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Denmark Wants You To Find Your Family's Footsteps, Or Just Eat Danishes

Where: Denmark
July 7, 2009 at 2:09 PM | by | ()

With one and a half million Americans bearing some Danish blood, the tourist board in Denmark might have a winner with their new Danish Heritage website. It's aimed at encouraging curious partly-Danish people to discover their roots and make a vacation out of it.

As well as pointing out some famous you-didn't-know-they-were-Danes celebrities like Scarlett Johansson and Metallica's Lars Ulrich (even though their names should give it away), the Danish Heritage website gives pointers on how to find out more about your Danish family background and some tips for how to plan a family-tree-style trip. There's a list of ways to get involved with the locals by doing stuff like eating dinner with them, and even a summary of how and why Danish people migrated to the United States.

One surprising constant that keeps popping up throughout the Heritage website is the talk of food. Herring, open sandwiches, and even Danishes all rate a mention, so we figure that even if there isn't any Danish blood in your family, there are plenty of other reasons to explore Denmark.

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Treating Vacationers with Kid Gloves

June 22, 2006 at 8:24 AM | by | ()

If we were to rank some of our most nightmarish potential vacations, a weekend in a family-friendly resort alone would rank pretty high. And yet, Jini Reddy from the Guardian seemed to enjoy herself at Center Parcs, a family friendly resort in England. Perhaps she has access to some high-grade narcotics that we've never heard of, or maybe she recently had a lobotomy; either way, a weekend at Center Parcs in England sounds dreadful to us.

The Center offers stays in a villa with its own kitchen plus plenty of spa and activity classes--it sounds similar to a cruise--with the caveat that everything is paid for a la carte. Mostly, we cringe at the idea of being stuck anywhere with that many children for a weekend, or worse, an entire week. We'll take our chances with those dirty pigeons in Trafalgar Square, thank you very much.

[Image via jezzer/Flickr]

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