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Boingo and Google Team Up for a Little Free WiFi This Month

September 17, 2012 at 9:42 AM | by | ()

Huzzah—that’s what would be saying if Google was truly getting into the WiFi business, but for now we’ll just settle with the fact that they’re teaming up with Boingo. They’re partnering up to offer up around 4,000 WiFi hotspots for free, and thankfully that includes plenty of locations that do their thing at the airport.

Technically Google Play—the go to spot to buy Android apps—is sponsoring this latest giveaway, so unfortunately you’re out of luck if you’re looking to connect with your iPhone.

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Boingo's Newest Move Could Be in the Direction of Free WiFi

August 14, 2012 at 8:36 AM | by | ()

We admit to being a tad hard on Boingo sometimes, but it's just that free WiFi puts a big smile on our face. Still, any WiFi access gets at least a satisfied smirk, and Boingo continues to evolve.

Boingo hasn’t exactly stated that they’ll be offering up free WiFi anytime soon, but they have gobbled up another tech company that makes us wonder about the future. Cloud 9 Media makes cash by enabling free WiFi access in exchange for advertising, and now they’ve joined the Boingo family.

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Berlin's Massive New Airport Will Have Everything Except Free WiFi

Where: Germany
June 27, 2012 at 10:10 AM | by | ()

Ugh—we’ve got more bad news when it comes to the scheduled arrival of Berlin’s new airport. In case you haven’t been following the latest, we’ll fill you in. The new airport in Berlin was set to replace the old ones back earlier this month, but a revised grand opening date for Berlin-Brandenburg International Airport is now set for next March. It's all kind of embarrassing for Germany.

The latest bad news out of the airport is more of a blow to folks like us, because Boingo has been announced as the WiFi access provider in and around the terminal. That’s not the best news, because anytime we hear the word Boingo we immediately are reminded of the need to enter in some credit card digits in order to obtain access. In a few words: BER will not have free WiFi. Maybe it’s just us, but you’d think that in 2013 free terminal-wide WiFi would be pretty much a standard airport amenity.

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Our Love for Boingo, and WiFi Access in Surprising Locations, Continues

March 24, 2011 at 4:12 PM | by | ()

If you'll bear with us for a moment, we have a little ode to Boingo to get out of our systems. It's not an ad, just pure love for their international WiFI service, which we've used everywhere from random hotel lobbies in Tokyo to Italian train stations. However, it was a moment last week while we in Luzern, Switzerland and seeking out WiFi signals that takes the cake: there is Boingo WiFi 7,000' up on top of the snow-capped Mount Pilatus. That's right—up here.

It was a revelation—something that beats in-flight WiFi in our excitement because this is an Alp and not a plane, therefore it's rugged nature at its finest and yet Boingo was there, After jumping around a little bit, we tweeted, we Foursquared (Mt. Pilatus already exists as a venue), we Facebooked and we checked our damn email, all the while sipping a cider in the mountain's little peak cafe.

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Quick Tips for Making Business Travel Fun

August 11, 2010 at 1:42 PM | by | ()

If there's one thing we love almost as much as travel, it's the internet. Without it, this blog wouldn't even exist, and your life would have a small hole in it which nothing could fix. Thus, we're all about about in-flight WiFi, on-track WiFi, at-sea WiFi and plain old, plain old WiFi, which is where Boingo comes in.

Boingo wanted to tap our knowledge and ask a few question about making business travel more fun, and since Boingo's WiFi at places like Chicago-O'Hare Airport and the Intercontinental Dusseldorf has saved our butts too many times, we consented.

**Click here to read the entire "Making Business Trips More Enjoyable" article**

Got any tips of your own? Let us know in the comments!

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Get Tattooed and Claim 1 Million Free Hours of Worldwide WiFi

April 1, 2010 at 1:42 PM | by | ()

Update: It seems this was an elaborate April Fool's Day joke. We fell for it. We had asked Boingo if it was, and they never got back to us. Seems it is. We hate April 1, by the way.

Would you get tattooed for free stuff? Plenty of people have in the past, for everything from free food to cold, hard cash, but this is a little different—this prize is intangible. If you get their logo permanently tattooed on your person, WiFi provider Boingo will lay 1 million free hours of Boing WiFi on ya, assuming you spell their company name correctly too.

The contest (full terms and conditions here) is in celebration of Boingo's new iTunes-available app to purchase $1.99 credits for blocks of one-hour WiFi on the go, since Boingo hotspots are usually found at airports, hotels and cafes around the world. If you're an extremely cheap frequent travelers with a thing for WiFi, then you might be easily attracted by the offer. Some inspiration for your tattoo shop visit is above, as the Boingo employees sported temporary tattoos to get in the spirit.

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[Photo: BoingoBlog]

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Boingo's Airport WiFi is Ready and Waiting for the iPad Release

March 23, 2010 at 4:33 PM | by | ()

Admit it; you've either already preordered an iPad or you're itching to do it. Well, when those babies finally release next month, you'll be able to do more with them than simply read the newspaper. No matter which model you opt for—3G and WiFi or just WiFi—you'll be able to access Boingo hotspots, which you'll find at airports without free internet and various chains around the world.

Boingo has just announced that not only do their access plans work for the iPad just like they do for laptops, but that they'll begin offering their wireless in 1-hour segments. Hallelujah! We've had to pony up the money for one of their minimum plans before, ones that give you way too much time when you might only need the internet for a half-hour of emergency emailing.

There's a bit more news tucked into their newsletter, like their favorite digital picture-to-postcard service and how they'll be the exclusive internet provider at six major UK airports, including London-Heathrow and London-Stansted, but it's the iPad preparedness that really got us.

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[Photo: Boingo]

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Detroit Airport Might Be Spacious And Pretty, But The WiFi Sucks

Where: Detroit Metro Wayne Country Airport [map], Detroit, MI, United States
October 14, 2009 at 2:08 PM | by | ()

Update: Ok fine, so as the DTW rep points out in the comments, Boingo is available in both terminals. But our own experience convinced us otherwise, and we recommend checking out the Airport WiFi map (click the icon to the right) to note that most airports tagged have free Wifi; something DTW should think about if they can afford the snazziness evident elsewhere.

We may have told you time and time again about the wonders of Detroit's Wayne Country Airport, but despite the very cool in-terminal monorail and relaxing LED light tunnel, Detroit is not as down with technology as you think.

In particular we refer to their Airport WiFi situation, which is sad to say the least. They've had internet in their Smith terminal since 2004, but with that terminal currently sitting empty Detroit has had to equip the rest of the airport. These days, you can log into the 'net from Delta/Northwest's McNamara Terminal only, and it's a Boingo frontier there.

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How Austrian Men Pick Up "All the Single Ladies" in the Airport

January 8, 2009 at 12:14 PM | by | ()

And now with her very own personal story of a Missed Connection, is HotelChatter's Jenna. This one involves an airport, an Austrian man, bad pop music and the savvy use of Facebook. Enjoy.

Love is in the air — and it's floating over the Airport WiFi Network. Utilizing a killer combo of Boingo Wireless, iTunes and Facebook, a young Austrian lad has proven that a tech-savvy European can school any humble American in the fine art of meeting someone at an airport.

Here's what went down: after a trip to Vail, I'd headed back to New York through JFK on December 29th without any major issues. After grabbing my luggage, I parked myself in a seat inside the baggage claim area to finish up a post on HotelChatter. Naturally, I was connected to the Boingo wireless network and had my iTunes open so my girl Beyonce and her jam, "All the Single Ladies" could come through my headphones as I worked.

A little over a week later (January 7th), I received the following message in my Facebook inbox:

Hi Jenna,
is it possible that you were at JFK airport on Dec 29th. If so, thank you for sharing your iTunes Library on the Wifi Network...I enjoyed your music greatly!!
Since you're 1 of 3 Jenna Brombergs on Facebook and the only one from NY I thought I'll give it a try and write to you ;))
Greets from Austria,

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Airport WiFi: Boingo Offering Playoff Baseball for Four Bucks

October 6, 2008 at 5:15 PM | by | ()

If you've been frustrated enough by free airport WiFi that you've signed up for Boingo, you're in luck this playoff season. The nearly ubiquitous wireless provider has inked a deal with MLB.tv to offer up live, streaming webcasts of the Division Series. (Two contests in the American League remain this year; Boingo says the promo will continue into the two Championship Series.)

The "airport edition" of MLB.tv will offer the games at 23 different airports and without blackouts, a bonus that might come in handy if you're flying through Chicago tonight. Otherwise, the benefit to the service is simply that you don't have to elbow your way into a packed airport bar to catch the game.

You get four hours of access for $4, so hope that your hometown heroes can bring in a win without going to extra innings.

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WiFi Travel: Beijing Suddenly Has More Connections to Monitor

Where: Beijing, China
August 12, 2008 at 5:15 PM | by | ()

Worldwide wireless provider Boingo has just launched 349 new hotspots in Beijing, a move timed to coincide with the Olympics.

The full list of hotspots is here, though it currently only shows 329 places to jump online. You can use Boingo's new Aspirin promotion, but since these connections are overseas, you'll have to pay a "premium fee" to get online.

Presumably, the WiFi is still under the same restrictions as all internet access in China, so your mileage may vary. Earlier this year, we discussed some strategies for circumventing state control of the internet.

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[Photo: jon crel]

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Boingo Giving Away Free WiFi This Weekend

July 2, 2008 at 9:30 AM | by | ()

The airport internet provider we love to hate, Boingo, is giving away WiFi this holiday weekend. You'll only get 24 hours of free access before you have to pay, but hey, free stuff!

You'll have to download a program called GoBoingo from the company's website to get online, but it's not much of a hassle. After your free session is over, you can use the same program to reconnect to any Boingo-managed hotspot for $8 a day.

Given how prevalent those are in bigger airports, this could certainly come in handy over the long holiday weekend.

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