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Here Are Amazing Wedding Venues In The 13 States Where Same-Sex Marriage Just Became Legal

July 9, 2015 at 9:05 AM | by | ()

We assume you all know by now, but love has been deemed the winner, and same-sex weddings are now being recognized (and commencing) in all 50 states!

In honor of this joyfully historic time for the U. S. of A., we wanted to give a fabulous, in-depth wedding guide for our gay readers. But then we realized we weren’t Modern Bride Magazine — so we said "screw that," and just found a favorite place for a wedding in each of the 13 states that, until the Supreme Court's historic recent ruling, didn't yet offer same-sex marriage rights.

Join us on this cross-country virtual road trip of matrimony, will you?

NOTE: We apologize for any heterosexual imagery you may see below. Unsurprisingly, none of these venues had same-sex wedding photos to choose from — yet. And on that note, please be advised these venues were determined based on aesthetic awesomeness; we recommend doing additional research on a venue's gay-friendly reputation. Sadly, just because it's legal doesn't mean people will be, you know, nice human beings.


Venue: Anthony Chapel Complex

Why It’s Fab: Surrounded by beautiful woodwork and towering floor-to-ceiling glass windows that show off the surrounding woodlands, this is easily one of the most stunning places to tie the knot – not just in Arkansas, but anywhere. It only seats 160 guests, but the fees are fairly reasonable and at six stories tall it’s hard to look inside and not feel overwhelmed by the sheer beauty of nature – and of love. [Image at page top via Flickr]

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Gay Marriage is Now Legal in Hawaii, Which Means...

November 14, 2013 at 5:32 PM | by | ()

On the surface, the news that gay marriage became officially legal yesterday in Hawaii is equally as great for the Aloha State and its residents as it has been for the 14 other states where it is permitted.

That said, unlike Hawaii, none of them will ever make hundreds of millions of dollars off of it.

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Would You Prefer Vegas or a NASCAR Track For a 10-10-10 Wedding?

August 18, 2010 at 2:31 PM | by | ()

Think of the wedding photos in front of the fountains

If you brides-to-be want he perfect wedding date, October offers a memorable one: 10/10/10. No one could forget that date, one of the most popular of the year. And to make it even more memorable, you have a couple more options for your 10/10/10 wedding day.

Vegas is the quickie-wedding capital of the world, and the Bellagio will host your big day with its Millennium package.

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Three Places for a Great Gay Wedding in California

August 11, 2010 at 12:46 PM | by | ()

Now that Prop 8 is overturned, it's time to throw a party. And we're not talking just any old party, but a big fat gay wedding. Same-sex lovebirds can flock to California to make it official, so we scoped out places for you to get hitched.

Check out our top three three gay-friendly spots where you can finally—and now legally—tie the knot.

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Where To Elope For January 01, 2010: Aloha, Maui

December 29, 2009 at 1:59 PM | by | ()

If one of your resolutions is to elope on New Year's Day, but you're looking for something a little more romantic than getting hitched at a Vegas drive-through window, take a flight now to Maui.

Flying there is the hardest step to tying the knot. All you have to do is head to a marriage license agent with your soon-to-be spouse, show proof of age and plunk down $60. There isn't a waiting period and no blood tests are needed. You can save time by downloading a marriage license application here and having it filled out when you visit the agent. Just be sure to call the local agent to make an appointment so that you can get hitched on January 1 without any issue.

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Where To Elope For January 01, 2010: Las Vegas, Baby!

December 28, 2009 at 1:34 PM | by | ()

If you want to ring in the New Year with a ring on your left finger, make like Ed Helms' Stu on The Hangover and head to Vegas. Here's your guide on how to elope in Sin City, but if you're looking to pull out a tooth, you're on your own.

Obviously, Vegas is the capital of quickie weddings, with more than 100,000 couples saying "I do" there each year, according to the Las Vegas Convention & Visitors Authority. And the options are overwhelming. You could do everything from a wedding-on-the-go at the Little White Wedding Chapel's Tunnel of Love drive-through window for as cheap as $40—though you have to supply your own car—to a slightly more upscale affair at the Wynn, where perks include a wedding consultant, a private limo ride from the airport to the courthouse for the license and use of the private wedding salon. Packages be as high as $23,090, to ensure you won't be cheated from that overpriced wedding feel.

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Hook 'Em Rings: Andy Roddick and Brooklyn Decker Will Get Hitched in Austin

April 14, 2009 at 5:50 PM | by | ()

Austin, the Live Music Capital of the World (TM) is having a sort of banner year already. Last month's South by Southwest festival was a huge success judging by the fact that so many folks were Twittering, texting and emailing on their iPhones that AT&T experienced a network outage.

Now there are reports that pretty young things Andy Roddick (26) and his fiancee/Sports Illustrated model Brooklyn Decker (21) are getting married in Austin this weekend. Turns out tennis ace Andy lived in the city from the ages of four to 10.

We don't have the detes on where they are tying the knot (it will be small, just "friends and family") but if they aren't getting married at a private estate we're betting the Four Seasons Austin would be a great place for a reception. The popular Driskill Hotel would also be a fun place to send out of town guests but rooms are a steep $376 a night. We hope Andy and Brooklyn were able to get a nice group discount.

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Once More, With Feeling: Brady and Bundchen Have Costa Rica Destination Wedding

April 6, 2009 at 8:54 AM | by | ()

One party just wasn't enough: After tying the knot in a private ceremony in Caifornia last month, Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen got hitched again this weekend at her house in Costa Rica.

25 guests witnessed the re-hitching of Brady and Bündchen, who left her house to prep for the wedding separately at the Milarepa Hotel and Hotel Flor Blanca in the city of Santa Teresa. Guests included Brady's 1-year-old son, the source of controversy in Bündchen's recent Vanity Fair profile in which she said she felt like his mother (news to his real mother, Bridget Moynahan) and Patriots owner Robert Kraft. Paparazzi who managed to figure out the date and location of the ceremony were fired on by security guards hired for the occasion.

There are competing schools of thought on whether destination weddings will take a major hit or a minor hit during this recession. Bridal Guide magazine predicted destination weddings would be up 14 percent this year despite the downturn because they often involve fewer guests (and thus lower overhead). But AdAge found the average price of a wedding in the U.S. dropped in 2008 for the first time in 17 years, indicating that many brides are not only actively looking to cut costs, they're actually doing it.

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Heidi And Spencer Get Married In Mexico

November 24, 2008 at 3:48 PM | by | ()

Awful beard-haver Spencer Pratt and "singer" Heidi Montag have reportedly married while on vacation in Mexico. Friend of the now-family Perez Hilton says the ceremony was held at the One&Only Palmilla in Cabo, and it wasn't too fancy:

The ceremony was held on the beach. And, it wasn't planned.

There were no family members present for the ceremony, which lasted only 15 minutes.

Funny, we remember Heidi calling off the wedding when Spencer didn't want to invite the family and elope instead. Brainwashing complete!

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[Photo of the couple in Santa Barbara: HotelChatter]

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Impulsive Travel: Did Mariah and Nick Wed in the Bahamas?

May 2, 2008 at 9:30 AM | by | ()

It's not just Super World Travelers who are subject to persistent rumors of paparazzi-ducking marriages in locales unknown. So as for the talk that Mariah Carey, amidst the buzz for her new album E=MC^2, slipped away to her Eleuthera house to wed actor Nick Cannon, we say: Highly likely!

Just because Cannon allegedly gave Carey the ring he had made for his ex-fiancee, Victoria's Secret model Selita Ebanks, doesn't make their surprise nuptials less probable.

Like all destination weddings, though, this one could later be annulled if the couple, in their lovey-dovey hurry, didn't do the proper paperwork. Whether you're going to the Caribbean or somewhere else, do a little homework before you go in case you don't have Carey's million-dollar lawyers on retainer.

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[Photo: Real Gossip 101]

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Destination Weddings: Sarko's Ex-Wife Gets in on the Trend

March 7, 2008 at 1:00 PM | by | ()

Cécilia Ciganer-Albéniz, the ex-wife of Nicolas Sarkozy isn't letting him have all the re-marrying fun. She's getting hitched to her lover Richard Attias in New York later this month. (The two previously had a year-long affair in 2005.)

The news was leaked by Versace, which is proud to brag that it's the label of choice for the wedding party. Rumor has it the pair will keep the luxe life up after the nuptials: They were spotted checking out a pad at the recently-renovated Plaza hotel across from Central Park.

Central Park? If they wanna top the globe-trotting Sarko--and his new wife, Carla Bruni--they're gonna need to go further afield than that.

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[Photo: Daily Mail]

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Best Summer Wedding Destinations

July 11, 2007 at 11:50 AM | by | ()

It's wedding season. Although even the heat radiating off asphalt in a parking lot in Phoenix right now can't melt our cold, cold hearts, some people still feel an affinity for the institution of marriage. We feel obliged to humor them. If we're dragged to witness these nuptials, we just hope it gives us a chance to check out a cool new place. Here are a few of the settings where we'd like to see our friends give up their independence.

For one, Nantucket is less likely to be as ungodly hot as, say, a Caribbean wedding in July. Sure, this destination might apply to a niche group -- the madras pants wearing, tennis playing, New England set -- but it's a beautiful island with plenty of web sites and companies targeting the enfianced.

Napa Valley
Everyone knows California is the best place, temperature-wise, to be in July. The inns and spas throughout Napa Valley that cater to wine travelers translate perfectly to wedding settings. Being the savvy businesspeople they are, inn owners have tapped into this market and now offer outdoor ceremony services and wedding-related amenities. Plus, guests can maximize their trip by stopping in for some tastings before and after the big event.

For the tried-and-true tropical destination wedding, Hawaii is best. Couples can choose between The Big Island, Oahu, Maui, Kauai, and Kona. Also, it's not just the boring old girl/boy pairs heading to the far state, because Hawaii is one of the gay friendliest states, socially and legally. Plus, it's kind of unique that wedding photographers in Hawaii double as peeping toms (see above). The whole voyeur thing is really hip right now on HBO.

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[Photo Credit: Weddings in Hawaii]