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Mirror Mirror on the Wall, What North American Airline Has the Most Legroom of All?

September 22, 2014 at 9:11 AM | by | ()

The legroom debate is hardly new; did you know, for example, that it's already been a whole four years since Spirit Airlines did away with reclining seats altogether?

It's true and it's sad, but reducing legroom and recline is a route being taken by more airlines as passengers seek lower fares in times of higher fuel prices, and airline still want to make a buck at the end of the day. Cue arguments around the use of Knee Defenders and a need for informational websites like RouteHappy.

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Infographic Alert: 40 Travel Scams to Avoid, Country by Country

August 21, 2014 at 2:16 PM | by | ()

We've been warning you off tourist scams since the very earliest days of Jaunted, and that's because we know what you know: getting ripped off on vacation sucks. It could be something as simple as a cabbie overcharging you, all the way to schemes that involve multiple people and magic tricks. The particularly hateful "metal detector shuffle" - where you not only get robbed but you get your time wasted - was something we flagged for you all the way back in 2008. But no matter how simple or complicated, the loss of money burns and can cast a shadow over an otherwise good time.

Travel website Just The Flight has published an entire infograph listing down 40 common scams from around the world, broken down by country. The page hosting the graphic offers up a bunch of reasons why the scams work. The most basic issue is that people in strange situations genuinely need help to navigate, find landmarks, etc. That means they're inherently vulnerable. The fact that they're probably carrying a lot of cash on their person in one place- because you guys never listen to us - makes them even more attractive targets.

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Finally! An Infographic Explaining the Difference Between Gen X and Millennial Flyers

January 27, 2014 at 2:05 PM | by | ()

Click the photo to enlarge

Ever wondered how members of a certain generation prefer to travel? Well, wonder no more with Hipmunk's newest research project drawing differences between Generation X and Millennial travelers.

The search engine surveyed just over 3,000 travelers and returned with some interesting information on what 18-34 year olds (the age group that Hipmunk considers Millennials) and 35-56 year olds (Generation X) look for in a flight experience. After gathering the data, we would only expect a fun infographic as the outcome.

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Infographic Alert: RouteHappy's Guide to International In-Flight WiFi

June 25, 2013 at 2:44 PM | by | ()

It's funny. in-flight wifi has existed for several years now (anyone remember JetBlue's "BetaBlue" plane back in 2007), and yet we're still sending tweets from the sky like "hello down there--in-flight wifi is the future!"

As more and more airlines understand exactly that, more and more airplanes are coming online so that more and more passengers may update their Facebook status over Nebraska. In fact, the progress of in-flight WiFi installation has picked up with such a speed that it's difficult to keep track of who's got what going where. That's where RouteHappy.com steps in, as they've crunched the numbers and soothed the headaches needed to produce a complete guide to the current state of in-flight WiFI, both domestic and international.

You can download the full report from the RouteHappy website (click the box on the right that says "download report"), but we just have to share some of the more exciting facts:

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Throwback Thursday: Airline Logos Over Time

June 6, 2013 at 6:29 PM | by | ()

Sure, we love all the speed and comfort of modern travel, but it didn't that way overnight. Every Thursday, we're going to take a look back at travel the way it used to be, whether that's decades or centuries ago. This is Throwback Thursday, travel edition.

2013 is a year for change in the airline industry. Now, you could argue that nearly every year is a "year for change," but 2013 is only half over and already it's brought fresh uniforms, frequent flyer program updates, entirely new airports and terminals, and—our focus for today—the rebranding of several airlines including American Airlines, Fiji Airways/Air Pacific, Avianca/TACA, Germanwings and we're probably forgetting a few more.

Thanks to the talents at JustTheFlight, there's now an infographic detailing how 17 major airlines have reinvented their look over the decades. Enjoy:

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Infographic Alert: Onwards and Upwards, American Airlines

November 27, 2012 at 12:33 PM | by | ()

Even though 2012 isn't quite over, we might all agree that it hasn't exactly been a banner year for American Airlines, with the bankruptcy and those seats that didn't like to stay bolted in. Come the calendar turn to 2013, they are ready to make sure everyone knows the last year is behind them and they've got an infographic to prove it.

From new and refurbished planes to improved cabin experience and in-flight WiFi, this infographic has a lot to say and it actually does its job of making us excited to try out all the new bells and whistles in the coming years.

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Infographic Alert: United's 787 Dreamliner Versus 'Other Aircraft'

August 27, 2012 at 12:40 PM | by | ()

It feels like we've been talking about the Boeing 787 Dreamliner since the beginning of time. It has been a whopping eight years since the first order for the new airplane came in, when, in 2004, Japan-based ANA signed up for fifty.

Though there were only 3 787s placed in the hands of airlines in 2011, this year should see some 15 delivered, including the first one to a US carrier—United.

Even though they're not quite sure when that first plane will land in their laps, United is psyching itself up anyway. They're not doing a flashmob and there's no viral ad campaign for it quite yet, but they have done the next best thing: made an infographic.

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Infographic Alert: Air New Zealand's 30 Years Between LA and London

August 21, 2012 at 2:49 PM | by | ()

When you think of flying between LA and London, what airlines come to mind? Surely all the major US carriers, plus British Airways and Virgin Atlantic, right? Right. Well, except there's a lurking surprise: the LAX-LHR route on Air New Zealand.

This week, Air NZ not only celebrates a whopping 30 years on this route, but they're doing it with a fare sale and a slick infographic. First, let's discuss that fare sale...

Book the roundtrip before August 27 and score Economy fares from $830, Premium Economy from $1,406 and Business Premier from $3,030. That's including all taxes and fees. Or just enter to win it (plus a slew of other goodies) with the giant contest on the airline's Facebook page.

And now, the full infographic in all its infrographic-y glory:

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Flying Far? Heathrow Airport Recommends You Do a Little 'Strategic Napping'

July 19, 2012 at 2:02 PM | by | ()

Earlier this week, London-Heathrow Airport let us in on a few secrets of what'll be going down within their terminals during the upcoming Olympics. We're talking javelins and firearms in checked baggage and 1,000 local volunteers just to show people to right way off their planes.

Today, Heathrow has some direct advice for all of you about to board a long-haul flight, whether it's over to them for the Games, or elsewhere, for vacation or work. Taking health hints from the Olympics, Heathrow devised a plan for beating jet lag as well as generally staying healthy during longer periods of travel.

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Infographic Alert: Heathrow Airport's Big Olympic Baggage

July 17, 2012 at 4:51 PM | by | ()

This is the home stretch, you guys. There's just a week and a half left before the London 2012 Olympics kick off with their bombastic Opening Ceremony, and the athletes, their families, volunteers and press all began streaming into the UK yesterday.

According to London-Heathrow Airport, the main gateway for those arriving, the stream has only just begun: "The busiest day for arriving athletes is expected to be 24 July when 1,262 athletes and 3,008 Games Family arrivals are predicted."

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Infographic Alert: Hipmunk's Chipmunk Crunches Thanksgiving Travel Numbers

November 4, 2011 at 11:27 AM | by | ()

Now that we've already warned that Thanksgiving weekend flight prices are rising and the TV news channels are freaking out over it, it's time for the airfare search engines themselves to have a say.

Hipmunk is up to their old tricks of putting together brilliant infographics, and if you know us at all, you know that one of the things we love almost as much as time-lapse videos are colorful infographics. The chipmunk dressed as a pilgrim is just a bonus.

The graphic above is only a small sample of the numbers crunched; you can view the entire masterpiece right here.

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Awesome Infographic Alert: The 'Definitive Guide to Pet Travel'

June 6, 2011 at 5:23 PM | by | ()

Please excuse our recent Hipmunk obsession, but when there's a cute little critter that specializes in some of the awesomest things—namely booking flights and hotels—and they throw in infographics, then we're addicted.

The newest Hipmunk fun regards a travel sector we don't hear enough about: pet travel. Shaun Sanders of Hipmunk lends his skillz to the full report, which you can view here. Amongst other facts, we learned that 14-18% of US adults have traveled with a pet in the last 3 years, with nearly 500,000 pets flying the skies each year.

· View the infographics here and here.

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