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If You Ever Thought Sharing a Private 777 with a Pop Star Was a Good Idea...

November 26, 2012 at 2:37 PM | by | ()

It seemed like a good idea at the time—take a Boeing 777 to 7 gigs over 7 days and bring a bunch of journalists along to cover it all—but it turns out Rihanna's Unapologetic tour had a lot to apologize for in the end.

Before embarking on the private Delta 777, Rihanna told the 150 passengers, "Ya'll gon' either enjoy it or fucking hate me!" and, unfortunately, for most it's now the latter.

The tour kicked off on Nov. 14 in Mexico City, followed by stops in Toronto, Stockholm, Paris, Berlin, London, and finally NYC. Things got off to a strong start with Rihanna granting interviews, pouring champagne and playing her new album, but it was all downhill from there.

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Does Nicki Minaj's New Video 'Fly' Make Light of Airplane Crashes?

August 29, 2011 at 10:03 AM | by | ()

Okay, we have a problem. When did crashed airplanes become cool?

Last night during the MTV Video Music Awards, Winner of best R&B video Nicki Minaj premiered her newest video, Fly, featuring Rihanna. We were like, oh cool—it's called "Fly," so let's see. And then about two seconds into the video, we noticed she's dancing all around the charred shell of a Boeing 747. What the heck?

According to MTV News, the concept for the video revolves around the apocalypse, which Minaj and Rihanna have survived. They're in a neighborhood, complete with suburban homes, except there's now the addition of burnt and crashed cars, the 747 and—crazy as this sounds—some sort of rocket or space shuttle.

See for yourself here:

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Abu Dhabi Takes First Rihanna-fied Steps To Becoming Party Capital

January 4, 2010 at 2:21 PM | by | ()

Well, at least she kept her thighs under lock and key...

The New Years holiday is the time for celebrities to scatter themselves all around the globe, from the ski slopes to the beaches of St. Barths, but if you're a celebrity entertainer, then the odds are that you've got a very well-paying gig you'd rather not miss.

Such was the case with Rihanna, who did a very hyped, very controversial concert in Abu Dhabi at the Emirates Palace for 10,000 fans, followed by fireworks. Although the girl raked in $500,000 for a few songs—and no doubt had a private, paid-for jet to get her through the crazy airport security of the weekend—the controversy came when they asked her to cover up a little more than usual for the performance.

Abu Dhabi as party capital?...

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Travel With Rihanna And Weather Delays Magically Disappear

December 21, 2009 at 4:04 PM | by | ()

Nevermind the giant furry black earflap hat from Michael Kors that Rihanna is wearing, or that she's actually dressed pretty casually for travel; the big surprise here is that RIhanna is arriving not to an airport here, but to London's St. Pancras International train station after hopping off the Eurostar from Paris late last week. Yes, Rihanna made it through the Channel Tunnel just before the weather problems kept five trains stuck down there for over ten hours.

Now we want to imagine if she had been stuck down there too; would the situation have received more media coverage in the USA? Would she be crying and distraught from having to consume only the British Digestive cookies the whole night? But no; girl made luckily made it into London just in time to perform with Jay-Z and give Kanye West a private dance at a the club Whiskey Mist.

Apparently immune to the travel mush currently happening in the UK, Rihanna then headed back to the USA through Heathrow over the weekend, despite snowstorms and weather canceling flights across the board. And now we've learned a new lesson on how to never get stuck with delays and travel emergencies: become part of Rihanna's entourage.

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[Photo: GossipCenter]

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It's Rihanna On A Boat, As The 'Oasis' Floats

November 20, 2009 at 1:34 PM | by | ()

While we were having a little Thursday night drink near Times Square last night, Rihanna was performing in the Opal Theater on Royal Caribbean's newest, biggest, largest cruise ship ever: the Oasis of the Seas to celebrate the night before her first cruise out of the Fort Lauderdale.

Then, this morning as we mixed some instant cappuccino in our modest kitchen, the Oasis set sail from the US with 5,400 passengers for her first voyage, a preview cruise that included the Good Morning America gang. While going about our mundane day, it was weird to remove ourselves from the scene for a moment and think about what was taking place; that the 225,000-ton ship with 20-ish restaurants and a freaking Central Park with live foliage, was floating. And with pop culture personalities, no less.

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Rihanna, Future Cruise Ship Performer?

October 27, 2009 at 8:39 AM | by | ()

Whoever said that cruising isn't cool? Okay, aside from us? Well, with the launch of Royal Caribbean's new megaship so ginormous it might as well be named the Death Star but is instead called Oasis of the Seas, the image of cruising might be taking a turn for the better. Of course, that is only if you like spending your vacation afloat with 5,399 others who enjoy all the bells and whistles of a traditional cruise times three.

Aside from a zip line, mini Central Park, AquaTheater and cupcake cafe, the Oasis is bringing Rihanna on board. No—not a lookalike, the real deal. Rihanna will do the first performance from her upcoing album "Rated R" on board the ship's 3-day preview cruise on November 19. The album doesn't release until Monday November 23, but the lucky press and invited guests on the preview cruise will get an early piece of the new RiRi stuff.

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A Little Airport Security Won't Stop Rihanna From Leaving New York

September 16, 2009 at 12:13 PM | by | ()

You can leave your hat on: Rihanna lines up for security at LAX with a hat and sunglasses that do nothing to throw off the paparazzi.

After renting an apartment in New York for the summer, the pint-sized pop star is starting to make public appearances again after a tumultuous year which included testifying against ex-boyfriend Chris Brown in a California court. A few weeks ago, she was spotted riding a roller coaster at Six Flags Magic Mountain and last week she made her first concert appearance during Jay-Z's 9/11 benefit concert at Madison Square Garden for a performance of "Run This Town." She repeated that performance during her recent trip to Los Angeles for the premiere of Jay Leno's new show, although her appearance was overshadowed by Kanye West's VMA-related antics.

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Rihanna Rides Tatsu at Six Flags

Where: 26101 Magic Mountain Parkway [map], Valencia, CA, United States, 91355
September 1, 2009 at 8:44 AM | by | ()

We're still obsessed with the World's Scariest Roller Coasters. Got any rides we should know about? Tip us off.

Rihanna is fearless when it comes to her fashion and her tattoos but it also turns out she's pretty fearless in her amusement park habits as well.

TMZ snapped the singer boarding the Tatsu roller coaster at Six Flags Magic Mountain outside Los Angeles yesterday. Tatsu, the Japanese word for dragon has 3,602 feet of track that goes 62 miles per hour with 263 feet in plunges and is 17 stories high at its peak. Oh yeah, and you're riding face down most of the way. Just watch the video to see for yourself.

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No More Yachts for Rihanna; An NYC Apartment It Will Be

June 1, 2009 at 11:32 AM | by | ()

Is Jaunted's 2008 Celebrity Traveler of the Year getting ready to settle down?

The New York Post reports that our favorite globetrotting pop diva, Rihanna, is forgoing the yachts and jetskis this summer in favor of a Manhattan apartment. The Post says Rihanna is set to rent a luxurious 3-bedroom apartment in Soho, where she'll chill out for a few months. Supposedly, Rihanna bargained down from the asking price of $22,000 a month to the still-pricey $18,000, so she should still have enough cash leftover for a few weekend getaways.

We haven't spotted Riri out and about around Soho yet, but let us know if you see her cruising for new gloves on Canal Street or adding to her body art collection at Sacred Tattoo.

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[Photo: Bob Xu]

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Rihanna and Katy Perry Keeping 'Girlfriend Getaways' Alive

April 23, 2009 at 10:54 AM | by | ()

No boys allowed! Rihanna had singer Katy Perry over to her house in Barbados, where they went out on a boat and worked on their tans.

Another celebrity currently stimulating the travel economy this week but doing the opposite of a girlfriend getaway is Salma Hayek. She's rumored to be getting married (again, she tied the knot with French businessmen François-Henri Pinault in February) this weekend in Venice, Italy -- and by "rumored" we mean Antonio Banderas blurted it out in the press conferences. He's so not getting invited to the next wedding.

So what we want to know is, what makes a great girlfriend getaway? Or, in a larger, gender-neutral sense, what do you do with your friends when you travel? Do you have a first-night-out ritual? A secret induction ceremony? (Well, it won't be secret now!)

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[Photo: Urban Celebs]

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Where to Find Rihanna's Tattoo Artist, If You Can't Afford to Fly Him Out to You

Where: Av. Heliodoro Salgado, 104, Sintra, Portugal
March 27, 2009 at 1:26 PM | by | ()

Pop star Rihanna has never been shy about showing off her tattoos, including a full-body spread in InStyle where she showed off ink like a scattering of stars and a Sanskrit motto. Now the Barbados native, who has been far from the limelight since being assaulted by boyfriend Chris Brown, can add the gun show with two tiny above-the-armpit tats.

Rihanna commissioned Portuguese artist BangBang to do the art, even flying him out to L.A. to do the work. But you can visit BangBang in his natural habitat of Sintra, Portugal any day of the week, where his flagship tattoo shop has been in operation since 2000. He also handles appointments at East Side Ink in New York (97 Ave. B)

Check out Jaunted's Rihanna Tattoo Map for more great places to get inked like the stars.

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[Photo: FreddyO]

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No Umbrella-ella-ella Needed for Rihanna and Chris Brown

March 2, 2009 at 9:06 AM | by | ()

As far away as they thought they were getting from the world's prying eyes, it wasn't far enough: After their Grammy-weekend altercation, Rihanna and Chris Brown have both been spotted in tropical climes.

The Barbados songstress was originally pegged to have flown home after the attack, but she later took some friends with her to Punta Mita, Mexico for a few days of R&R. She rented a private villa where she and her guests were seen hanging out by the pool and playing volleyball -- with little trace of the injuries displayed in photos of that fateful night.

Meanwhile, Chris Brown was spotted jet-skiing in Miami at Diddy's house on Star Island. But People magazine reports that Rihanna has joined him there. Sources inside the house say the two are reconciling, but they have not been seen out in public together. Meanwhile, Chris heads back to L.A. today for his arraignment -- Rihanna is not required or expected to appear.

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[Photo: Faded Youth Blog]