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The Secret of the Empty Airplane in New York's Central Park

June 22, 2012 at 10:35 AM | by | ()

There's an airplane in Central Park.

How it got there this week isn't totally clear, but it did not fly to its current position, in Doris C. Freedman Plaza. This airplane is "art," a piece by artist Paola Pivi entitled "How I Roll."

So why's this plane so special? Well for one, this baby is a six-seat 1977 Piper Seneca that is "airborne but flightless," continually rotating 360-degrees, held aloft by its wingtips. Second, we can't remember a time when there's been an entire airplane in Central Park, of any size. Thirdly, it's supposed to evoke a "child's dream come to life."

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The Skywriting That Took New York City's Beautiful Day by Storm

May 21, 2012 at 10:58 AM | by | ()

In you case you missed it on our Instagram feed yesterday, a single sentence of skywriting appeared above Manhattan on Sunday afternoon and, in the clear blue sky, spelled out "Christine Hall Will U Marry Me."

Immediately Twitter and Instagram went crazy with news and images of the skywriting, as it could be spotted from as far as Riverside Park on the west side of the Manhattan, to where we stood in Astoria, Queens (cause you know we look up at the sound of any airplane engine). The entire stretch of dot-matrix cloud letters could be best read from the middle of Central Park, where it seems the couple were relaxing on what was, weather-wise, perhaps the nicest New York day yet.

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Strike a Pose at the World's Largest Yoga Class, Coming Soon to Central Park

Where: Central Park, New York, NY
June 4, 2010 at 9:05 AM | by | ()

Organizers of Yoga at the Great Lawn hope to draw an even bigger crowd than this Bryant Park event.

If you've always wanted join in on a Guinness World Records-worthy activity, all you'll have to do is break out your downward-facing dog. Yoga at the Great Lawn will bring 10,000 people to NYC's Central Park for what organizers call the "World's Largest Yoga Event, Ever." But to take part in the pretzel-twisting-poses fun, you have to register now.

The free class takes place June 22, but you have to register online by June 15 to get tickets, which are given out in pairs. Winners will be chosen at random. The event, which is sponsored by Flavorpill and JetBlue's TrueBlue rewards program, is open to yoga practitioners of all levels.

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Jaunted's Nationwide Guide To Free Music Events

August 14, 2009 at 12:24 PM | by | ()

'Tis the season for stadium shows, reunion tours, and outdoor festivals, but with ticket prices sometimes looming in the hundred-dollar range, even the prospect our seeing some of our all-time favorite acts isn't enough to coax out our credit cards. In these lean times, we're in search of the best deals, not the best laser light extravaganzas, so it's that splendid word—"free"—that chimes like music to our ears.

Zero-dollar entertainment can be found from coast-to-coast, from classy classical to celebrated jazz and blues artists. Below, we take you from West to East in search of worthwhile free music experiences. We can't promise synchronized dancing, but you will get a heavy dose of culture.

Jaunted's Nationwide Guide to Free Music Events:

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How To See Greek Debauchery In Central Park

July 28, 2009 at 3:54 PM | by | ()

See Greek theatre the way the Greeks did: In an outside amphitheater that practically mandates carousing. Buy your wine onsite for New York's Public Theatre's production of "The Bacchae," and absorb some alcohol and culture outside why don't you?

"The Bacchae" is a classic Euripidean tragedy about the wine god Dionysius' anger at and revenge upon the king and queen of Thebes for refusing to worship him. The play, which opens August 11, stars Jonathan Groff—of last summer's "Hair" in the park and a Tony nominee for "Spring Awakening"—and features a new score by composer Philip Glass, so its intellectual cred is firmly intact.

The Public's second offering this summer follows a run of "Twelfth Night" that nearly got rained out more than it successfully completed shows, although the night we went, the crowd cheered the loudest at the line "For the rain it raineth every day."

Now for three ways to get tickets to the shows:

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NYC Keeps the Faux Beaches Coming By Trucking In Tel Aviv

Where: Central Park [map], New York, NY, United States
June 15, 2009 at 9:02 AM | by | ()

New York City may not be the first location that comes to mind when you think "tropical vacation," but for those who don't mind sandy strolls lacking the exotic, the Big Apple is fast becoming the worldwide leader in faux beaches.

Already featuring three locations of Water Taxi Beach, NYC will be trucking in yet another sandy lot this Sunday for the one-time-only Tel Aviv Beach in NYC event.

As part of the city of Tel Aviv's 100th anniversary celebration, organizers will bring a slice of the Mediterranean to Manhattan, putting together a 1,300-square-foot beachfront by the bandshell in Central Park. The beach vibe will come complete with backgammon and paddle ball (omnipresent activities along the Tel Aviv shore), while sunbathers will be serenaded with live Israeli music and a midday DJ set pumping out Euro club hits.

And for those who aren't quite sated by Israel-on-NY, representative of El Al will be on hand offering special airfare deals. L'chaim!

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