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JetBlue Just Launched the First Instagram Video Travel Contest

June 21, 2013 at 2:39 PM | by | ()

Instagram has had video functionality for all of 24 hours at this point, and already an airline has pounced on the opportunity to use it as a marketing tool. Smart. Very smart, especially since this weekend will likely see Instagram addicts toying with making videos and searching for creative ones as inspiration.

That airline is JetBlue, and they're simply asking flyers to celebrate National Paper Airplane Day (today) by making either an Instagram Video or a Vine showing off paper airplane skills in a chance to win 20,000 TrueBlue miles. That's enough for a roundtrip flight, or several depending on your destination.

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Video Interlude: Flying a Plane, as Imagined by Little Kids

April 29, 2013 at 6:06 PM | by | ()

We've got just the ticket to cure that case of the Mondays. Below is one of the cutest videos you'll see all week (unless you're, like, stuck in a kitten video k-hole again).

The premise is that "Kid Snippets" of BoredShortsTV—a YouTube series of adults reenacting scenarios voiced by young children—asked two little boys to pretend to be pilots. The results yield such gems as this exchange:

"So, what do you want to do when we get to Utah?"
"Umm, let everybody get out and fly back to the airport."

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Totally Soaked in Thailand: the Water Festival of Songkran in Video

April 16, 2013 at 1:46 PM | by | ()

Yesterday we talked about the significance of the Thai New Year celebration, Songkran and what it means for cities like Chiang Mai. Now we can show you a little video which is only a few minutes of an entire day of events, but sums up the excitement pretty well.

We've already discussed about preparing to get wet...really wet. The video shows how water is everywhere and on everyone. There are very few spots, if any, that escape the deluge of new year cleansing. This video was shot on Kotchasam Road, flanking the moat of the old city with a major street-incapacitating party at the intersection of Tha Pae Road.

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Up and Over the Andes: Flying TACA from Lima to Cusco, Peru

Where: Cusco, Peru
October 3, 2012 at 4:41 PM | by | ()

The Embraer-190 at Cusco Airport

The Jaunted Goes to Machu Picchu Series:

1. Flying into Cusco
2. Sorting out documents
3. Riding the Vistadome train
4. Riding the Hiram Bingham Orient-Express (Part 1 - the train)
5. Riding the Hiram Bingham Orient-Express (Part 2 - the dining & extras)

One week to kill in Lima, Peru. This is what happens when you book reward flights and take whatever availability. We'd learned that lesson already. Friends who'd been to Lima before advised us to get out—one week was plenty time for a side trip of several days to bucket list destinations like Machu Picchu or Colca Canyon. And so, Machu Picchu it was, but first we'd have to get our butt over to the city of Cusco.

The quick decision meant we had done little pre-planning and, searching flights from Lima to Cusco and back, the prices were already rocketing. The eventual winner, after searching LAN, TACA and StarPeru, was TACA. We went with TACA for three big reasons:
1. For the roundtrip price ($331.96 total), competitive with the other airlines at the time of booking, we could fly Biz Class on TACA.
2. We'd never flown 'em and were curious
3. We're Star Alliance Gold status and TACA is a member of the alliance.

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'The Boneyard Project': Airplanes as Art in the Arizona Desert

September 24, 2012 at 2:38 PM | by | ()

Okay, good news and bad news. Good news first: earlier this year, a group of artists banded together to rescue some abandoned airplanes from the infamous boneyards of the Arizona desert, repaint them in dazzling schemes, and display them as artpieces within something called "The Boneyard Project" at the Pima Air & Space Museum. Yes, it looks super awesome and yes, it was open to the public, but therein lies the bad news: "was."

You see, The Boneyard Project happened over a weekend in January of this year. It's over. We've only just come to find out about it as some design blogs circulated resulting photographs of the exhibition. Apparently the event was publicized mostly through the street art community as pieces included DC-3s painted by How & Nosm, Nunca, and Retna; a Boeing C-97 by Saner; a C45 plane by Faile; a Lockheed VC-140 Jetstar by Andrew Schoultz; and an assortment of nose cones, cockpits, and other pieces painted by Bast, Dan Colen, Trustocorp, Ron English, Shepard Fairey, Futura, Richard Prince and Eric White.

But wait! There's a little more good news...

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How to Look Good After a Long-Haul Flight: 8 Beauty Tips from Flight Attendants

January 11, 2011 at 11:48 AM | by | ()

All this week, Special Jaunted Correspondent Eric Rosen takes us on a whirlwind field trip to New Zealandís Other Wine Regions. Sure, now that itís summer down there they might be sipping on those tropical, grassy Marlborough Sauvignon Blancís weíre all familiar with. But as he finds out, there's much more and most if it is within an hour of New Zealandís major cities. Here, he's back up in the skies for a chat with the ladies (and dudes) of Air NZ.

Ever get that un-fresh feeling on long-haul flights? We wondered how the flight attendants on Air New Zealand stay so perky and bright, even over the 13+ hours of a trans-Pacific flight. So we asked two of them on the delivery flight of Air New Zealandís new 777-300ER, one of whom, Wayne, youíll recognize from the new ANZ safety video, and as an ambassador for the new planes.

Hereís the tips they have for everyone (in video!), with all kinds of beauty and health secrets to get us to our destination, feeling good (and smelling good!) without DVT, bags under our eyes or a bad attitude:

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Jaunted Braves The Shanghai World Expo

Where: Shanghai, China
June 9, 2010 at 9:35 AM | by | ()

When we arrived in Shanghai last week we told anyone that would listen that we planned on spending some time over at the World Expo. Immediately, everyone we told had the same ominous look on their face as they wished us the best of luck. Their grim look was followed by stories of heat exhaustion, endless queues, pavilion confusion, and yes, even folks faking disabilities to bypass long lines.

Could it be that bad? Worse, our Shanghainese friends promised. Don't even bother showing up on a weekend, if you go on a weekday get there at 7 AM—2 hours before opening—and prepare yourself for pushing, possible line cutting, and more. Then run to try and get a fast pass, or to make reservations at a couple of the most popular pavilions—China & Saudi Arabia for instance.

Could it really be this nuts? We had just read how the daily visitor numbers for the Expo were lower than expected. However, our contacts informed us that every family in Shanghai had been gifted one ticket to the Expo, and maybe the visitor numbers we heard were tourist numbers, not local.

Ok, so we needed to devise a plan that involved checking out the Expo without losing our sanity. That meant, avoiding the morning "running of the expo".

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Inside Lufthansa's Frankfurt Arrivals Lounge, with Private Showers!

Where: Frankfurt International Airport, Frankfurt, Germany
June 8, 2010 at 10:35 AM | by | ()

What's cooler than chilling with a scotch in a First Class departures lounge at an airport? We'd argue that it's that, plus then rolling into another lounge for a breakfast buffet after arrival at your destination. This can be had on a few airlines with dedicated Arrivals Lounges, and we recently popped into the newest, Lufthansa's Arrivals Lounge at Frankfurt Airport.

Having opened in the early part of last year, and as the only Lufthansa Arrivals Lounge in their entire route network, the hidden space down in the baggage claim is often overlooked. On a fairly busy morning with flights into FRA, we were joined in the lounge by no more than 12 other passengers, leaving plenty of space for spreading out our work and grazing the breakfast buffet. But first, it was off to the private showers downstairs!

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Uptuyu Adventures in the Kimberly Outback is the Anti-'Eat, Pray, Love'

Where: Kimberly Outback, WA, Australia
June 7, 2010 at 2:00 PM | by | ()

"Eat Pray Love" movie doesn't hit theaters until August but we've already been besieged with press releases for EPL-inspired vacations. These trips typically involve eating lots of pasta, doing a ton of yoga and mucho meditation. But none of them have appealed to our stressed-out, Twittererd-out, iPhoned-out selves the way an indigenous tour in the Australian outback has.

The other month we attended a Western Australia media event in Los Angeles where a few WA hotel representatives and Outback tour operators had gathered to tell us what they had to offer. But we couldn't seem to focus on the hotels (which is part of our job ) because we were fascinated by Neville Poelina, the tour operator behind Aboriginal Adventures.

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What It's Like at Quebec City's Wild and Wintery Carnaval

February 4, 2010 at 4:35 PM | by | ()

Thousands of people are snowsuiting up and heading to Quebec City for Winter Carnaval, held this year from Jan.29 through Feb.14.

Despite frigid temperatures (it plummeted to -4F on Saturday), locals didnít seem to mind the weather, instead numbing the cold with the potent Port and brandy-infused Caribou liquor

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Thinking of a Master Plan: Snazzy Video Nabs 2016 Olympics for Rio

October 3, 2009 at 12:34 PM | by | ()

As an American, I was disappointed that Chicago didn't win the 2016 Summer Olympics, but I've got to admit that Rio looks like a pretty spectacular choice. I've never been, but watching their official candidate commercial yesterday moved it to the top of my list of dream trips. Today I happened upon the city's master plan pitch, and it really looks like Brazilian officials have thought this thing through. I'm not surprised the I.O.C. believed that South America in general, and Rio in particular, would be the perfect host for the games.

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Virtual Travel: Lonely Planet on the YouTube Train

April 28, 2008 at 2:00 PM | by | ()

Maybe Lonely Planet has been feeling a little isolated lately. The travel guide publisher just launched its own video site, Lonelyplanet.tv, and is looking for your videos of excursions far and near.

Of course, to be featured on the Lonely Planet YouTube channel you'll have to compete with a bikini'd man swimming in Antarctica, a "Hills"-worthy tour of Paris and (above) a belly-dancing, ghost-riding cabdriver who confidently declares, "I am not normal."

One bit of advice: Videos of you guzzling cachaÁa and popping pills in a Brazilian hostel while on assignment, we'd imagine, won't earn you a five-star YouTube rating from LP.

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