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Mobile Boarding Passes Aren't Just for the Major Airlines Anymore

July 9, 2013 at 6:57 AM | by | ()

The major carriers across the globe are no strangers to the wonders and magic of the digital boarding pass. However, many of the low-cost carriers seem to be a little behind with the mobile technology, as many still require the old-fashioned paper boarding pass—and even charge you a fee for the pleasure. It looks like EasyJet is taking a step in the right direction, however, as the carrier just expanding their mobile capabilities.

A few months ago they introduced mobile check-in and boarding passes, but at the time things were somewhat limited. That’s no longer the case, as now the carrier has expanded mobile services to around 38 different airports across Europe. This is really good news for those who don’t lug a printer around with them while traveling.

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Passbook to the People Thanks to American Airlines and British Airways

June 12, 2013 at 1:10 PM | by | ()

Lots of Apple news this week, as the company known for iPads and iPods just released all kinds of details on the next big things in tech—at least in theory. While we're anxiously awaiting the arrival of iOS 7, at least there's some fresh Passbook action as more airlines update mobile boarding passes to work with the app.

Just last week Alaska Airlines updated their app to show a little love and support for Passbook, and this week it’s British Airways' turn. The carrier is adding the feature to the current version of their app, and they’re promising that from now on all boarding passes will be available in Passbook. Not only that they’re already working on the next update and upgrade, as mid June is when direct links will appear within your lock screen when you’re ready to take off. We don’t have any British Airways flights coming up, so we’ll take their word for it.

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One More Airline Hops on the Apple Passbook Wagon

June 4, 2013 at 9:50 AM | by | ()

Alaska Airlines has been a spending a little extra on their IT budget this month, as they’ve been hard at work updating their official app for your iPhone and iPod.

The latest version of the thing improves on some of the existing features, but the biggest improvement is that it adds the capability to utilize and support Passbook. That means that when you check into your flight you can now beam your digital boarding pass to Passbook, and your device will load your documents upon arrival to the airport.

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The Ten Airlines Now Compatible with Apple's iOS 6 Passbook

November 28, 2012 at 10:17 AM | by | ()

Think back to a few months ago—to September, to be specific.This was the month of the Apple keynote announcing iOS6, the iPhone 5 and the glorious little app addition named "Passbook." Simply put, Passbook neatly collects all the little virtual ticket stubs which before resided within their own individual apps.

Now your Starbucks card info for coffee today can live in harmony (and very easy access) with your movie ticket for tomorrow and boarding pass for next week. A doff of the cap to American Airlines, United and Lufthansa, the first airlines to support mobile boarding passes within Passbook.

Now that everyone has had a few more months to send their tech teams into overdrive, the total number of Passbook-positive airlines stands at 10, with still more on the way.

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Infographic Alert: The iPhone 5 as a Frequent Flyer

November 12, 2012 at 10:38 AM | by | ()

Think you travel a lot? The iPhone has you easily beat, considering it does a one-way circumnavigation of the globe before it's even ready to be powered on.

At 20,096 miles, from the US companies to the several countries that manufacture it until it comes back to the US to reach your hands, the Apple iPhone 5 is only one long-haul flight away from reaching Silver Medallion status on Delta or Silver MileagePlus on United.

Looking at the route—United States > United Kingdom > Germany > South Korea > Taiwan > China > United States—it's pretty inspirational for an actual around-the-world. A traveler could claim they're on the "iPhone route" around the globe, though of course that would sounds terrifically dorky.

Check out the full infographic from MobileMadhouse below:

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Five Airlines Already Supporting Mobile Boarding Passes on Apple's iOS 6 Passbook

September 21, 2012 at 10:42 AM | by | ()

"Mobile Boarding Passes are God's gift to modern air travel." That was the title of one our stories way back in May 2010, when such technology was still on the drawing boards at airlines. Still, a few pioneering airlines were already allowing flyers to go paperless and, after using our first mobile boarding pass on a Lufthansa flight, we thought it pretty neat.

Apple completely agrees that mobile boarding passes are pretty neat, and they've put so much brain power into making the use of them easier, faster and prettier that their new iOS6 app, Passbook, heavily features mobile boarding pass integration.

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'Airport Scanner' Should Be the First Game You Download to the iPhone 5

September 13, 2012 at 10:07 AM | by | ()

Sorry to have to say it, but both Words With Friends and Draw Something as so over, in terms of trendy iPhone app games. These days, we're way into a whole other game, one that pits your finger-eye coordination with weapon-spotting skills. It's called Airport Scanner and yes, it is a TSA-themed iPhone game and it is awesome. AND IT'S FREE!

The aim of the game? Well, to do a good job as a TSA agent, really. Here's the official spiel:

PROTECT THE SKIES - JOIN THE TSA Airport Scanner puts you in charge of operating a life like X-RAY scanner working for the TSA. Mark illegal items, expedite flight crew + first class passengers and look out for air marshals all while getting every flight out on time so passengers don’t riot!

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