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Foreign Grocery Friday: The Snack Situation in San Juan, Puerto Rico

June 21, 2013 at 7:29 PM | by | ()

When we travel, one of our favorite things to do is to pop into a local grocery store and check out the food products and candies we'd never find anywhere else. So we're trying out this new feature, Foreign Grocery Friday, where each week we'll feature some of our (and your) favorite overseas treats. Got a recommendation? Let us know!

So, it's no secret we're obsessed with potato chips and all the fascinating flavors that we can find. Our list continues to expand with the addition of five more contenders that we picked up during a jaunt in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

To be fair, two of these are chicharrons, or pork rinds. Now if you've had these crunchy cracklings before, you know they're best eaten while drinking a cold beer. But in this case, we partook in PR's equivalent of the alcoholic Capri Sun, the aptly named Gasolina. The original flavor is a mix of rum, tequila, passion fruit and other juices.

¡Tu Madras! is a particularly lethal blend of vodka, OJ, passion fruit and cranberry juices and costs about $2.50. We liked that one when we were chomping on the mofongo-flavored Munchies.

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How to Have a Sampling of San Juan During a Six-Hour Layover

June 13, 2013 at 4:09 PM | by | ()

Anthony Bourdain might make it look easy to go out and explore during a long layover but not every layover is 24 hours and not every airport is easy to slip in and out of on a time crunch, but we found one that is: San Juan's Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport (SJU) in Puerto Rico.

On the way home from a recent trip to St. Croix we had a 6-hour layover here. To sum it up, the airport doesn't offer much in the way of cuisine and is over air-conditioned (so cold!). So, with our choices being either A) suck it up and spend six hours bundled up outside our gate or B) try to make it to Old San Juan and back in under six hours, we choose the latter, and what a great choice it turned out to be.

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The Worst Part of Flying on a Cape Air Cessna is Admitting Your True Weight

April 30, 2013 at 3:17 PM | by | ()

Last week, Jaunted contributor Christine headed down to the US Virgin Islands in a plane smaller than any she had ever been in before. This is her story.

Those who travel around the Caribbean often think nothing of boarding an island-hopping flight on a Cessna 402, but as a first timer I would be lying if I didn't admit the experience was a little daunting.

As I waited at the Cape Air counter in San Juan International Airport, my initial fear of flying from here to St. Croix in the tiny plane was quickly replaced by the pulse-quickening realization that passengers were required to provide their weight. This must be said aloud in front of a line of fellow travelers. Of course, I shaved 7 pounds off of my real weight, which earned me a double-take and an eye roll from the Cape Air attendant checking me in. I silently wondered if she had once worked summers guessing weights at an amusement park kiosk.

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The TSA Won't Be Fooled by Your Fake ID Again

April 16, 2012 at 2:58 PM | by | ()

Fake boarding passes and fake IDs have been an obvious hole in TSA's security theater for over half a decade. We know it's been that long since we wrote about it a bit in 2008 and then at length in 2009 and then offhandedly in in 2011. That whole time terrorists were able to evade the no-fly list either by getting a fake ID that matched their real boarding pass or by generating a fake boarding pass that matched their real ID. Options!

Perhaps realizing that the situation was not conducive either to objective security or to the public's perceptions of the agency's reliability, TSA announced last fall that they would be rolling out new machines to bust fake IDs and boarding passes. Fast forward half a year later, and they're now actually doing it.

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Where to Go with Your Tax Refund: Puerto Rico

April 12, 2012 at 1:55 PM | by | ()

Tax day is coming, and you're probably excited not because you look forward to sifting through receipts and credit card statements, but because you're getting a fat refund. Probably. The economy may be on its way back up, but you should try to stretch that tax refund as far as you can...like with a little "you did a great job last year" trip.

As much as we love to flash our passports to border security and ogle at the exotic stamps, it is also novelty to travel to a place a world different from what we know at home, yet breeze through the airport. Puerto Rico is one of those places and it's super easy to get to.

We hope this brief geography lesson is not needed, but the island is situated in the northern Caribbean between the Domincan Republic and the US Virgin Islands. Puerto Rico, Spanish for 'rich port' is a protectorate of the US and is governed by our constitution, so that means any flights originating in the US to Puerto Rican cities do not require passport control. This ultimately means more time on the beach!

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Next Stop, Havana: Eight More US Airports Get Go Ahead to Fly to Cuba

Where: Havana, Cuba
March 9, 2011 at 9:15 AM | by | ()

Oh wow. Steps towards the re-opening of Cuba are coming quicker and quicker now, and the latest advance is a huge one: Eight new US airports have been given permission to operate charter flights to Cuba. It was only back in January that Obama and Congress re-allowed educational and religious groups to travel to Castro's island, but their departure points were limited to NYC, Miami and Los Angeles.

With the news that eight more airports—deemed to have sufficient customs and immigration facilities—can now begin their own travel agency-arranged flights, you can expect to see many more "My Cuba Trip" photo slideshows from your neighbors. The new airports are: Chicago-O'Hare, Baltimore, Dallas-Fort Worth, New Orleans, Pittsburgh, Tampa, Atlanta and San Juan, Puerto Rico.

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