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Emirates Airline Slaps Its Name on Two London Underground Stations

May 11, 2012 at 12:50 PM | by | ()

Emirates, the world's 8th best airline according to some survey that someone invented, has been on a tear to raise its global profile.

The "fast-growing" airline recently expanded to Dulles and has been pushing Boeing to manufacture more and more airplanes. Even their in-flight magazine is reportedly doing well.

Wait a minute, you might say that this point. The Emirates PR people actually got a journalist to do a full writeup about their magazine? Yes. And not only that, but that's not even the most obnoxiously aggressive publicity stunt the airline has recently pulled. It turns out that Emirates is sponsoring a cable car and two London Underground stations in London, for a period not less than ten years.

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Going to The Great Wall of China and Resisting the Urge to Get a Subway Footlong

Where: China
February 9, 2012 at 6:03 PM | by | ()

There may no longer be a Starbucks at The Forbidden City in China but there is a Subway sandwich shop at The Great Wall. Seriously.

You can find the footlong mecca at the entrance to the impressive 2.5-kilometer stretch of the Great Wall in Mutianyu. From here you can walk in, out and around several of the 22 watchtowers that were built during the early Ming dynasty.

Some of the steps are steep and tiny and, as to be expected, you need to watch where you're going.There are no handrails and very few informational signs. It's just you, the wall and silence (well, when the other tourists aren't chattering that is. We managed to grab a quick little video on our iPhone of the Mutianyu section. Enjoy!

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We're Now Taking Your Most Shocking Subway Locations Suggestions

September 22, 2009 at 5:10 PM | by | ()

A news report today revealed that Subway, the sandwich not the method of transportation, is catching up to McDonalds in terms of worldwide locations. Subway is nearing 31,800 shops while McDonald's has 32,158 total restaurants.

Since we devoted some time over the summer sussing out the Most Shocking McDonald's Locations in the World, we're guessing that Subway must be found in some pretty shocking locations around the world too.

In the Subway Flickr pool, we already see Subways in Devon, London and inside a windmill in Germany. The article from AdAge has photos of some worldwide Subway locations but we know there are many, many, many more to discuss. So let us know which Subways we should check out!

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[Photo: JetAlone]