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This is a Yacht Designed by Steve Jobs and Philippe Starck

November 12, 2012 at 4:31 PM | by | ()

Do you ever find your mind wandering into the realm of "I wonder what [insert anything] would look like if it was designed by Apple?" Of course we've already seen how this plays out when applied to computers, music players, mobile phones and even maps, but what about a yacht?!

Well, wonder no more. Steve Jobs actually did put his talents towards a megayacht design and, though he's passed, that boat lives on.

Christened the Venus, the 80m/262' beast was unveiled at the end of October in Aalsmeer, Holland. As is normal with private yachts of this size and innovation, there are no interior photos to drool over nor is there an announcement of who will actually own the Venus. Odds are good that more than a few would love to charter it, however.

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Where to Find the Garage Better Known as Apple's First HQ

June 21, 2012 at 2:47 PM | by | ()

Last week the Los Altos, CA garage where Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak started Apple was back in news as Ashton Kutcher was spotted filming scenes outside for the upcoming biopic, jOBS.

The garage served as the company's first headquarters and was the location where the first Apple computers (one of which was just auctioned off for more than $300,000) were developed.

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How We'll Remember Steve Jobs

October 6, 2011 at 10:36 AM | by | ()

Steve Jobs was a genius, a consummate innovator, a visionary and...a tourist who bought souvenirs. Despite the fact he's responsible for awesome travel tools like the iPhone, iPad, Macbook Airs and whatnot, our minds keep returning to a story from a year ago, when after being grounded because of his health for some time, Jobs again hit the skies in his private Gulfstream V and causes a small ruckus in Japan. Here's how that went:

Japanese magazine Spa! reported that back in July 2010, Apple CEO Steve Jobs attempted to board his private plane at Kansai International Airport in Osaka for a return to the United States after a family vacation in Kyoto. All was well until...airport security discovered ninja throwing stars in Jobs' luggage, and would not allow him to take them home...yes, even aboard his private plane.

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Will You Stare When You Spot the New iPad 2 at Airports?

March 11, 2011 at 2:42 PM | by | ()

We remember the first time we ever saw an iPad being used by a traveler in transit. It was in the business lounge at the terrifically tropical thatched-roof Punta Cana International Airport, in the Dominican Republic. We stared, but it was okay because everyone else was staring; the thing had barely been released and here, thousands of miles away from the nearest Apple store, was one. It was beautiful.

Today marks the day that many will likely see the first of the newest generation iPads similarly out in the wild. The iPad 2, only announced less than two weeks ago, hit stores today. You can grab one at an Apple store of course, but also at Best Buy, Target and Walmart.

Now about the pop-up shop...

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How the New iPad 2 Will Definitely Benefit Travelers

March 2, 2011 at 4:29 PM | by | ()

You knew this time would come—the time when we dissect the just-announced iPad 2 to just exactly how, and if, the upgrades will benefit travelers. And, as always, Apple has the mobile tech user in mind, which means great things for those of us who love to whip it out on the plane (the iPad, that is) and play with it until we're tired and ready for a nap.

This second version of the crazy popular iPad will be faster, thinner, lighter, and more customizable than ever. That's just the beginning of the advancements. Here are the ways in which it's improving to help the traveler:

· Accelerometer, Three-axis Gyroscope, and Compass: These are already present in the iPhone 4, and now they're all in the iPad and working together to sense "which direction iPad is heading and how it’s moving." That means major enhancements possible for map apps, augmented reality apps and basically any app that has a moving blip—whether that signifies you or a character in a game.

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Steve Jobs Never Wants to Visit Japan Again after Ninja Weapon Airport Incident

Where: Osaka, Japan
September 14, 2010 at 1:10 PM | by | ()

Uh oh! Today, Japanese magazine Spa! reported that back in July, Apple CEO Steve Jobs attempted to board his private plane at Kansai International Airport in Osaka for a return to the United States after a family vacation in Kyoto. All was well until...airport security discovered ninja throwing stars in Jobs' luggage, and would not allow him to take them home...yes, even aboard his private plane.

As a result of this ruling, Jobs allegedly declared that he'd "never visit Japan again," which is a tall statement coming from the head of the world's most influential technology companies. Spa! notes that Jobs "said it wouldn’t make sense for a person to try to hijack his own plane," which is totally true, but still. Throwing stars are legally weapons. A report was filed on the incident and Apple declines to comment.

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Apple's iPad Won't Revolutionize The Way We Travel, A Counterpoint

January 27, 2010 at 3:15 PM | by | ()

Now that we've already looked at the ways in which Apple's new iPad will revolutionize how we travel, let's explore the ways that it totally won't.

To put it simply, the iPad is all about media consumption and not creation. It'll be great for reading eBooks, watching movies, surfing the web, referencing Google Maps and flipping through photos you have already transferred onto it from your regular laptop or desktop. That said, it is not a standalone device; you will need to travel with your laptop in order to upload pictures and video from your camera onto it and do anything on software that doesn't work on the iPad (like Photoshop).

It is not a device for content creation; for instance, we wouldn't be able to draft a whole story on it while traveling, since it does not have a USB port, an SD card slot, or even a camera for taking pictures with it directly.

After the jump, we list all the ways in which the iPad doesn't help travelers

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Apple's iPad Will Revolutionize The Way We Travel

January 27, 2010 at 1:48 PM | by | ()

Update: We've posted a counterpoint to this story, on how the iPad won't revolutionize travel.

Okay, if you are awake and alive right now, you are either following closely along as Apple unveils their groundbreaking new iPad, or you are totally against it and pretending not to follow along. Whichever camp you're in, you cannot deny that the iPad will revolutionize how we travel.

The conference is still going on now, but thanks to the ace liveblogging of tech blogs like Engadget, we're able to see the first shots of the iPad and get quotes straight from Steve Jobs on what it will do in terms of travel technology.

We've gathered the best iPad photos and Jobs quotes, after the jump.

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