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The Five Things at the Top of Jaunted's Own Gift List

December 16, 2010 at 9:30 AM | by | ()

Lomography 360-degree Spinner Camera

$145. We travel to some awesome places and take a zillion photos, but we're lucky if we get our own face into just one photo. There's also the problem that most images just don't capture the beauty of a landscape or the true energy of a location. We think we've found the answer though, with this 360-degree camera. Using 35mm film, you just pull the string and the camera turns to capture a full image of you and the world around you. (or hold it above you just to get the landscape without your face).

It also helps that we're already Lomography fans and not afraid to shoot with real film, but it also sounds like this Spinner camera is easy to use for even first time Lomographers.

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Five Secret Santa Travel Gifts Under $10 and $20

December 14, 2010 at 9:30 AM | by | ()

The two dirty words of every holiday season: Secret Santa. Not only is it stressful, possibly embarrassing and annoying, but it also totally makes sense. Who wants to have to buy gifts for everyone at the office, or be known as that guy who doesn't get anyone anything? Secret Santa saves face, but it's just a damned pain to take part in, especially if you're stuck with a $10 limit and crafty co-workers. Thus, we've got five items below that work for Secret Santa. They're travel-themed, sure, but who doesn't daydream about traveling?

Space Ice Cream

$5 each. A classic. There's something to be said for gifting novelty food items, and that's that the receiver can enjoy them right away. They will be used in any case. Space Ice Cream is not only cheap, but if you have a $10 limit, you can get both the ice cream bar and Neapolitan ice cream choices and have a sizeable gift to put in a gift bag. And odds are that everyone will want a piece, making your gift (and its receiver) instantly popular.

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Five Cute Travel Jewelry Gifts Under $70

December 9, 2010 at 9:36 AM | by | ()

Some travelers exhibit their love for the world with stickers on their luggage or tattoos or souvenir T-shirts...but we'd much rather say it with gold (or silver, or platinum, etc). So if you're hoping for some bling under the tree or you're a dude with a travel-loving girlfriend/wife/fave flight attendant to buy for, check out these 5 pieces we're coveting for ourself:

· World Links Necklace: $60. Holy crap this is beautiful. Hands down, this is the favorite but it's also quite showy. The necklace comes in gold, silver or gunmetal (pictured above) and is maybe the only thing we want for the holidays (unless there's a pair of round-the-world tickets with our names on them).

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Five Gadget Gifts for the Connected, Creative Traveler

December 7, 2010 at 9:31 AM | by | ()

Let's get one thing straight here. You will not find any smartphone battery back-up packs, portable DVD players or bluetooth speakers (and the like) in this list for two huge reasons: one, they are boring and two, that's some old, three-years-ago crap. Moving on, we've edited our selections down to five picks for the creative, gadget-minded traveler. They are fresh, affordable and—perhaps most importantly—they don't require extra padding or packing room.

· Zoomart Monocular: $48. We've been craving one of these for ourselves, simply because they sound awesome. What the Monocular is a a kind of basic telescope, for personal use in art museums, sightseeings spaces and other visually-detailed areas where you might not be able to right up close to see everything. Hold one of these pocket-sized doohickies things up to your eye to observe brushstrokes on famous paintings, or perhaps the tail number of an airplane on the tarmac; it goes up to 6x magnification.

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Five Cute Retro Gifts for Sentimental Travelers

December 1, 2010 at 9:40 AM | by | ()

We love our iPad, Kindle and other gadgets just as much as the next traveler, but there's something about old-school postcards, posters and the like that makes us nostalgic. If you have a sentimental traveler on your holiday to-buy list, or someone who digs retro swag, we found some items that will make 'em swoon.

Check out our gift guide for sentimental travelers, for Holiday 2010:

· New York Pencil Set
These brightly colored No. 2's take us back to our elementary school days. The pencils rep all of New York's boroughs and come in a muslin bag stamped with a city skyline. The $11 set is much more original than the "I heart NY" tee you planned on giving. Lest you West Coasters feel left out, there's also a Cali kit, whose pencils offer state trivia, like, "Coastline: 840 miles."

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Steal These 5 Travel-Related Gift Ideas from Oprah's 'Ultimate Favorite Things'

November 23, 2010 at 8:34 AM | by | ()

While everyone was reeling at the 2012 Volkswagen Beetles that Oprah gave to her lucky audience in yesterday's final "Ultimate Favorite Things" episode, we were busy scoping out her other picks from the double-episode free-stuff extravaganza. And no, we don't mean the glittery Uggs—really, Oprah? Among the goodies, there were a number of great gifts for travelers on your holiday list, or yourself. We won't judge.

Check out our version of Oprah's Favorite Things: Travelers' Edition after the jump.

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