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Richard Branson Has a New Pad in Kenya and Everyone's Invited

Where: Kenya
January 24, 2013 at 10:57 AM | by | ()

WHat the luxury tents will look like

Share your next vacation with a few wild party animals...or just animals. Richard Branson has just the place for the latter, or both if you're into it! The newest addition to Branson's Virgin Limited Edition Retreats family is Mahali Mzuri in the Kenyan bushlands and it's taking reservations for a summer debut.

The safari grounds, located in the Motorogi Conservancy within the Maasai Mara ecosystem, will play host to travelers looking for the "glamping" experience while staying right on the reserve. 12 luxury tents are poised on the edge of the wildlife sanctuary, and each features an en suite bathroom, a living area, and a front porch for watching zebras and giraffes as you sip tea.

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Lay Down $8,000 for a Night at Richard Branson's Other Private Island, in Australia

Where: Makepeace Island, Australia
July 12, 2011 at 12:40 PM | by | ()

Fill in the blank: "Richard Branson's heart is made of _________." Some possibly popular answers could be "billions of dollars," "Virgin red," or even "charity," but really if you take it literally, Richard Branson's heart is made of island. Nope, not his beloved Necker Island in the Caribbean, but his other island, a heart-shaped in Australia's Noosa River. It's name is Makepeace Island, and Branson bought it back in 2003 with the intention of turning it into an eco-retreat for crew of his Virgin Australia airline (then called Virgin Blue).

Makepeace Island has hit the headlines today, however, because it's now open to the paying public, if you've got at least 7,900 AUD ($8,300) per night. Its spent its last few years as a private retreat for Branson's family and that of the CEO of Virgin Australia, but we guess they've got other places to go and people to see now.

For takers, the 25-acre island offers Balinese-style accommodations for up to 22 guests, and it's not out in the middle of nowhere either. Makepeace is only a quick riverboat hop from the heart of tourism in Australia's "Sunshine Coast." Oh yea, and it's got volcanic boulder bathtubs:

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From Axl Rose to Zulu Warrior: A Visual History of Sir Richard Branson in Wacky Costumes

June 30, 2011 at 9:48 AM | by | ()

Branson dressed as a boxer. He's quite the knockout (get it?).

After much scientific testing, complicated measuring and grueling research, we've come to the very important conclusion that it is impossible to think Virgin Group main man Sir Richard Branson is anything but extremely awesome. C'mon—the man kite-boards with naked models, says he wants to build a spaceship and then actually does it, saves the world daily with his many charities, and yet still has time to sit down with us for a quick chat.

We last caught up with Sir Richard onboard Virgin America's inaugural flight to Chicago-O'Hare. As for all other monumental occasions in his family of Virgin brands, Branson donned a fun costume and parades around for the cameras, bursting with vim and vigor. This got us thinking. What costume, after all these years of dressing wacky for promotional stunts, does Richard really wish he could wear? So we asked him.

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It's About Time! You Can Now Earn Flyer Miles Across All Virgin Airlines

August 11, 2010 at 2:51 PM | by | ()

It's the moment we've all been waiting for! Okay, so we haven't been waiting for it with bated breath, but we have been wondering when it would finally come about...

If you're a member of Virgin America's eleVAte frequent flyer miles program (membership is free), then you'll be able to earn points for your account from your travels on other Virgin-branded airlines. That's right, eleVAte isn't just for Virgin America any longer; flights on Virgin Atlantic, V Australia and Virgin Blue will count towards free flights as well.

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Richard Branson Has a New Toy: An Airplane-like Submarine!

February 2, 2010 at 1:30 PM | by | ()

Virgin mogul Richard Branson—he of the naked model kitesurfing and private island—has added a very cool new toy to his impressive holdings. Fresh from all of the buzz surrounding the advancement of Virgin Galactic, Branson is pioneering ahead with a 3-person submarine named Necker Nymph, under a Virgin Oceanic brand, within his Virgin Limited Edition collection of properties.

It's the first sub of its kind, developed especially for Branson by Hawkes Ocean Technologies, and if you're game to pay $88,000 per week for a vacation onboard Branson's new yacht Necker Belle, you'll have the opportunity to take the sub for a spin. And what a spin it will be...

It's like an underwater airplane! More after the jump

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Victoria's Secret Swim Catalog Brings More Nude Models To Necker Island

Where: Necker Island, British West Indies
January 7, 2010 at 9:23 AM | by | ()

It's that time of the year again—Victoria's Secret Swim Catalog time! The issue, packed with images of bathing beauties frolicking in some exotic location is expected to land in your mailbox later this week, and as usual, we're desperate to know what beach paradise got the honor of being the set for the photo shoot.

This year, we are totally not surprised; cover girl Lindsay Ellingson and the rest of the Victoria's Secret models set up shop on Richard Branson's private Necker Island in the British Virgin Islands. The swimsuit she's sporting for the cover actually features a removable bandeau, so Lindsay spent most of her time on Necker topless...which isn't exactly a new thing. Of the experience, she says:

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Coming In 2010: Coed Naked Kite Boarding With Richard Branson

Where: British Virgin Islands, British West Indies
December 8, 2009 at 12:59 PM | by | ()

Come 2010, not only will you be able to stay at Virgin Group head honcho Richard Branson's private Swiss ski lodge, but you'll also be able to go kite surfing alongside his silver foxness at the British Virgin Islands KiteJam.

From March 1-5 the BVIs, including Branson's luxury hideaway Necker Island, will be filled with kite boarding enthusiasts, celebrities, and pro kiteboarders including German Kristin Boese and American Gretta Kruesi. It'll be five days of inter-island events including flat water freestyle, waves, sliders and racing, and of course some after-hours partying. No word on whether or not Branson will walk on water however, or if he'll strap a nude supermodel to his back again.

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Richard Branson Was With Us In Spirit Last Night At Le Bernardin

October 22, 2009 at 9:33 AM | by | ()

How do you throw a launch party for a luxury catamaran without the boat or its owner present? Well, if you're Virgin Limited Edition and Richard Branson and his new Necker Belle are unavailable to party, you just down canapes at one of New York City's best restaurants: Le Bernardin.

Surrounded by Virgin's signature red rubber duckies and with visions of Virgin Limited Edition's luxury properties—Swiss ski chalet and Moroccan retreat, anyone?—dancing in our heads, we managed to make it through a few Blue Margaritas at the Necker Belle party last night. Officially to welcome the twin-hulled beauty to the Virgin group, the event also showcased these other small and carefully curated properties owned by Branson through his Limited Edition Label.

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