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Jaunted Interviews: Surprise Call from Richard Branson

February 13, 2008 at 11:05 AM | by | ()

So last night we were snowed in and watching a movie when Charles Ogilvie of Virgin America called up. Did we have a second to chat with Richard Branson, he asked? Are you kidding?!

First and foremost, the Virgin boss wanted to assure us that the "We Met on Virgin" couple was the real deal and not some guerilla marketing scheme. True, they were on VA's first flight from SFO to San Diego, but that was at the airline's invitation thanks to a serendipitous meeting of the couple and a Virgin employee.

Branson also told us that he's excited for his in-the-works project in Russia. It's not a place with quality, innovative airlines, he said, and he wants to bring that kind of service to the country. He's also scouting South America, and something tells us an announcement on that could happen soon.

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Richard Branson Now Hyping Virgin Russia

January 31, 2008 at 1:00 PM | by | ()

Good Lord, Branson! Why don't you just announce that you're starting an airline in every country on Earth and be done with it? We know it'd be an awesome press conference.

The latest idea from the serial airline starter is indeed Virgin Russia. Branson is in talks, he says, with two or three investors, and he's contacted Russian LCC Sky Express about doing some kind of a deal. Of course, this would be his second Asian airline if all goes well; he announced a bid for India early last week.

Still, announcing plans and actually going wheels up are two very different things. The Russian Transportation Ministry--who you'd think should know about this stuff--says it hasn't yet heard anything about Branson's plans.

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