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'Hertz For Heroes' is Giving Back Rental Car Cash to Those Who Deserve It Most

November 2, 2012 at 1:36 PM | by | ()

According to the television commercials that weíve seen lately itís already time to start our holiday shopping. However, before anyone wraps presents or even carves a turkey, thereís another holiday on the scheduleóVeteranís Day. Thankfully rental car giant Hertz is planning to continue their Hertz for Heroes program, as the company does their best to lend a hand to the brave men and women who protect our right to complain about airplanes and other travel calamites.

If you need to make a rental car reservation definitely consider Hertz, and set a reminder to do so in the next ten days or so. Hertz is chipping in a $1-per-rental-car reservation on November 11 and November 12, as the rental car company pledges to donate up to $50,000 to the Disabled American Veterans group. Thatís a pretty decent chunk of change if you ask us, and itís coming right from Hertz.

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