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Got $100? Then You've Got Access to the Captain's Seat of an Emirates A380

April 14, 2014 at 1:56 PM | by | ()

The massive Dubai Mall may seem like it has everything—there's an ice rink, aquarium, waterfall, gold souk, luxury hotel, and the title of "world's largest mall (by total area)"—but up until recently it's been lacking the one interactive exhibit it needed the most: a flight simulator.

Of course, this being Dubai and all, it can't be just any flight sim; the rig is that of an Emirates Airbus A380 cockpit, complete with flight instructor. Seeing as how Emirates is currently the world's largest operator of A380s, such a superjumbo flight sim only adds to the Mall's UAE cultural attractions and obsession with the superlative.

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Emirates Opens an 'Interactive Museum' Complete with Flight Simulators for the Public

July 8, 2013 at 8:28 AM | by | ()

A trip to London need not be filled with the usual Royal tours, high tea and Big Ben. Thanks to Emirates, visitors to Emirates Air Line, the recently opened cable car from the Greenwich Peninsula to the Royal Docks, will now be able to learn how modern aviation brought them to the foreign city. Remember when the airline renamed two stations?

Just yesterday, the airline opened their Emirates Aviation Experience on the south end of the cable line. The 300-square meter facility will host interactive exhibits teaching visitors how awesome aviation is; it's so hands-on that within the experience are four flight simulators so you may try your own hand at flying a Airbus A380 or a Boeing 777.

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WHOA. Alitalia's Flagship Lounge Now Includes a Flight Simulator

Where: Rome, Italy
May 17, 2013 at 3:00 PM | by | ()

Just when you thought ever-bankrupt Italian airline Alitalia was a last-choice option for crossing the Atlantic, they go and do something cool like debut a renovated lounge with all new bells and whistles.

The "Dolce Vita" lounge, located within Terminal 1 at Rome's Fiumicino Airport welcomes those flying Alitalia in Magnifica class, Business, Ottima or Comfort, plus those holding elite SkyTeam status. Alitalia has a total of 15 lounges, but this is the largest and thus, the flagship. Believe it or not, it only took them two months to complete the renovation, to reopen in early March.

So, let's get down to the good stuff! The Dolce Vita lounge now boasts a bunch of "Made in Italy" features, like furniture from B&B Italia, coffee by Illy, catering by Eataly, a wall mosaic by Bisazza, and Prandina lighting. "The Pilot Bar" serves up the aforementioned Illy and Eataly yummies, and the areas for work and relaxation will delight those with eyes for design. Still, we can't help but be most psyched for a massive new toy installed in the lounge: a Boeing 737 flight simulator!

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Play Pilot and Win Free Flights, British Airways Tells London Commuters

Where: Victoria Station, London, United Kingdom
January 29, 2013 at 10:38 AM | by | ()

With the weather the UK’s been having over the past few weeks (flooding-snow-flooding), we’re pretty sure the whole nation is dreaming of a holiday. Pretty good timing, then, for British Airways to start a week-long flight giveaway to stressed out commuters.

All this week, you’ll find a BA stand at London Victoria Station. It’s not the normal handing-out-flyers stand, though; no, this is a flight simulator that awards free flights to the best “pilots” in the station.

It’s not a state of the art simulator, of course. This is more the kind you’d see in an arcade game. Every day this week, it’ll be loaded with a different airport approach, and your job is to land the plane. That alone is fun enough. But here’s the best bit: every 15 minutes, the person with the highest score in those 15 minutes will win a pair of flights to the airport in question. Yes – they’re giving away 60 flights a day. This is inspired.

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Exclusive: Inside Virgin America's San Francisco HQ and Pilot Training Center

December 17, 2012 at 4:31 PM | by | ()

What began as one floor is now an entire building, and their original two coast-to-coast flights are now a respectable route network. We're speaking of Virgin America, whose headquarters outside SFO in Burlingame, California we recently visited for a look at the cogs turning behind the scenes.

Virgin America celebrated their fifth anniversary this year. That makes them the baby of the bunch, for both US airlines and Virgin. Heck, Virgin Atlantic has been flying since 1984 and Virgin Australia since 2000. Indeed Virgin America isn't shy about their newbieness; they take pride in it. Google them and the first words you'll see below the link to their official site are "A brand new airline dedicated to making flying good again."

You know what else is new? Their cabin trainer and A320 flight simulator still have that "new plane smell," since they were introduced as recently as October 2011 and May 2012, respectively. Home to many photo shoots (and in-flight service training, duh), the cabin is outfitted with everything from the deep mood lighting to working overhead bins and those massage chairs in First Class. Before a flight attendant can ask if you'd like another in-flight absinthe, she or he must first pass muster here.

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