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Jaunted Winter Olympics Embed: What Everyone is Waiting For

February 22, 2010 at 3:50 PM | by | ()

The 2010 Winter Olympics are finally here and the Jaunted Embeds are on the scene. All throughout the games we are going to be providing you first-hand observations and tips from a Vancouver local. Tuija Seipell is a Vancouver-based writer and a dual citizen of both Finland and Canada--so she is bound to get a medal or two right? You can follow her on Twitter here, or just follow the Vancouver 2010 Olympics tag.

The final week of the 2010 Winter Olympics has begun and crowds are reaching peak numbers. There is a line-up for everything. One of the longest has been the six-plus-hour wait for the 30-second zip across Robson Square. Amazingly, everyone says it is worth the wait, and that they had fun in the line-up.

Another consistent queue has been to the Olympic superstore at The Bay that sells the official Olympic merchandise. People have waited on average for 1.5 hours to get in the store and another hour or two to get through the checkouts and out. Some have arrived at 6 a.m. for the 9 a.m. store opening.

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Having Fun in an Orderly Fashion

September 13, 2006 at 8:45 AM | by | ()

Everybody knows the world queueing experts are the Brits. With patience and politeness they stand around for 96 hours a year, occasionally chatting up a fellow line member.

Cross the Atlantic and find a place with plenty of long lines--Disneyland--and let's see how the Americans tackle the queueing dilemma. Not content with just shuffling along, someone actually wrote a book on how to survive in a Disneyland queue. Claiming to be for the young and "young at heart" (eek, do we really belong to this category?), it features activities and puzzles related to the various attractions you'll be standing in line at. The website's sample on Buzz Lightyear all looked a bit intellectual to us--for example, we should unscramble SERTBAEIT to form a word you can see near the queue--but the theory, at least, is good.

But how about combining some of the naked jaunts at Disneyland Hong Kong with the queueing activities: Then us "young at heart" will really be catered for. And the queue can just come with blindfolds for the truly young.

[Image via bobthelomond/Flickr]

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