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The Little Things: Virgin Atlantic's Champagne Obsession

July 14, 2014 at 4:02 PM | by | ()

In the midst of the bustle of travel, it's all too easy to overlook the details. We're talking about special touches others have stressed over just so you can enjoy a unique experience, whether you know it or not. Every so often we'll highlight The Little Things like this, so now you will know.

The Little Thing: A dedication to serving Lanson Black Label champagne in Upper Class on Virgin Atlantic.

You've just settled back in the leather seat, put your smartphone on "airplane mode," and flipped open the Upper Class in-flight menu. Before you can turn to the extensive list of options "from the bar" on this Virgin Atlantic flight (and yes, there is a real bar), a flight attendant sashays your way with a tray of bubbly.

It's a scene now so signature to Virgin Atlantic service, this stylish pour of Lanson Black Label Brut accompanied by a scarlet smile, but it hasn't always been that way.

The coupe-shape glass was first introduced onboard Virgin Atlantic flights with the revamp of the A330 bar in 2012, but the glass is now part of all Upper Class services regardless of aircraft type. The long, thin stem topped with a sultry bowl evokes the glamor of old Hollywood, and champagne bubbles look damned fine in it.

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Cathay Pacific's New Signature Sipper is Non-Alcoholic and Needing a Name

Where: Hong Kong
April 17, 2014 at 11:35 AM | by | ()

If you like drinking at 38,000 feet (who doesn't?) and have plans to pop over to Hong Kong, you may get a chance to sample Cathay Pacific's newest in-flight cocktail.

Similar to previous contests, which resulted in Cathay's other signature cocktails like the Cathay Delight, Pacific Sunrise, Cloud 9 and Oriental Breeze, this year's winner will be served in First and Business Class cabins. If you're a fan of the previous winning concoctions, don't worry as they'll still be on the cocktail menu.

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Lack of Limes Limits In-Flight Drinks: How to Cope

April 8, 2014 at 5:39 PM | by | ()

Say 'ta ta for now' to a gin and tonic with a twist of lime, or specialty cocktails like United's Sunrise Sunset (pictured above). A lime shortage is hitting North American airlines right where it hurts: in the beverage carts.

The rarity of limes is due to several issues, such as Mexican cartel control plus nature and biological factors, and US consumers may note that purchasing a single lime at the supermarket now costs three times what it did last season. Just think how businesses that buy limes in bulk are coping. Will travelers get their rum-and-cokes with a squirt of lime this month? Well, it depends.

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Free Drinks on Southwest Flights? Yes, But Only on These Dates for 2014

February 25, 2014 at 10:31 AM | by | ()

We thought this was pretty widely known, but recent conversations have revealed that it is apparently not common knowledge that Southwest Airlines offers a free first cocktail on a handful of days throughout the year.

Here is the complete list, starting with the next to occur, just FYI:

• St Patty’s Day (3/17)

• Mother’s Day (5/11)

• Memorial Day (5/26)

• Father’s Day (6/15)

• SWA Birthday (6/18)

• Independence Day (7/4)

• Chase Customer Appreciation Day (8/11)

• Halloween (10/31)

• Thanksgiving Day (11/27)

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What It's Like to Belly Up to Emirates' A380 Onboard Bar

December 13, 2013 at 10:51 AM | by | ()

Long gone are the days when flying was an event and passengers "dressed to the nines" to be wined and dined at 30,000 feet. Despite cost-cutting and the spread of air travel to more than just the moneyed, a few modern airlines manage to pull off bits of those glamor days still. One of these is Emirates, because traveling on one of their A380s is one of the more civilized experiences, stretching from boarding to deplaning. On our own recent flight, however, it was the full bar that wowed us most.

The airline's superjumbos feature separate First Class and Business Class bars, both fully stocked with top-shelf liquors, fine Champagnes, and light bites to lubricate passenger relaxation and socializing. Just after take-off, while the cabin crew are prepping for meal service, a few crew members are tasked with setting up this flying perk that is unique to only a few carriers.

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Even on a Short Hop, We're Enamored with Emirates' Business Class

November 27, 2013 at 11:08 AM | by | ()

Yesterday, we unzipped our amenity kits and showed you what's inside the über-luxe Emirates First Class swag. Now we can reveal what it's like to fly on their A380.

We booked a Business Class seat on one of the world's most sought-after airlines, on a bit of an odd route. An Emirates super jumbo A380 actually flies from Brisbane to Auckland. It's a trip of a little over three hours, but that's plenty time to enjoy a little extra luxury.

As you can expect, everything from time in the Emirates lounge to sitting back in our lie-flat seat on the upper deck contributed to our lack od desire to leave the plane upon arrival in Auckland.

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Nicole Richie's Inflight Instavideo Shows That Flights Can Indeed Be Fun if You Drink Enough

October 7, 2013 at 2:03 PM | by | ()

This past weekend Nicole Richie took to the skies most likely on her way to a fabulous luxury vacation, but the reason for traveling or the destination isn't so important at this point since her inflight social behavior is more noteworthy. The celebrity-kid-turned-reality-star-turned-fashion-designer made some mile-high friends as she was jetsetting from Point A to Point B and turned the camera around to film the antics.

It seems like her flight was poppin' bottles and sure enough things started to get friendly. Nicole filmed a little Instavid with one of her newest "friends," captioned it "This is my new friend. I'll have what she's having" and showed her followers the fun they were having in the sky.

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Hawaiian Airlines Pours a Perfect Mai Tai Every Tai'm

July 26, 2013 at 12:24 PM | by | ()

As many already know, we have a serious obsession with airline cocktails, and so much is our passion that we occasionally name an In-Flight Cocktail of the Month. The aim is to highlight those special concoctions that flight attendants whip up with only a cocktail shaker, some tiny liquor bottles and a whole lot of hope that it won't make you drunk and unruly.

The best place to enjoy a Mai Tai is undoubtably while sitting in front of crystal clear blue water with your toes dug into some cool, white sand. However, we bet you didn't know it's been scientifically proven that the second best place for a Mai Tai is at 35,000 feet above the Pacific Ocean.

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Spirit Airlines to Start Selling Cans of Wine (Yes, You Read That Right)

June 5, 2013 at 3:36 PM | by | ()

Once upon a time we wrote that Spirit Airlines seemed set on becoming "the Ryanair of the United States." Then a month later—in the context of raising fees and amid moves to create non-reclining seats—they declared that they were really proud of being the Ryanair of the United States. True story.

Fast forward to last weekend, when the Daily Mail published a synopsis of fees charged by the airline. They found 70 of them, which the airline imposed in 2011 to the sum of $76 million in profits. Spirit charges for carry-ons. It charges for printing boarding passes at the terminal.

It even charges a $2 fee each way because the Department of Transportation passed some rules that the airline didn't like. Really. The fee is called the "Unintended Consequences of DOT Regulations Fee." It exists. Douchebags.

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On Southwest, Drink Specials Mean It's Always Happy Hour

March 25, 2013 at 3:37 PM | by | ()

Southwest seems to be one of those airlines people have a lot of preconceptions about, mostly due to the fact that they don't assign seats and that they are perceived to be a "budget" airline. And that they are, in terms of price, but as we see a lot in this world, it's the ones who ask the least that give the most.

Southwest allows you two free checked bags, the flight attendants come through the cabin with a complimentary snack basket, and they don't charge change fees if you need to rebook. All are things that some other airlines in the States don't/won't/can't offer. The generosity goes a bit further as, when it comes to sky-high boozing, they aren't shy about giving you the keys to a good time.

Southwest hands out one free drink per passenger (of legal drinking age) on certain holidays, such as New Year's Day, Valentine's Day, and St. Patrick's Day, among others, and they also offer drink specials. Drink specials? Yes, you read that right.

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Cheers! Allegiant Adds New Cocktails to Their In-Flight Menu

February 1, 2013 at 9:22 AM | by | ()

When it comes to Allegiant, we’re usually not cheering on their in-flight service, roomy seats, or extensive route network. We do like that they fly for Hawaii on the cheap, but after that they're kind of a low cost carrier through and through. However, we might be changing our tune sooner than later, as it sounds like they’re getting ready to throw a little bit of an in-flight party. Sure it’s going to cost you to enjoy a few in-flight cocktails, but with their new bags filled with booze it'll be worth it.

Allegiant is teaming up with the folks over at Good Time Beverages, as they’re looking to loosen you up on your way to your final destination. The cocktails have been added to Allegiant’s in-flight menu, as items like Bob and Stacy’s Premium Margarita are now available for a little bit of an in-flight toast. The cocktails are “bar quality”—their words not ours—and come in individual little pouches. Right now they’re on about six routes within Allegiant’s network, as you can find them on flights to spots like Los Angeles, Honolulu, Las Vegas, and Oakland. Starting this month—it’s February now—things will become available on flights headed towards Florida as well.

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DIY In-Flight Cocktails? Say No More.

October 18, 2012 at 3:47 PM | by | ()

In just over a month from now, the United States will experience the lovely and so very relaxing travel time surrounding Thanksgiving. Oh, did we mention it's opposite day and that we really mean that it's a hectic and expensive time to hit the skies? Add the stress of holiday travel onto the anxiety of heading home and dude—you need a drink.

While most airlines wouldn't exactly encourage their passengers to have a tipple (or two, or three), Virgin America hasn't ever been part of the "most airlines" crowd. Recently they collaborated with Buzzfeed to suggest 9 In-Flight Cocktail Hacks, fully mixable utilizing the onboard booze variety offered by Virgin America and purchased via their seatback RED entertainment system.

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