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Bangladesh Is the New Bangladesh

Where: Bangladesh
December 26, 2006 at 10:31 AM | by | ()

The New York Times really outdid itself this weekend. Amid the sighs over St. Lucia's proclaimed hotness, Jeff Koyen has piped in from Bangladesh, and finally we can't tease the Times for hyping the over-hyped. He tells of an emerging tourist industry in the troubled but friendly country. Bangladesh--and it pains us to have to admit it--is not over, though Lonely Planet did publish a guidebook for the country way back in '04.

Provided you're flying into the country, you'll probably stop in Dhaka, and there Koyen found an unsavory odor but also a friendly guesthouse to soothe his nerves. Rooms at the charming Jame Prestige Abode are just $26 a night.

The real beach kicks are in Cox's Bazaar, and even there, relatively "deluxe" digs go for $60 a night at the Seagull Hotel. Cox's Bazaar bills its beach as the world's longest, and it's shark-free. You won't run into too many westerners there, but for even more seclusion, you can check out Inani beach.

Dhaka also isn't as hard to get to as you'd think. It's only one stop away from some major cities. You can even fly there in ironic luxury aboard Emirates' famous first class.

[Photo: Hossain/NYT]

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