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Denmark Travel Campaign: Have Lots Of Sex, Get Pregnant, Win Free Stuff

Where: Denmark
March 28, 2014 at 11:01 AM | by | ()

Denmark is objectively an awesome place to live. The United Nations has officially declared that it's literally the happiest country on Earth. It has a strong economy, a robust social safety net, and people who are on the whole gorgeous (don't forget that last part, because it's about to become important).

There's only one problem, apparently. Not enough of those gorgeous people are making new gorgeous people. We presume there's lots of sex going on - how could there not be - but it's not productive sex, in the traditional sense. The country is actually facing the possibility of a demographic collapse, in the sense that it's becoming a real national problem that serious people discuss.

The folks at Danish travel company Spies Rejser think they've got an idea for reversing the decline. The video, which opens with the question "can sex save Denmark?," describes a campaign that Spies is calling "Do It For Denmark!"

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Medical Tourism Now Includes Things Like 'Dialysis Cruises'

March 10, 2013 at 6:13 PM | by | ()

Today we learned that there are such things as dialysis cruises, and that they're part of a burdgeoning medical tourism industry that apparently "is increasingly recognized as an opportunity for the travel industry." We remember when tourists used to go abroad to faraway lands where they could view amazing monuments unthought of in their little parts of the planet. Now they go from Germany to Hungary to get their teeth worked on.

The Reuters article providing this insight also noted that a recent survey found that as many as 52% of Europeans could imagine themselves being medical tourists. That photo at the top of this page? It comes from the Flickr stream of Panama's tourism board, and it's there to promote the country as a medical tourism destination. Among its tags are "medical tourism," "Panama surgery," and "Panama cosmetic surgery." No but really, humanity's on the right path.

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Do Travelers Really Have Better Sex?

February 11, 2013 at 2:54 PM | by | ()

Gather around children, whilst we explain the difference between correlation and causation. This might sound a little bit condescending and pedantic, but that's only because we're going out of our way be condescending and pedantic. Ready?

Causation is when A causes B. Correlation is merely when A and B vary together in some way. Maybe it's because A is actually causing B. But maybe it's because B causing A, or maybe it's because they're both being caused by C, or maybe it's because A and B are actually the same thing, and so on. Easy enough, right?

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Ladies, Switzerland Says Ditch the World Cup and Embrace the Summer of Sexy Swiss Men

June 11, 2010 at 3:45 PM | by | ()

Last time it was boobs and puppies high up in the Alps. This time, it's chiseled Swiss men in valleys and ports. Some have their shirts off, some are milking cows, and we're pretty sure that one is licking his finger. It's not the most subtle travel ad that we've ever seen, but we strongly suspect that subtly wasn't what the Swiss Tourism Board was going for.

The ad is part of a Swiss campaign to attract women to the land of chocolates while their own countries' men are lost in a World Cup-induced haze, mixed equal parts adrenaline and alcohol (probably more the latter than the former). They aired the spot during the World Cup four years ago, and it's been making the rounds again.

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