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Girls of Southwest: Nisreen's New Myspace Page

February 29, 2008 at 1:32 PM | by | ()

We. Love. Social networking sites. If Southwest can release a YouTube video about its latest college coeds incident, where should we look for Nisreen Swedberg's response? Myspace, of course.

The self-proclaimed hottie thinks "Southwest Sucks," even though the airline tossed her for verbally brawling with another passenger. And from the looks of it, she's switching to JetBlue.

Only one problem with that. JetBlue doesn't fly from Tampa to Los Angeles, unless you're willing to do Tampa-JFK-Long Beach. That's a brutal connection to make, even if you're doing it to avoid flight attendants who are jealous of your good looks.

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Girls of Southwest: Pretty People Welcome, Bad Behavior Not

February 27, 2008 at 10:55 AM | by | ()

It may have taken a few days, but Southwest Airlines finally has something to say about the latest Girls of Southwest dustup involving self-proclaimed hotties Nisreen Swedberg and Sarah Williams. According to the airline:

We welcome pretty people aboard our flights, we just ask that you leave your bad behavior at home.

Southwest maintains that the girls were cursing and threatening other passengers aboard a recent flight between Tampa and Los Angeles. And once you stop following crew member instructions, it's game over, pretty or not. That's why, says Southwest, the cops got called in to escort the ladies off the plane.

Now that the airline's posted its rebuttal on YouTube, we'll be waiting to hear what Nisreen and Sarah have to say in their own defense. We're listening, ladies!

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Girls of Southwest: Nisreen and Sarah Get Banned for Life

February 22, 2008 at 11:44 AM | by | ()

If you're not young, female and beautiful, you may not realize how awful it can be to fly Southwest Airlines. Seriously! Just ask Nisreen Swedberg and Sarah Williams, two college girls who got escorted off a flight that landed in LA--and banned for life from the low cost carrier.

Sarah thinks she knows what the problem was

I think they were discriminating against us because we were young, decent looking girls, I mean, nobody else on the plane looked like us.

[The flight attendants] were like older ladies. We were younger. Who knows, they could have been just jealous of us because we were younger.

Of course, it could've been the obscenities Sarah was swapping with another passenger. On touchdown in California, four police officers escorted the ladies off the plane at the request of flight attendants.

Southwest was so miffed that they canceled the girls' return flights to Tampa. They must've done something besides be good lookin'--even Kyla didn't get banned for life!

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[Photo: Tampa Bay 10]

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HOWTO: Engineer a Meteoric Rise to Travel Blog Fame

November 15, 2007 at 1:32 PM | by | ()

Here's how Kyla Ebbert made it to the top and ended up posing in Playboy. Oh, come on, it was only a matter of time before Kyla Ebbert and Playboy were officially in the same sentence.

That said, here is a a simple how-to for all of the aspiring actresses/actors/models/memes out there.

July: Fly Southwest from San Diego to Tucson in skimpy outfit and get hassled by a guy named Keith.

September 5: Show up in the San Diego newspaper, looking for consumer outrage. Find it.

September 7: Do an interview with Matt Lauer on the Today show. Get scrutinized.

September 12: Inspire a copy cat.

October 10: Meet Jaunted's markj at a Virgin America event and tell him you've stopped Googling yourself.

November 15: Appear in the cleverly titled Playboy web pictorial "Legs in the Air".

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Kyla Ebbert's Other Outfit

September 24, 2007 at 10:25 AM | by | ()

We hope it's our last post about the Girls of Southwest. But we couldn't let Kyla Ebbert ride off into the much overdue sunset without mentioning her stunning Myspace page. She's PrincessKyla on the social networking site.

While she's switched her profile to private, a cached version of her page still lives on thanks to Google. Her lawyer must love the pictures of girls in underwear, the snaps of sexy babes and quotes like "I live for the nights I won't remember with the friends I won't forget." Kyla's got quite a collection of friends: 3,423 in all, including Myspace heroes Tila Tequila and ForBiddeN and pseudo-celebrity/Lauren Conrad "associate" Brody Jenner.

Maybe if Kyla ends up suing Southwest, she can keep us all updated on the case through her Myspace blog!

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Travel Trendwatching, PEZ Dispenser Style

September 14, 2007 at 4:45 PM | by | ()

This quick hit list is all about pop culture travel trends in real-time. Six bits of travel pressed, dry candy pixels for you to digest weekly.

Virgin America's Getting In-Flight WiFi
50,000 Germanwings Flights For Next to Nothing
Chris Dodd Wants You To Visit Cuba. Legally.
The Saga Continues
Still Searching for Steve Fossett
German Tourists Stealing from the Tip Jar

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Bad Girls Fly Southwest

September 13, 2007 at 5:05 PM | by | ()

It was the perfect, post-Labor Day news story: demure young girl gets hassled by a devilish airline employee just for wearing an outfit she's rocked plenty of times before. Who could believe Southwest Airlines wouldn't let her wear what she wanted? That is, until Kyla Ebbert flashed the audience of The Today Show while wearing the skirt in question.

Now Setara Qassim wants her 15 seconds of fame, too: She's decided she was scandalized by Southwest. Her outfit was less revealing than Kyla's but if she was so bothered by the airline's request to cover up, why did she wait til now to mention it? Should these girls be allowed to wear whatever they want? Everyone's got an opinion, even us.

Check out our Girls of Southwest coverage.

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Southwest Sexy Flier Number Two Surfaces

September 12, 2007 at 8:54 AM | by | ()

By now we all know about Kyla Ebbert and her Southwest Airlines experience, but like any good reality show, it was only a matter of time before the copy cats came out of the woodwork. Seems like everyone needs their five minutes on Digg these days, does it not?

Back in June, Setara Qassim said she was flying home to Burbank from Las Vegas when a Southwest Airlines flight attendant gave her a blanket and told her to cover up.

Qassim's three month old "outrage" is complete with photos of her posing in a blanket on a leather chair, which is suppose to recreate her Southwest anguish.

Certainly seems like piling on at this point, does it not? There are obviously plenty of reasons the flight attendant could have thought Setara was cold, and since when is offering a woman a blanket offensive?

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Kyla Ebbert Keeps It Classy on The Today Show

September 10, 2007 at 11:30 AM | by | ()

Last week, we had some sympathy for Kyla Ebbert, the Southwest Airlines passenger with the skimpy mini skirt. After all, the airline doesn't have a dress code, and she said her outfit covered all the necessary bits and pieces.

But was she dressed conservatively enough? During her appearance on the Today show, Matt Lauer asked Kyla to stand up and show off her outfit. When she did, Kyla had to pull down her mini skirt to make it look less scandalous.

Which takes us back to why she might have raised some eyebrows on that flight. As one opinionator wondered:

Was this a Sharon Stone "Basic Instinct" situation? Ebbert did not address that specifically, and Lauer did not ask.

Matt also didn't have a chance to see what the rest of us did: While taking her seat, Kyla managed to give viewers a glimpse of her panties. We wouldn't file that skirt under "modest". Could Southwest manage to come out of this as the victim?

Full Kyla Ebbert video here.

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No Mini Skirts on Southwest

September 5, 2007 at 4:17 PM | by | ()

Careful what you wear on your next Southwest Airlines flight. Remember: Halloween makeup? No problem. Reasonable walking-around-in-triple-digit-heat outfit? Get ready to be hassled!

Flier--and Hooters waitress--Kyla Ebbert got lectured by a Southwest supervisor for wearing a skimpy skirt, heels and tank top. She put up a fight, and Ebbert was allowed back on her flight from San Diego to Tucson, after the supervisor:

had her pull up her tank top a bit, pull down her skirt a bit, and return to her seat.

Pretty embarassing for Kyla. But at least Southwest didn't charge her for the blanket she had to wear on her lap for the duration of the flight.

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[Photo: CRISSY PASCUAL / Union-Tribune]