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Where Will You Celebrate Our 44 Leaders?

February 10, 2009 at 9:31 AM | by | ()

Woo-hoo, Presidents Day! OK, we know this isn't the most exciting travel holiday (and in fact, maybe the least), but a holiday's a holiday, so why not get away? Plus, Saturday is Valentine's Day, which sounds like a good excuse to take an extra day and make it a four-day weekend. But where to go?

Travelocity has a funny list of Obama-themed weekend destinations. Barack's native Hawaii and childhood haunts in Indonesia sound a little far fetched for the weekend (and the economy) but DC is more like it. If you missed Obama when he was staying at the Hay-Adams Hotel just before inauguration, you can catch a room there for a much cheaper $299 this weekend. No idea if you can ask for the Barack and Michelle suite but if you have the nerve, let us know what they say.

For a more old-school celebration of the presidents, Colonial Williamsburg is offering lodging in their historic country houses from $102 a night.

Of course, everything is still cheap, cheap, cheap, wherever you want to travel right now, presidential or not. What are you booking for prez day? Using it as an excuse for an extended trip? Or broke and sticking with a staycation?

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Adventures of Link: Any Excuse for a Long Weekend, Right?

February 18, 2008 at 4:45 PM | by | ()

Ah, Presidents Day. Nobody really knows what it's about, but everybody likes a day off. Since we're feeling a little patriotic today, we've rustled up some presidential sites worth seeing.

There's lots of George Washington stuff all over the country, including Mount Rushmore. (If you didn't have the day off for a presidential trip, check in with Washington on that quarter in your pocket.) And since he's been trying to horn in on Presidents Day, we've gone ahead and tipped our stovepipe hat to Abraham Lincoln.

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