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This is the Coolest Airline Billboard Ever.

November 25, 2013 at 11:29 AM | by | ()

For a limited time, pedestrians hoofing it through London's Piccadilly Circus can stay up-to-the-minute informed about exactly what flight is going their way. You see, British Airways has installed what seems to be the perfect billboard, with a concept of interaction with the highways in the sky.

The video billboard feature a little boy looking and pointing up to the sky. And since this is not your run-of-the-mill "buy a ticket on BA to a warm destination" advertisement, that boy will shift to point directly up at a real airplane crossing the sky thanks to the sorcery of GPS. Displayed on the billboard will even be the flight number and destination of the plane.

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All Kinds of News out of the Red Roo, Qantas

Where: Australia
July 27, 2012 at 10:52 AM | by | ()

The past few weeks, the folks at Qantas have been pumping out news story after news story. It's hard to keep up with it all, so we will try to fit it all in here. The Australian airline has improved service on some aircraft, released an entirely new commercial and have been trying to make some more friends in the region to expand their network.

Firstly, lets talk tech. After running a new in-flight entertainment trial on select Boeing 767 service, the Red Roo has decided to launch it across all flights served by the aircraft. In addition to iPads for everyone on the plane, each tablet is fitted to wirelessly stream, via Q-Streaming, 200 hours of movies and TV shows for added enjoyment. The first of the aircraft will be flying come October. Best of all? It's free for everyone!

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Virgin Australia Shows Off for New Zealand

May 17, 2012 at 3:19 PM | by | ()

Re-inventing an airline is tough work, and Virgin Australia has had their hands full with all the rebranding needed done. On the shores of Australia, the majority of the brand is consistent, save a few planes sporting the old livery here and there.

Last month, the first of the freshly repainted planes began flying in and around New Zealand. Naturally, now is the best time to launch a very Virgin-y, very flirty new television commercial showcasing what the "new" airline has to offer traveling Kiwis.

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JAL's Marketing Is Not At Fault for the Airline's Bankruptcy

February 2, 2010 at 4:21 PM | by | ()

Another day, another article by Financial Times columnist Tyler Brule pounding the table about the overarching, total, world-shattering importance of marketing. This time he's got his sights set on troubled Japan Airlines.

The airline, he suggests, has gone from being one of the world's best-regarded companies to one of the worst in a span of weeks. Instead of drawing the obvious conclusion—that branding is fickle and fundamentals like not being effing bankrupt are critical—he instead insists that the opposite is true and that JAL needs to become a "marketing-driven carrier."

While we're not shocked that a marketing guy would insist that companies should hire more marketers, we do kind of find the tone of the article grating. Also the content of the article, which advises JAL to do what they're already doing. Also the conclusion of the article, which includes eyeroll-inducing marketing speak like "turn JAL into an adjective for excellence."

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British Airways Breaks New Advertising Ground, Puts Ads On Boarding Passes

August 18, 2009 at 4:19 PM | by | ()

Not content with being cheaper than Ryanair and reducing check-in allowances like Ryanair, British Airways is now following Ryanair's lead and plastering every last empty space with ads:

British Airways is trying to come up with a way to increase profit by becoming the first major European scheduled airline to sell advertising space on its own boarding passes. British Airways, which has already posted a £106 million net loss for the three months ending June 30, said that it is now actively seeking advertisers who wish to buy space on its boarding cards, as well as on its website.

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Kevin Costner Shills For Turkish Airlines

June 23, 2009 at 3:23 PM | by | ()

Turkish Airlines wants you to feel like a flight attendant is always hovering over your shoulder on your next flight. The Star Alliance member tapped Kevin Costner for its latest commercial, which features the "Field of Dreams" actor making significant eye contact with an attendant who then serves him dinner and puts in his bookmark (not a euphemism) as a bouncy tune suggests he "feel[s] like a star." Let's just hope he didn't show her the business in gratitude.

We saw this spot over and over on CNN International last month and never once registered that it was Costner. (In fact, we didn't even remember the airline name, just the tune as heard through a haze of jet lag.)

That said, doesn't his presence actually undermine the claim that anyone flying Turkish Airlines will feel like a star, considering Costner was an A-lister at one point and is still pretty famous. Maybe they teamed up with him because of his long and happy history with turkeys from "Waterworld" to "Swing Vote." Costner has actually been to Turkey before, though, on a world tour with his country band, Kevin Costner and Modern West.

Turkish Airlines recently suffered a nasty crash outside Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport in February in which nine died as the plane broke into three places in a botched landing.

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Say It, Don't Spray It: Axe Body Spray Not Welcome in Minneapolis

March 27, 2009 at 1:53 PM | by | ()

Heading to Minneapolis anytime soon? Leave your Axe body spray at home; it's not like the flight attendants have fallen into your lap yet, anyways. You see, Minnesota isn't too happy that Axe's hyper-sexual advertising campaigns have been working so well, causing kids to drench themselves in the potent scents and offend sensitive nostrils.

Apparently the overuse of Axe is so widespread in the City of Minneapolis School District, that they've called for a ban on the stuff.

You'd think that with all this hubbub, flying into Minneapolis airspace would involve descending through a fog layer of aerosol Axe spray, but instead it's simply a case of teachers trying to encourage teenage boys to shower more often. Says StyleList: "One concern prompting suburbia to sound the alarms is the idea that Axe Body Spray is somehow enabling teens to adopt poor hygiene habits."

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Advertisers Heating Up Chicago, We Don't Mind

December 2, 2008 at 10:05 AM | by | ()

Except in a few forward-thinking cities, advertising eyesores are as much a part of the urban fabric as cabs and skyscrapers. But we'd be happy to tolerate the newest marketing in Chicago, where today's high is forecast to be 34: Stove Top Stuffing will be blasting hot air into 10 bus shelters until the end of the month.

Kraft, the company that makes Stove Top, has hired the advertising agency that controls bus stops in the city to add heat-channeling metal plates to the roofs of shelters in downtown Chicago, though we're still trying to figure out exactly where all the hot spots are. (At least a couple are along Michigan Avenue and along State Street.)

The idea behind the so-called experiential ads is that you'll feel warm and fuzzy when waiting for your bus, just like you do when you're gobbling down holiday fixin's. Kraft also plans to hand out sample size cups of stuffing this month to drive home the connection. Whatever: We're just trying to warm up, thanks!

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[Photo: arekd]

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No Boundary This Kiwi Pizza Chain Won't Cross

November 6, 2008 at 9:45 AM | by | ()

New Zealand's Hell Pizza knows how to garner free press like Heidi Montag knows how to stay in the headlines. A string of self-imposed negative attention is giving the Down Under chain worldwide notoriety.

First, the company plastered billboards around New Zealand reading, "Hell. Too good for some evil bastards," next to a photo of George W. Bush. People winced. Then they offered a free Thai massage with a pizza purchase. People proclaimed sexism, racism and staged boycotts. Oh but the instigators at Hell didn't stop there. It gets much worse.

Now, the company has incited near-riots after airing commercials that feature the corpses of Heath Ledger, Britain's Queen Mum and Mount Everest conqueror Sir Edmund Hillary. The deceased dance on graves to the tune of Michael Jackson's "Thriller."

Now, we're all for shaking things up, but when something's this offensive we'll give the pizza a pass. The next time we're in Christchurch, we're ordering slices from the parlor with a reputation earned by baking tasty pies: Winnie Bagoes.

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[Photo: mangee]

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Three Is a Trend: Billboard-Free Cities

September 10, 2008 at 3:30 PM | by | ()

A billboard ban--called an act against "visual pollution" by the mayor--went into effect on January 1, 2007 in São Paulo. And what the Brazilian city started could soon become a global trend.

In China, the well-touristed city of Xi'an has just announced it will remove advertising from its historic center as part of a broader plan to spruce up the imperial capital. Meanwhile in Cleveland, some government officials are trying to reign in billboards using a legal clause already on the city's books.

Other South American cities including Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro and Brasilia are looking into the idea of ending outdoor advertising, too. Could billboard prohibition be the new smoking ban?

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[Photo of São Paulo: andredeak]

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Travel Snapshot: AirAsia Upping the Billboard Ante

July 21, 2008 at 1:12 PM | by | ()

We thought Orlando's inadvertently raunchy billboard was the greatest travel advertising of the year, but this ad from maverick LCC entrepreneur and washing machine salesman Tony Fernandes has just surged into the lead.

It should come as little surprise that this billboard is in Queensland, Australia, a country known for edgy advertising.

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[Photo: Beth Whitman]

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Adventures of Link: The Derrie-Air Dustup

June 10, 2008 at 5:30 PM | by | ()

A few days ago, two newspapers in Philadelphia ran some ads for "Derrie-Air," a purported new airline that would charge passengers by the pound. (The news outlets wanted to test how effective their ads were.) We didn't cover the story when it broke because we thought the idea was, well, kind of stupid.

But after the initial wave of "What if an airline did that?!" coverage, the ads are now getting a second look from media watchers. Was it ethical for the Inquirer and the Daily News to run fake ads, Editor & Publisher wonders? The general consensus on the web: Nope!

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