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Flying Business Class on the Qantas A380

Where: Australia
July 2, 2012 at 11:03 AM | by | ()

To round out our coverage from onboard the Qantas A380, it's time to take a look at Business Class.

Business is one of the biggest, well, businesses for Qantas, and most of the upper deck on the A380 is dedicated to Business Class Seats. Behind this is the small Premium Economy section.

The cabin seems lighter and roomier, and there is a new Business Lounge located toward the front of the plane, where passengers can spend some time out of their seats and stretch their legs, read, snack or perhaps chat to their fellow travelers.

Our photo gallery will show you around the seat and amenities offered in Business and we can tell you that the infamous Qantas service was, thankfully, exceptional on our leg from Sydney to Los Angeles.

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A Wistful Peek at First Class on a Qantas A380

Where: Australia
June 22, 2012 at 3:52 PM | by | ()

Now that we've pitted Economy vs. Premium Economy on the Qantas A380, it's time to go to the other end of the spectrum and do some daydreaming about First Class.

You'll have to excuse our poor iPhone photos of the First Class cabin—we did a quick tour of the plane before boarding, and had some technical issues with our other camera. (The blurriness, we blame on the soft lighting and, well, awe.)

Since we didn't fly First Class, we've also added some professional PR images from Qantas to illustrate how the First Class Suite works as a recliner, a dining table for two and a comfy bed.

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Onboard a Qantas A380: Economy versus Premium Economy

June 21, 2012 at 11:32 AM | by | ()

It's had some ups and downs but for now, the Qantas A380 seems to be flying high. Especially now that we've finally been onboard one for a flight from LAX to Sydney and back.

We traveled in Economy on our way over, and also had the chance to take a quick tour of the aircraft before general boarding. Here, we bring you a look at the Economy and Premium Economy cabins, and what differentiates the two.

After many trips between the US and Australia on Qantas 747s, we immediately felt a difference stepping inside the A380 Economy cabin. It feels brighter and more airy. We do think the seats look narrower but there is more space overhead, which makes it less claustrophobic than usual. Our seat was near the front of the first section and this at least helped us avoid the feeling of being in a massive cattle class.

While the new seats have new headrest wings and "footrest" nets, we didn't feel the benefit of these, being a tiny 5'2". Taller passengers will obviously make better use of the footrests. We were, however, comfortable, although that was aided by being in a three-seat configuration with an empty seat between us and our row-mate.

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