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Faster Speeds and Better Connectivity Coming to Delta Flights

March 4, 2015 at 9:40 AM | by | ()

Good news for those who enjoy a little up in the air connectivity—like all travelers everywhere—as Delta is investing some funds into updating and improving their in-flight WiFi.

New technology should allow for in-flight WiFi to and from spots across the Caribbean as well as Latin America, so now there will be no need to logoff while on the way to a little sun and sand. It’s all because Delta—and their buddies at Gogo—are switching from an air-to-ground connectivity system to one based more on satellites.

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Google Reveals the Most Searched Music Festivals of 2014

December 29, 2014 at 3:17 PM | by | ()

Google just posted several top ten lists exploring the year in search, including one dedicated to the most searched for Music Festivals of 2014.

It comes as no surprise that Coachella topped the list. Thanks to a lineup that features the biggest names in music - Pharrell, Arcade Fire, Lorde and Lana Del Rey headlined in 2014 - and a celebrity following that includes Jared Leto, the Kardashians, and Twilight alums, Coachella has become the year's hottest ticket.

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Travel App Review: Let RideScout Do the Navigating in 69 Cities

December 18, 2014 at 11:37 AM | by | ()

Booking a plane ticket to a new city is, for the most part, fairly easy. It's the arriving in that city which can be a headache, figuring out how best to explore and get around. Fret no more, because that's all RideScout's specialty.

This newish mobile app, available for both Apple and Android devices, helps travelers get from point A to point B faster and smarter using some GPS technology and an easy-to-use interface. RideScout gathers together all the ground transportation in the area and presents it as simply as possible, including directions, estimated cost, and arrival times, ensuring that you get where you need to go by cab, public transport, car-sharing, or biking.

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Google Street View Finally Drives All Over Dubai

December 17, 2014 at 12:41 PM | by | ()

Wandering around for the finest falafel or searching high and low for the coolest kebab shop might be a thing of the past in Dubai thanks to Google Street View. Now a trip to the Middle Eastern nation can be as simple as heading to your laptop to plan the finer details of your itinerary.

It seems this is the first Arab country to allow Google's camera-clad cars to drive around collecting images, which now include the world’s tallest tower, largest mall, the seven-star Burj Al Arab hotel, and even some of the beaches of the Arabian Gulf.

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A Handy Google Hack for Quickly Viewing a Trip Itinerary

December 9, 2014 at 3:16 PM | by | ()

“Ok Google, show me my trip.”

Say these words into your smartphone, and watch what happens: The world around you melts into a swirl of Technicolor. Suddenly you’re standing on a lunar landscape that resembles the merged imaginations of Salvador Dali and Willy Wonka. A winged unicorn appears, your spirit guide, and motions for you to mount his back. You take flight across a starry sky, leaving a ribbon of rainbow in your wake.

Sorry, just kidding. It’s not that kind of trip.

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Google Replaces Streetview Car with Camel to Map Abu Dhabi Desert Oasis

October 9, 2014 at 8:53 PM | by | ()

A few weeks ago Google posted a very slick interactive slideshow highlighting the new Google Maps of the pyramids in Egypt. You start at the top of the presentation here, and then you just begin scrolling down. The next slide is a regular Google Maps page that you can navigate, and then each next page is a series of clickable history lessons. You can lose hours, and we've embedded a video at the bottom to give you a sense of what's afoot.

That got us thinking though: getting to the pyramids is easy enough once you're in Egypt, but if Google is really going to start putting locations in middle of the desert on Street View, how exactly is that going to happen? Those GPS mapping machines are not small. We know how they do paved streets, and we've seen how they do rivers, and walkways inside zoos, and everything in between. But all of those are places either inherently accessible - like rivers - or designed to be that way. Deserts are more or less the opposite.

It turns out that they're going to use camels. Because of course they are.

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Google's New 'Smarty Pins' Tests Your Geography Trivia Knowledge

July 23, 2014 at 10:44 AM | by | ()

It’s the middle of the week, so why not step away from that spreadsheet and take a little break with a new game from the folks over at Google Maps. They call it Smarty Pins, and it is a little bit of geography travel with a tech twist.

Instead of you searching for locations on the map the game gives you clues based on events, places, or fictional storylines—then you just go ahead and drop a pin on the location you think fits the clue.

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20,000 Images Combine for a Google Street View Tour of the World's Largest Cruise Ship

July 15, 2014 at 12:50 PM | by | ()

Google Street View is on the move again, and this time they’re heading somewhere that lacks any roads—the water.

The camera and photo arm of the search giant just finished checking out one of the ships over at Royal Caribbean, as Allure of the Seas smiled and posed for well over 20,000 images of all its goings-on.

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So Google Put All the World Cup Stadiums on Street View...

June 12, 2014 at 5:59 PM | by | ()

We have a long-standing policy against implying or suggesting or hinting - let alone declaring - that gee-whiz Google Maps and Google Earth technology can allow people "travel without ever leaving home." That phrase needs to be driven out of the lexicon, then captured as it tries to flee, then cast into the sea in a chained iron box protected by witchcraft and pirate curses.

That said, this thing that Google did where they put a bunch of the FIFA World Cup 2014 stadiums on Street View is actually pretty cool. It's not "just like being there." It's not even the "next best things to being there." But it's still pretty cool.

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Expedia Sees a Trip to Paris as the Answer to Life's Problems

Where: Paris, France
June 10, 2014 at 3:55 PM | by | ()

A few years ago Google published an ad about finding love in Paris, which ended with a guy...well, finding love in Paris. The purpose of the spot was to highlight all of the different things you can find by using the search engine (information, flights, locations) and it was widely acknowledged as a successful bit of advertising that left everybody with a nice, pleasant feeling.

This new video that just came out from Expedia Mexico is the opposite of that. We're not saying that it doesn't work—it definitely makes us want to travel to France, as France-themed travel advertising ought to do—but it's not exactly designed to generate warm fuzzies. Crushing regret is closer to what this commercial seems to be aiming for.

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Google Glass Gets a Bunch of New Travel Apps, But Does Anyone Care?

May 15, 2014 at 5:46 PM | by | ()

About a year ago we explained why Google Glass - the augmented reality craze beloved by the kinds of people who stride through airports with Bluetooth pieces in their ears - will never become a must-have travel accessory. Without belaboring the details, there are a few places e'd like to have a head-mounted camera but aren't allowed (museums, casinos, etc) and lots of places where we're allowed but don't need one (most everywhere else).

Then a couple months ago we learned that Glass had invaded airport lounges, and that Virgin Atlantic was beaming information right into its staffers' eyes. We noted that there was kind of gee-whiz factor to the whole thing, but we still didn't see why it was necessarily better than just using Google. But now the Mountain View company has added some of the travel world's top apps to Glass, aaaaaaaaand... we still have no idea why this crap needs to shoved in our face rather than having the information live on a phone.

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Why the US Department of State is Taking Travel Tips to Google Plus

Where: Brazil
May 6, 2014 at 12:24 PM | by | ()

Wow—Google+ may actually be useful for something! Tomorrow (Wednesday, May 7) at 3:30pm EST, the US Department of State will host a Google+ Hangout on the topic of World Cup Travel to Brazil. As you're likely aware, the World Cup soccer championships begin June 12 and last an entire month, drawing millions of international fans to one country.

Brazil is the host for 2014, and already over 150,000 Americans hold tickets to the games. For most this will be a first visit to Brazil, and perhaps even South America in general, and news headlines from these destinations haven't always inspired confidence. With this in mind, the Department of State is calling upon experts to quell fears and appropriately prep travelers for the energetic adventure to come:

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