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Delta Gets Hip to iPads with New Specially Formulated 'Fly Delta' App

January 11, 2013 at 11:18 AM | by | ()

It's almost the weekend!! But before you shuffle off to whatever shindigs or travel you've got planned this weekend, better download the newest, shiniest airline iPad app. This morning, Delta released their Fly Delta app for iPad, which not only means enhanced features that easily top the iPhone app, but what Delta says is "completion of the first phase of our customer technology investments of more than $140 million."

It's free of course, and downloadable via iTunes. Enter your SkyMiles account details to personalize the experience once you've got it on your 'Pad and play around—it takes only a moment to notice the enhancements.

Still it's in-flight that the app shines, as Delta's introduced something they're calling the "Glass Bottom Jet," which will track your flight and display what you're flying over right at that moment and any social media postings radiating up from the ground. A tweet in Topeka, an Instagram in Framingham, a YouTube in Youngstown...just watch 'em.

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The Four iPhone and iPad Apps You'll Need to Survive Holiday Travels

December 20, 2012 at 12:01 PM | by | ()

If you're reading this, then we're going to assume you're already hip to apps like TripIt and those from the airline with which you're traveling, so let's go beyond the basics to the secondary apps that'll help you survive not only holiday flying, but possibly even a long weekend with family. Your flight is booked, so no travel deal search engines are needed.

These four apps will be there for you once you've already hit the road:

· GateGuru for iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad
If you're an infrequent flyer or just transiting through an unfamiliar airport this season, GateGuru will not only tell you where the Starbucks kiosks, ATMs and club locations are, but it also factors in user reviews. Is that Applebee's near Gate 23 worth it on a 2-hour layover? Maybe not, if there's a Brewery Pub down the terminal...GateGuru knows.
Where you'll use it: In the train/car/bus to the airport; standing beneath the Departures board and wondering what gate the airline lounge is nearest to; in an airplane after landing at your layover airport with lunch on your mind.
Cost on iTunes: FREE

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The Australian Way Becomes an iPad App

Where: Australia
March 6, 2012 at 4:35 PM | by | ()

It is always relaxing to thumb through an in-flight magazine, whether it is for destination guides or to test your mathematical prowess with a good game of sudoku. A huge bummer is when we open a previously loved periodical to find articles ripped out or kids "art" scribbled over exactly what we want to read. Qantas has come to the rescue and guaranteed an unread copy of their in-flight mag, The Australian Way. Kinda...

Our friends down under have launched an iPad app for the entire issue of their monthly glossy. Travelers that prefer to load all their reading material onto a touch screen can do so with the airline's free application. March 2012 marks the inaugural digital issue of the award winning magazine ready for download. From hotels and grooming to music and celeb interviews, readers of the magazine can get their in-flight fix even while not flying the red kangaroo.

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Rail Europe's New App Puts 35 Rail Lines in 32 Countries on Your iPhone

May 12, 2011 at 1:55 PM | by | ()

OMG—open up your apps and get ready to download the newest of the useful iPhone travel apps out there: Rail Europe in bite-size. It's essentially a mobile booking tool and wealth of information for 35 of Europe's rail lines across 32 countries (the first app to unite so many). You'll likely already be familiar with Rail Europe from having used Eurail passes or booked Euro train tickets online before arriving to the continent; that's their typical area of expertise.

With their newly released (and free) app, travelers will now be able to book selected tickets, look up train schedules between most any Euro stations (the awesomest feature, in our opinion), and get advice on everything from passport information to night trains, and even lockers and luggage storage at train stations.

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Download Lonely Planet's New Austin iPhone App for Free During SXSW

March 9, 2011 at 12:38 PM | by | ()

Most everyone who's everyone heading to the South by Southwest (SXSW) music/film/tech conference in Austin this year will likely be leaving for Texas today or tomorrow. Therefore, Lonely Planet has mobilized to get their new Austin City Guide app up and live on iTunes and for right, it's totally FREE to download.

More specifically, the Austin Guide app is free from today all the way through March 15 at 5pm PST and you can download it HERE. We've got many of the other Lonely Planet iPhone apps ourselves, and we totally recommend them...it's just not often that they are offered free; the guides usually cost $9.99. And keep in mind that this works on your iPhone and iPad.

According to the press release, here are other features of the app to look out for:

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Airbnb's New iPhone App Lets You Graduate from Couchsurfing to a Real Bed

November 22, 2010 at 12:40 PM | by | ()

Last week, one of our favorite travel websites made the jump into the iPhone Travel App world, and it seems almost made for them. Airbnb.com is essentially a more modern version of VRBO, or Vacation Rentals By Owner. Where VRBO tends to lean toward the more expensive, more professional vacation homes, Airbnb however goes the route of unique, friendly and affordable. If you've grown out of Couchsurfing or just weren't comfortable with that concept in the first place, then Airbnb is for you.

Their iPhone app is as slick and clean as their website, with the excellent photography of the majority of their listings, and a super ease of browsing. Even if we aren't looking for a place to stay, we still love to cruise around the site, looking at places we could stay. The iPhone app just means that now we don't even have to open our laptop to do this.

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MUJI To Go: The Free iPad App for Travelers Who Appreciate Good Design

November 5, 2010 at 2:35 PM | by | ()

Got an iPad? Good. Now take one more step towards tech enlightenment by getting the new, free travel app from the Japanese design geniuses at MUJI: MUJI to Go. The app is basically a two-in-one, with a calendar and a host of travel functions like a currency converter, world clock, world weather and even an electrical outlet guide. Here at Jaunted, we're huge fans of MUJI and the signature MUJI minimalist aesthetic, which they carry over into the app. It's highly functional while still retaining a clean, appealing look.

We've been playing with the MUJI To Go app since it launched only a few days ago, and already we've made the calendar our main one and we're in love with the currency converter. Nothing in the app is extraneous either; they developed it so that every feature addresses something needed by the user.

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Travel and Leisure Releases a Free Digital Edition for iPad, and It's Actually Pretty Awesome

November 2, 2010 at 12:55 PM | by | ()

Who's got an iPad on their Christmas list? We'd say that about half the Jaunted team has caved and sprung for one already, but the rest of us are still kicking it old school with actual books and select print publications. Unfortunately, travel magazines have been crossed off our lists for some time, purely because they've gotten so thin these days and there's so much regurgitation (how many years has "The world's best hot springs" or "Top Ten Islands" been done?).

As glossy and pretty as they appear on the shelves, we just can't throw another $6 mag into our recycling pile. Nonetheless, the idea of digital travel magazines is turning the tides; we'd read 'em!

One of the first travel magazines to go iPad is Travel + Leisure, who just today released a digital issue, focusing on Holiday Travel in particular. This one is totally free, though they plan to continue with digital issues in 2011, with each priced at $3.99, which is 20% cheaper than the print mag.

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The NYT Knows Cheap NYC, and It's All in Their Free iPhone App

September 27, 2010 at 2:09 PM | by | ()

The menu, and a shot of a coffeehouse listing

A visit to New York City, the "City That Never Sleeps," can be quite daunting if you want to experience everything that makes the city great, like the restaurants, sights, and of course all of the free events. Luckily, there's an awesome free app from the New York Times that's here to help you out. It's called The Scoop. We've been using it for a while, even though we've eaten through The Big Apple pretty far on our own, but with some new additions last week, the app becomes practically indispensable to the traveler.

Looking for a good restaurant? Leave it to NY Times' dining critic Sam Sifton to point out his favorite fifty NYC restaurants right now, from one "$" sign to four "$" signs, but the sweet spot is the new "The Filer" feature. Maybe you've spent all day shopping and sightseeing and you just want to sit down and have a cup of coffee, or perhaps you're looking for a classic NY cafe experience, watching the world go by on the sidewalk. Click on the "coffee" icon and you're set up with the best NY coffeehouses, each plotted on a Google map of the city and each with a short and sweet description including recommendations from NY Times' dining writer Oliver Strand.

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An iPhone App for the Always Hungry: 'New York Street Food'

September 21, 2010 at 11:04 AM | by | ()

Here at Jaunted, we love to talk about food trucks, and a lot of our love for them stems from the creativity they have every day, serving gourmet meals and specialty items from a mobile restaurant, but also some of it comes from the mystery of it all—where will they be, will they have this favorite dish and will they have any new menu items? As excited as we get for a good food truck, it's however just as important to remember that before food trucks, New York City had (and has) vendor carts, which have set up shop on their usual corners for years and years, serving up excellent halal or Koream bibimbap.

Now (finally) there's an iPhone Travel App called New York Street Food that plots these vendor carts and a few of the regular food trucks onto a handy-dandy Google Map of the city, with categories searchable by food ethnicity (Japanese or South American?) and food type (soup or pizza?).

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Apple Developing Own Travel Planning App

August 2, 2010 at 1:16 PM | by | ()

How attached are you to your travel planning iPhone apps like Kayak or TripIt? Hopefully not too much, because Apple has filed a patent for their own travel app seemingly to blow these third party apps out of competition.

The US patent office published the patent applications last week and they were unearthed by Unwired View. There's also plans for a hotel booking and one for high fashion retail in the works from Apple, because they obviously know where the money is. The travel one however is what we're focused on.

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Tripadvisor Takes Their Show on the Road with an iPhone App

May 25, 2010 at 4:30 PM | by | ()

It's about time! TripAdvisor, a site which is essentially like the Yelp of travel, has just released their first iPhone Travel App, which can naturally also be used on the iPad.

Thankfully it's a free application, downloadable in the usual way directly from the Apple iTunes store, and gives quick, mobile-optimized access to its huge archive of user reviews of everything from hotels to national parks. Even better yet, it's formatted for use in 20 countries and 13 languages, so you can recommend it to your friends living—or currently traveling—around the world.

We can only wonder if this app will mean increased headaches for hotels with not-so-great Tripadvisor reviews. Will guests take one look down at their smartphones, displaying the Tripadvisor app, and turn right around? We suppose that we'll just have to use it and see.

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