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Jaunted Winter Olympics Embed: The Wonderful World of Curling

February 19, 2010 at 3:30 PM | by | ()

The 2010 Winter Olympics are finally here and the Jaunted Embeds are on the scene. All throughout the games we are going to be providing you first-hand observations and tips from a Vancouver local. Tuija Seipell is a Vancouver-based writer and a dual citizen of both Finland and Canada--so she is bound to get a medal or two right? You can follow her on Twitter here, or just follow the Vancouver 2010 Olympics tag.

I went to my first-ever curling event with 5,600 other spectators this week for men’s round robin session with USA-Norway, Canada-Germany and China-France. (Norway, Canada and France won). Surprisingly, curling fans are boisterous, loud and fun. There were cow bells and bull horns, chanting and singing, and wild support for all teams, especially for “Norway’s Pants.”

In a fantastic PR stunt for a game with a dull and boring reputation, Thomas Ulsrud and his teammates from Oslo have drawn huge attention with their clown/pajama pants in the Norwegian colors. There were even some wannabe “Norway’s Pants” in the audience. If Norway wins a medal, curling – and especially curling attire -- may never be the same again!

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Get INTO the Cold: Montebello, Quebec

February 10, 2010 at 2:50 PM | by | ()

Trying to flee the freezing temperatures sweeping across the country is natural, but predictable. Instead, do what folks in these frigid destinations do—embrace it and get INTO the cold. The trick to staying toasty is chill-killing gear and lots of bone warming activity. So stop moping around waiting for summer to arrive and head to these five crazy cold places and get your winter wonderland on.

Montebello, Canada

Cold Meter: Extreme:
It’s damned cold in the Outaouais region of western Quebec province, no matter what the locals say. But, don’t panic when hearing reports of -20 degree temperatures. French Canadians speak in Celsius, so that would be only a chillez -4 F to Americans. But peeps around these parts don’t fret about such things. They see it as another chance to hang around a warm fire or tiny cafe after a day outside. Copious amounts of wine makes all things bearable here, too.

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