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It's No Ride on Air Force One, but You Can Follow President Obama on Foursquare

March 26, 2013 at 10:12 AM | by | ()

With a 747 and a fleet of other airplanes, helicopters and bulletproof vehicles at his disposal, the President of the United States really gets around. One of the most traveled presidents in history is the current one, President Obama, and though it seems a challenge to keep up with his itinerary when he squeezes several countries and world capitals into a few days, The White House has made it very easy with Foursquare.

Thanks to the location-based social media app, The White House can create lists of Obama's stops and offer these lists to be "followed," so that traveling Foursquare users can "check in" to a venue and see if the President preceded them there. It's all very cool, and of course each location includes a tip or note on what Obama accomplished in each place, such as speaking about job values at a BBQ joint in North Carolina.

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Video Proof That President Obama Has a Passport, Gets Stamps

May 7, 2012 at 11:24 AM | by | ()

Wow. One of life's greatest mysteries has been solved via a simple WhiteHouse.gov video. We speak, of course, of the existence of a presidential passport. It does exist!

Although President Obama does not have to endure annoying boarding procedures when he flies—waiting for Group C to be called, worrying about overheard cabin space, hitting up Sbarro's in a fit of hunger desperation—it's comforting to know that he must still pass though immigration.

Notice that it is a black passport, the color of Presidential-level passports (versus the red of diplomatic and navy blue of normal citizen level).

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Obama Heads Down Under, Picks Up Some Uggs for Malia and Sasha

Where: Australia
November 17, 2011 at 9:05 AM | by | ()

After a couple of failed trips, Air Force One finally crossed the international dateline from Hawaii to Australia, touching down in the capital city, Canberra. Barack Obama became only the fourth US President to visit the Land Down Under this week right on the heels of Queen Elizabeth's royal tour.

While this was a much shorter visit than the Monarch, it marked the 60th anniversary of the ANZUS Treaty, a defense treaty between the US, Australia and New Zealand. Obama even got a bonus opportunity to strengthen the friendship between himself and Julia Gillard, the Australian Prime Minister

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President Obama Gives In to the Touristy Side of Dublin, Ireland

May 24, 2011 at 4:35 PM | by | ()

What's the single most stereotypical thing you can think of doing as a tourist in Dublin, Ireland? The odds are pretty great that your answers has something to do with either drinking or tracing your Irish roots. The good news is, President Barack Obama thinks the same way and spent his official visit to Ireland over the weekend throwing back Guinness and visiting distant relatives. Of course he also met with government officials and gave a speech to over 25,000 people, but all that has been overshadows by the beer clink heard 'round the world.

Ireland was the first stop on Obama's six-day, four-nation tour of Europe. He followed it up by calling on Queen Elizabeth in London, and will round out his tour by rolling into France and Poland for more official political meetings. Michelle is actually along on this trip—that's her little Guinness up in the left of the above photo—and while Barack is busy at the Group of 8 meeting in France, we hope MObama has enough time for a toast of her own; a little "a votre sante" and Côtes du Rhône.

[Photo: AP]

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President Obama's NYC Helicopter Cavalcade Hovers Over the Harbor

April 7, 2011 at 10:49 AM | by | ()

Two Chinooks leave the heliport, with the Staten Island Ferry in background

One of the main roadways has been closed off by a police barricade during evening rush hour, emergency vehicle lights are flashing all over the crowded downtown business district and the river nearby is teeming with police boats, their blue lights echoing the red ones on land. What the heck is going on?! In New York City, there are a few quick assumptions you can make, surely one of which is that President Obama is in town, and with that you'd be correct.

This is what went down yesterday evening, as we took advantage of a gloomy, cold day to be the only ones strolling through the newish Brooklyn Bridge Park, directly across the East River from Wall Street and the Wall Street Heliport. It's a cute little heliport right on the water, one which we've flown from before, but a few years back when $99 8-minute chopper flights to JFK operated several times a day.

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The Obamas' Annual Trip to the Hawaiian Islands is Going Swimmingly

December 29, 2010 at 1:21 PM | by | ()

While most of us are stuck digging out from this year’s Snowpocalypse, President Obama and his family are enjoying a little rest and relaxation in his home state of Hawaii—jealous. He’s a couple years into his term and this Hawaiian holiday is sort of a tradition, so if you want to hang with the president in 2011 you might want to start making plans now. Unfortunately, it’s pretty unlikely that you’ll run into him, but if you want to try, here's where has been sharing a little bit of aloha.

Presidential family and friends were snorkeling in Oahu’s famous Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve earlier this week, but don’t expect any new shirtless photos to emerge. The press were specifically told to keep their distance, so there won’t be any other TMZ moments for the president or members of his crew. We’re hoping that Sasha and Malia were able to see a couple of turtles when they were swimming around, as we’ve been able to spot a couple on a past trip to the stunning snorkeling spot.

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Take the Whirlwind Obama Tour of Asia

November 16, 2010 at 12:04 PM | by | ()

President Barack Obama has just had quite the whirlwind travel weekend, hopping and skipping from Japan to Singapore to China to South Korea in a matter of only a few days and yet he managed to fit in a few cultural stops in amongst all the flying and diplomatic handshakes. Most of the time, the sightseeing came with a required speech or a luncheon with a world leader, but still we're pretty jealous of all the places he got to go. We've listed the touristy places he visited below, just in case you'd like to take your own Obama Tour of Asia:

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Obama's Long, Busy Weekend in India Included the Gandhi Museum

Where: Mumbai, India
November 8, 2010 at 10:27 AM | by | ()

Despite that whole $200 million/day vacation trip myth clouding President Obama's visit to India this weekend, it looks as though the brief stop in Mumbai went off without a hitch. Mr. and Mrs. Obama arrived to India for a 3-day stop as part of an Asian tour to talk foreign economic relations.

Hopefully they caught some Zzzs onboard Air Force One, because over the weekend while in both New Delhi and Mumbai, they dropped by the Holy Name High School and another elementary and college for Diwali celebrations, Humayan's Tomb (pictured above) for some sightseeing, Mumbai's port for a speech, and Mani Bhawan Gandhi Museum (for Barack) and Kamathipura (for Michelle) for goodwill. On top of all this, the pair stayed at the Taj Mahal Hotel, where they visited the memorial to those killed in the terrorist attacks on hotels almost exactly two years ago.

Today, Barack will address Indian parliament before flying off to his next stop, Indonesia. The next week will also see the Obamas landing in South Korea and Japan.

[Photo: AFP/Getty]

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President Obama to Go Straight from Martha's Vineyard to New Orleans

August 26, 2010 at 9:45 AM | by | ()

Obama onboard a plane in New Orleans in 2008

While President Obama is about to take off from a quickie vacation with his family in Martha's Vineyard, New Orleans is prepping for his landing. Barack is headed to the Big Easy this Sunday in order to give the proper gravity to the fifth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina.

No po' boys or shrimp gumbo tastings for him, however. It'll be all business as included in the fun will be Education Secretary Arne Duncan, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano and EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson.

The focus of his visit is to inspect the infrastructure of the city since the hurricane hit. New systems of levees and flood walls are supposedly protecting the city like never before, and New Orleans is working on becoming a top tourist destination once again.

[Photo: AP/The Swamp]

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Obama's Next Family Vacation Destination? The Gulf Coast.

July 22, 2010 at 5:44 PM | by | ()

Looks like President Barack Obama has finally had it with naysayers who criticize his brief family vacations, even though Obama has taken off half of the time that former President George W. Bush did at this point in the presidency.

Fresh from spending last weekend hiking with his family around Acadia National Park in Maine, Barack is already sitting down to plan the next getaway, and it'll definitely be a working vacation as the first family is due to hit the oil-plagued beaches of the Gulf Coast. The AP reports that they'll be down south for the weekend of August 14. This will be Obama's fifth visit to the area since the BP oil began leaking, and it's a second visit for Michelle.

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Maine Makes Presidential Ice Cream to Prep for Obama's Family Vacation

July 16, 2010 at 9:34 AM | by | ()

Why is President Barack Obama getting into an electric car? Well, he made a friendly visit to the town of Holland, Michigan yesterday, in order to check in on companies manufacturing batteries for electric vehicles. Although he did fly Air Force One in to Holland's Tulip City Airport, he sadly didn't take time from his busy schedule to go Dutch clog shopping or eat any homemade appelmoes (applesauce) . Like other US cities named for European towns, Holland, MI takes the affiliation a little too seriously and you can bet all of these things are offered.

After Michigan, Obama is back in DC today packing for a weekend trip with his family. They're headed to Mount Desert Island, Maine nearby Bar Harbor. The first family will keep it low-key with hiking in Acadia National Park, some golf at Kebo Valley Golf Club, and loads of quality time.

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Obama's Pensacola Beach Day is Not All Sun and Fun When There's Work to Be Done

June 15, 2010 at 10:31 AM | by | ()

It's a beach day for President Obama, but not in the way that he'd hope. The prez will spend today down on Pensacola Beach addressing the BP Oil Spill efforts and visiting the Naval Air Technical Training Center. This comes after he's met with BP executives, who no doubt would rather Obama spend his beach day showing off a six-pack in swimtrunks, rather than digging deeper into their mess.

Pensacola—aka the poster place for tourist hotspots endangered by the BP Oil Spill—hasn't had much visible oil damage on its beach yet and tourists are still swimming. However, the story is different offshore, where "three miles from Navarre Beach there is sheen mixed with tarballs and a thick red paste." Eww.

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