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The Wannabe Hero of AirTran Flight Is A Big, Fat Liar

December 7, 2009 at 9:02 AM | by | ()

All that pressurized cabin air seems to have gotten to one passenger aboard an AirTran flight last week. Some guy was talking a big game on the internet about how he personally shut down a potential terrorist attack from happening during a flight from Atlanta. The story got all kinds of attention, and this passenger’s tale was repeated on websites and blogs (but we stayed clear of it). Thankfully an appearance with Matt Lauer and the gang was never scheduled.

Obviously AirTran was pretty interested to see exactly what happened on the flight that got this guy all excited. After all, the passenger was claiming that he grabbed the arm of a passenger and told him he needed to sit down or he’d be tossed off the plane. He claimed the passenger was speaking Arabic and dressed in “full attire”—whatever that means.

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