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2007 Awards: Worst Travel Media Moment

December 28, 2007 at 1:00 PM | by | ()

Oh, there are just so many! But we have to give this year's award to the New York Times, which also takes an honorable mention.

The worst story of the year was "Colombian Gold in Cartagena", from the NYT's T Magazine. Basically, the story goes, the city has plenty happening besides coke-fueled parties. So why the constant discussion of drugs, the cocaine-focused rhetoric of a government official and the interviews with "sophistonauts" who get wasted, dance all night and recover on the beach? With airlines competing to expand service to the country, and a tourism boom brewing, Colombia deserves so much more than this.

Running close behind "Colombian Gold" was "Attracted by a Blend of Centuries and Cultures" from the NYT's travel section. It's not that Jeff Koyen did a bad job on the story about Grenada, Nicaragua. It's just that we'd read it all before. How can the Times avoid this prize again next year? Less coverage of phony trends and more Matt Gross!

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Sophistonauts Travel: Latest T Magazine Surprisingly Good

November 19, 2007 at 12:00 PM | by | ()

We don't normally look forward to the New York Times' T Magazine, mostly because it's full of dubious trends and phrases like "Moscow is the new Dallas". But we were pleasantly surprised with the most recent issue, which arrived on newsstands yesterday.

David Amsden brings a pleasantly bemused demeanor to his one-year wandering of the global art circuit, drifting from Miami Beach to Venice to Kassel, Germany. He loves the art and the destinations, but can't get a grip on what drives the super-rich party people who visit fairs that have cropped up from Havana to Moscow:

It's a bit dizzying to process, this semi-oxymoronic notion that you can now attend multiple biennials annually.

Also in the running for best article this issue is a look at Los Roques, the Venezuelan archipelago that's long been a popular vacation spot for Italians. Mike Albo travels to the islands with his "bottle-blond knockout" friend Cary for a week of relaxation--and carousing:

On our second night, there was a Butt Shaking Contest...Cary entered the contest. Cary wore a miniskirt with no underwear. Cary won two cases of Polar beer.

But for all the good stuff, this is still T Magazine. Page 27 has your "___ is the new ___" listings. Ice fishing is the new snowshoeing? We know!

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[Photo: Stefan Ruiz for the New York Times]

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T Magazine Descends on Vieques

November 21, 2006 at 12:00 PM | by | ()

The New York Times' T Magazine is the Suri Cruise of travel magazines. It doesn't look like its daddy the Times and we're not sure what to expect from it, but we still can't help being interested. We always end up giving it a read, and we were happy to see a story on Vieques in this issue.

The island of Vieques floats just seven miles from Puerto Rico, and, as author Mark Healy mentions, was controversially used for years by the U.S. Navy for target practice. That stopped in 2003 and now all that's going on is beachcombing. We're talking totally empty beaches, down dirt roads, the kind that provide, Mark says, "mind-rinsing solitude."

If you're looking to visit--and you will be after reading the article--there are a couple of T Magazine/Wallpaper* type hotels to choose from: Martineau Bay, Hix Island House and the Bravo Beach Hotel. As far as air travel goes, for now you'll have to puddle jump from the main island--try Vieques Air Link--but American Eagle service could start soon.

[Photo: TrekkerPanda]

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New York Times Style Magazine Sneak Preview

September 22, 2006 at 10:57 AM | by | ()

We got our hands on an advance copy of this week's T: Travel, the New York Times Style Magazine, which will be out this Sunday. What's between the covers?

Aside from plenty of ads, there's cool little story on the TripAdvisor effect; Ron Arad's first hotel is opening in Rimini; and there's even a nod to Irv's, which we obviously find just perfect.

Fellow Jaunted editors will be happy to know Anthony Bourdain's mug is all over the food section. He's a stylish man, even when eating offal.

One small thing--while Sofia's Paris is fine feature, we would much rather see a feature on Stefano Tonchi's Paris. Actually, the more pictures you run of him in those long double-breasted nipple coats the better. The way we see it, every cover should be fully coated Stefano with some random city as his backdrop.