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Not Another Cruise Ship Accident.

Where: Vietnam
March 19, 2012 at 2:46 PM | by | ()

Silver Shadow in happier times.

Okay. Cruise ships—get your act together and stop running into things. PLEASE.

Just this morning it was announced that the Silversea Silver Shadow had T-boned a Vietnamese cargo ship while sailing in heavy fog off the coast of Vietnam. Though neither ship sank and no Silversea passengers were killed, the incident still piles on negative news to an industry already suffering following the Costa Concordia disaster and the fire/stuck-at-sea drama of the Costa Allegra. And all this comes in a year that cruise lines had hoped to raise prices to make up for the money lost during the deep discounting of the last two years of recession. Whoops.

Despite the fact that the Silver Shadow ripped a hole in the hull of the cargo ship, the cruise liner made it to its next port of Ha Long Bay on schedule, only in need of repairs. CNN has an harrowing firsthand account from passenger Andrew Lock, who pointed out that passengers had only around 5 seconds to brace for impact, as the cargo ship emerged from the fog within spitting distance.

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