima, Peru. Though passengers onboard were more concerned with taking snapshots of the dramatic Andean scenery out the window, the pilots up front were enjoying 30.5 km shorter flying distance, 6.3 fewer minutes in the air, 644 kg less CO2 released into the air and 67.5 gallons of fuel saved—and that's just on a single flight!

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Where to Eat in Lima Now: Our Top Three Recommendations

Where: Calle Los Carolinos 118, Lima, Peru
July 16, 2010 at 10:46 AM | by | ()

Peruvians take their cuisine seriously, and the rest of the world has started to as well. From the seafood feasts on the coast to the tongue-twisting fruits and herbs of the Amazonian jungle and not to mention the bounty of the pristine Andean environment, the country is a foodie paradise. On our recent trip to Lima, we got the chance to try several of the capital city’s newest and most exciting restaurants, and here are a few of our favorites.

Mesa 18
This is the new restaurant at the Miraflores Park Hotel, which opened on July 1 with an entirely new design, chef and menu of nuevo peruano dishes…though Chef Federico Ziegler is actually from Argentina. The restaurant has an informal lounge area on a wooden deck out front, shaded by leafy palm fronds.

On Chef Ziegler’s menu you’ll find fusion dishes like home-smoked duck with a slow-cooked egg over sautéed mushrooms; a delicate wakame-marinated octopus carpaccio with crunchy red quinoa salad; low-temperature cooked ribeye with pecan-crusted sweet breads and creamed gobo root; and oven-baked paiche, a deliciously chunky Amazonian fish, with tomato fondant that goes great with a side of fresh asparagus sprinkled with shaved almond and parmesan. The dark chocolate hazelnut mousse mille feuille with mango and crème fraiche ice cream was our favorite of the desserts. Calle Los Carolinos 118; Miraflores, Lima; +51 (0)1 610 4000

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Landing in Peru Onboard LAN's New SFO-Lima Flight

July 6, 2010 at 10:41 AM | by | ()

Here at Jaunted, we like to report the biggest travel news and the best travel experiences first for you, from iPads down to inaugural flights. That’s why our Eric Rosen hopped onboard LAN’s first flight on its new direct route between San Francisco-SFO and Lima, Peru. Check out all the South American partying in his report below.

LAN 2609 is a flight that marks much more than just the South American carrier's entrance into San Francisco, but it also means a return of boom tourism to Peru, a country wracked by floods and depressing tourism numbers earlier this year—especially after the routes to historical site Machu Picchu were closed or plain destroyed. But with all of that fixed and hope renewed, we flew due south.

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