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Singapore Airlines is Adding Premium Economy Service, and Here's What That Means

May 19, 2015 at 10:11 AM | by | ()

We all know that for those sitting up front, Singapore Airlines is one of the best carriers around. Well, now they’re giving a little extra attention to those in the back of the plane, giving those seated in economy a little taste of the luxury life.

Singapore Airlines is introducing — better late than never, if you ask us — a premium economy option. Per Bloomberg, passengers will shell out a little more cash in exchange for extra comfort. Better food and beverage is part of the deal, as well as a larger in-flight entertainment screen and a wider seat. Don’t take our word for it. Here’s what Singapore Airlines has to say about their latest slice of in-flight awesomeness.

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Hawaiian Airlines Debuts Premium Economy for as Low as $60 an 'Upgrade'

February 11, 2014 at 9:45 AM | by | ()

After a couple of in-flight Mai Tai beverages you might need a little bit extra room to stretch out and relax, and thankfully that’s now a possibility aboard Hawaiian Airlines. The carrier is jumping on the pay-to-play system when it comes to increased legroom seating, and now these options are officially up for sale to passengers.

You still might need to wait a few months before testing things out, but you can now at least pay a little extra for them and guarantee that they will be available for your flight later this year. These Extra Comfort economy seats will be first available on the carrier’s Airbus A330 fleet, and you are now welcome to select these better seats right on the airline’s website. Travel on or after August 1 is an option as of now, so you might want to delay that vacation until that time.

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Hawaiian Airlines Will Increase Your Legroom...for a Price

November 6, 2013 at 6:43 AM | by | ()

Even if you’re flying from the left side of the country the flights over to Hawaii are still a little bit far, and we all certainly appreciate a little extra space and legroom. Travel to the Aloha State is even more extreme when coming from overseas, and thankfully Hawaiian Airlines is getting ready to introduce their very own version of a more legroom for more money system.

It’s hardly a new idea, as Delta has Economy Comfort, American does Main Cabin Extra, and United has had years and years of Economy Plus. You’re probably familiar with the concept, but basically you get a little more room to stretch your legs in exchange for a few extra bucks at the time of booking or check-in.

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When Life Only Gives You a Middle Seat, Don't Select It

November 29, 2012 at 9:22 AM | by | ()

We are right in the middle of the holiday travel season, so we’ve got some advice for you when it comes to picking your airline seats. It’s not just for travel over the next few weeks, but a trick for all year long. We imagine that it’ll only get worse as airlines continue to hold back—and charge for—premium seats like aisles, windows, exit rows, and pretty much everything else.

So you booked your ticket and all went well, but when it’s time to select a seat you only have the option of picking a middle seat. Here’s the tip—don’t pick a middle seat—and leave your seat selection unassigned. First of all, there’s always the possibility that better seats will pop up closer to departure. You never know who will cancel or who will change their plans, so keep an eye out for better up in the air opportunities.

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The Definitive Guide to Lufthansa's New Business Class, Onboard the First 747-8i

June 4, 2012 at 3:36 PM | by | ()

New airplane alert! Last Friday, June 1, Lufthansa sent the very first Boeing 747-8 for passengers on its very first regularly scheduled flight. Hopping from Frankfurt, Germany to Washington DC's Dulles Airport, the jumbo-jumbo jet made history with us onboard. Stay tuned the next few days for dispatches from the tarmac!

It used to be that flying in luxury on a jumbo jet meant somewhat wider seats with better recline, friendlier flight attendants, a spiral staircase to the upper deck and lobster on the menu. This was the premium class of the 1970s, when Pan Am took off with the very first Boeing 747 passenger plane, a 747-100. Fast forward to 42 years later (!!) to the new 747-800 Intercontinental and, as much as we bemoan the loss of the "jet set" glamor, stepping into Lufthansa's new Business Class forces the realization that—holy mackerel—these last few decades have actually produced a plane that can again cause passengers to mouthe "wow" (or "toll" if you're German).

The 747 has always been an impressive work of aviation engineering, but it's this 747-8i that Boeing is calling "a flagship aircraft that airlines will want to customize" and "a cornerstone of the Lufthansa fleet for years to come." So, no surprise that Lufthansa chose this baby for the grand debut of the new lie-flat Business Class seats, right? So let's check it out...

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Delta's Economy Comfort Seating Options Are Everywhere, Starting Next Week

June 1, 2012 at 9:04 AM | by | ()

It’s been a couple summers since Delta first introduced their plans to help you stretch out on those long-haul international flights. Apparently travelers enjoyed not having their knees bash up against the seat in front of them, so the stretched out seating design was extended to some domestic flights as well. Obviously they’re looking to cash in on our willingness to pay for a little bit more comfort and space, and it also probably doesn’t hurt that the competition over at United Airlines has been doing something pretty darn similar with their Economy Plus options.

Delta’s Economy Comfort upgrade is almost complete, as it sounds like they’re just about finished upgrading and updating a whole mess of their airplanes. The airline is promising that as of June 7 the new seating options will be available for your seating pleasure on all two-class airplanes throughout the globe.

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Airbus Thinks Americans Have Big Butts, So They're Making Wider Seats

May 31, 2012 at 9:57 AM | by | ()

If you haven’t looked at our butt yet today it might be a good time to do so, because Airbus thinks you have a big one. Well not you specifically, but they are thinking that residents of the nifty fifty are expanding when it comes to their personal seating surface.

Always looking for a way to make some extra cash—and a leg up on the competition over at Boeing—Airbus is now adding some slides to their PowerPoint presentation about wider seats. The Airbus A320 is a little bit wider overall when compared to the Boeing 737, so this would allow Airbus to offer slightly wider seats along the aisles while keeping the middle and window seats basically unchanged.

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Somebody Please Think of Economy Class! Oh Wait, Cathay Pacific Did.

May 30, 2012 at 1:07 PM | by | ()

Not everybody can fly in Business Class, and that goes double-time for First Class, so with all this year's announcements of new business class seats, we're thrilled to find that an airline has slipped an Economy Class upgrade into the mix. That airline is Cathay Pacific and you should know that the new seats in economy are going to make a heck of a difference. Why? Because they are totally different from the old design and—here's the kicker—you'll have to sit in them for over 13 hours on Cathay's longest routes, so you better like 'em.

The old seats, for those who haven't had the blessing of sitting through a 17-hour flight in them, had a fixed back which meant that while no one was reclining into your lap, you essentially slide down to recline. The pressure was on what we fondly call "the butt bone," and you could kiss feeling in your bottom goodbye for half the flight.

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Flying Garuda Indonesia's Executive Class Actually Has...Class

April 27, 2012 at 3:32 PM | by | ()

Since an important part of traveling includes how you get there, it's always nice to sit up front in an airplane. While it makes more sense to experience first or business class on long-haul flights, doing so requires a lot more digging into pockets than most people can manage. The most economical way to fly in the premium cabin is to use miles for an upgrade.

We recently flew an airline that isn't part of our favorite airline alliance (yet). This means no opportunity to use those frequent flyer miles to stretch our legs. While planning a Bali trip, we needed to fly to Denpasar/Bali from Jakarta, and found one of our options to be Garuda Indonesia. Knowing little about them beyond that they're the national airline, we were curious.

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It's Art: Gymnastics Routines Using Business Class Airplane Seats

March 22, 2012 at 11:11 AM | by | ()

No, this isn't a story on the Olympics, but we could see how you could think that.

Art comes in many forms and is often described as subjective. A current performance exhibit at the Indianapolis Museum of Art is no exception. This time it has caught the attention of aviation enthusiasts by blending the architecturally fluid lines of business class seats with the sheer strength and flexibility of gymnastics.

The IMA is currently exhibiting Allora & Cazadilla. The visual artist duo of American born, Jennifer Allora, and Cuban born, Guillermo Calzadilla are part of the museum's Venice Biennale. While the pair have a number of commissions at the gallery, the most intriguing for our arena would be the Body In Flight Series.

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You'll Definitely Want to Watch TV on Qatar Airways' Boeing 787 Dreamliners

March 12, 2012 at 3:40 PM | by | ()

While most of us were working like normal last week, grabbing coffees and going home to watch sitcoms, thousands of travel industry C-suiters were having champagne cocktails in Berlin and toasting their latest product unveilings during ITB, the largest travel show in the world. One of the most exciting reveals comes from Qatar Airways, who lifted the veil on their economy and business seat designs for their Boeing 787 Dreamliner.

The fresh new plane begins flying between Doha and London come later this summer, and the 22 business class passengers and 232 in economy will have the latest seatback, in-flight entertainment technology (lots) of money can buy. Yes, there will be power outlets and USB ports at every seat, but the real wow factor—at least for us—is with those huge TVs.

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Endlich! Get Psyched for Lufthansa's New, Lie-Flat Business Class Seats

March 8, 2012 at 6:06 PM | by | ()

Yes yes yes! Or, rather, ja ja ja! Lufthansa today made the huge announcement that they will be introducing an all-new Business Class, with redesigned seats and entertainment systems. Oh, and guess what? The new seats will be lie-flat, which solves the biggest complaint about the current seats, which recline to an angle (and you end up sliding down as you attempt sleep).

The new Business Class will hit Lufty's fleet beginning with their fresh-off-the-line Boeing 747-8 in only a few weeks. Following this, we hope for a swift fleet-wide rollout, but there's not definite dates on that quite yet.

Trust us when we say that every bit of this 3-billion-Euro in-flight upgrade is for the better. Sure, travelers should be excited for the 6' 5" lie-flat bed, the 15" seatback TV screens and new materials, but perhaps the sweetest perk of the new seats will be massively increased personal space.

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