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A Weak Australian Dollar Means You Should Finally Book That Bucket List Trip to Oz

Where: Australia
December 1, 2014 at 11:00 AM | by | ()

Alright you guys, listen closely because we have the some of the best news ever for travelers with Down Under on the to-do list. This very second is the best time to make moves on planning that trip to Australia.

Today may be the first official day of summer in Oz and sure, the temps are already very warm, but there's plenty season left for you to take advantage of the latest news: the Aussie dollar has hit a 4-year low against the U.S. dollar.

Basically what this means is that your money can now go much further than it has in the past 4 years. To be honest, we have battled with unfavorable exchange rates for about 8 years now. Looking at the numbers, each of our hard-earned greenbacks buys about $1.18 AUD, which turns out to be just under 25% more than in 2010. This can only mean one thing: souvenirs, tours and hotels booked in AUD are nearly 20% less expensive, and if you've been to Oz before, you know this is a helpful "markdown."

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In Search of Perfect Weather: When to Travel to the Great Barrier Reef

Where: Australia
May 29, 2014 at 4:59 PM | by | ()

The world's largest coral system sits just off the northeastern coast of Australia, an area synonymous with perfectly tropical weather. And while the Great Barrier Reef does boast warm water, skin diving, and a seemingly endless amount of sunshine, there are better times than others to visit.

Even though the reef can be seen from space, viewing it up close and in-person is a lifetime must-do. In general, right this second is the perfect time to do just that. Should you require a bit more advance notice—for much of the world's travelers, a trip to Australia is hardly a quick jaunt—so it's important to be mindful of weather.

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The Inside and Out of Australia's Very First Boeing 787 Dreamliner

Where: Australia
November 19, 2013 at 1:04 PM | by | ()

Yesterday, we gave you a first hand account of our Aussie contributor's impressions on his first ride in a Dreamliner. Now we can finally show you the photos inside and out of the newest Jetstar aircraft to take to the skies.

This is the first 787 for Australia and it has understandably created much fanfare down under. For the first few weeks, the plane will be carting Aussies around the country between Melbourne, Cairns, and the Gold Coast, but will then transition to flights to Bali-Denpasar.

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Visiting Palm Cove, a Pit Stop on the Way to the Great Barrier Reef

July 9, 2013 at 2:34 PM | by | ()

If you find yourself in Far North Queensland with a trip to Australia’s Great Barrier Reef in mind, be sure not to overlook some of the area’s other gems—especially the beaches. One such detour is Palm Cove, as it’s only 30 minutes north of Cairns right off the Captain Cook Highway.

We figured the beaches in this area were going to be pretty darn nice, but we don’t think we realized they would be this nice. It’s not surprising that this spot was named one of the country’s cleanest—and therefore best—beaches only a few years ago. Palm trees line the shore, and there’s plenty of sand, sun, and surf to go around.

The main drag along Williams Esplanade is only about a kilometer in length, but it’s dotted with boutiques, restaurants, and even a place to grab a bag of foreign flavored chips and a soda—we got honey soy chicken.

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Airfare Deal Alert: Now is a Great Time To Say 'G'Day, 'Straya!'

June 12, 2013 at 9:32 AM | by | ()

Last week, we amy have mentioned how great Australia is to travel to even during their Winter. Well, it seems like Qantas agrees since they've just made it a little more affordable to hop down under.

The Red Roo picked up on our first reason to head to Oz and created their "Just How Great is the Barrier Reef?" fare sale. The deal showcases the wonders of not only the Great Barrier Reef, but also the further delights the "Lucky Country" has to offer.

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Total Solar Eclipse Travel: What Went Down, Down Under

Where: Australia
November 14, 2012 at 9:59 AM | by | ()

Forewarning is fair warning. We gave ample notice for yesterday's astronomical event in Australia. Now, we can give you the low-down on the total solar eclipse that passed directly over the tropical town of Cairns.

Star gazers from all over the world flocked to the Aussie state called Queensland—ironically known as the Sunshine State—to view the phenomenon. The towns of Port Douglas and Cairns had the best vantage points to catch the precise moment the moon passed in front of the sun to block out its rays. The result? Imagine looking at everything through darkly tinted windows.

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What You Need to Know to Catch the November 14 Total Solar Eclipse

Where: Australia
August 16, 2012 at 4:38 PM | by | ()

Your attention please as you've got just under three months to plan where you'll be to enjoy the next total solar eclipse. This warning comes so early because it may just require some serious long-haul travel, considering that the best viewing area will be Down Under.

Now keep in mind that this sort of total solar eclipse visible from a city won't happen again until spring of 2016, and then you'll have to be in Indonesia. So here's the details you'll need to get going on trip planning:

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Head to Australia This November to NOT See the Sun

Where: Australia
January 17, 2012 at 10:25 AM | by | ()

Many people flock Down Under to bask in the sun, but now Australia has become a destination to also soak up some shade. According to NASA, some parts of the earth will be able to view a total solar eclipse this November. November 13th to be exact. The majority of Australia will be able to view, at least, a partial eclipse of the largest star.

According to NASA's website dedicated to the planetary phenomenon, the northern half of Oz will be able to witness the moon blocking our view of the sun. To be even more specific, the tropical city of Cairns will be one of the places to be in November. The sun's ray will be blocked by the moon for about 60 seconds casting an eerie twilight on most of the region, given clear skies.

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Winter in the Northern Hemisphere Means Fun in the Sun, South of the Equator

October 25, 2011 at 12:17 PM | by | ()

Quicksilver floating pontoon at Agincourt Reef

As the weather begins to turn a bit colder and a bit gloomier in the US, we're already seeking out a winter "light at the end of the tunnel." While doing some wanderlust brainstorming, along with a wide variety of flight searches, we recently came upon the option of escaping the blustery Northern Hemisphere for a little—or a lot—of sunny, summery Southern Hemisphere.

What screams Middle-of-January escape more than a diving trip to some of the most beautiful coral reefs on the planet? We knew that would get your attention. Celebrating its 30th anniversary as being named a World Heritage Site, the Great Barrier Reef lies just off the coast of Northern Queensland in Australia. Don't worry, this is no where near the floods from last year and, we mean, it's more than 600 miles away.

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