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The Season For $10 One-Way Rentals From Florida Has Arrived

March 11, 2015 at 12:19 PM | by | ()

The annual migration out of Florida has started yet again, and that means it is now a wonderful time to take a one-way rental car road trip. Companies from Hertz to National need their vehicles elsewhere for the spring, and they’re offering up rental rates for as little as $10 per day—and no drop off fee!

Hertz calls their promotion Florida Drive Out, and they’re asking renters to pick up a participating vehicle from both airport and neighborhood locations in Florida. After that travelers are free to drop off their cars in spots all along the east coast from places like Georgia to Maine.

The rates are good between April 6 and June 30, but just remember that RQ ICFLT1 is what to enter into their site. Get the full details from the folks at Hertz right here—they’re even doing something out of Arizona!

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One-Way Rental Car Deals for a Last-Minute Autumn Road Trip

October 7, 2014 at 8:47 AM | by | ()

We might be a little bit weird in our love for rental cars, but seriously, picking up the car after getting off the plane still gives us a little thrill each and every time—especially when we score a good one.

Good news if you feel the same way, since there are a few good rental car deals kicking around right now. The fall is the perfect time for a road trip, so check out some of these rates, book something, and get driving.

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Rental Car Companies Finally Forced to Do Right Thing about Recalled Cars

October 3, 2012 at 10:23 AM | by | ()

There’s been an on-and-off battle over recalled rental cars for quite some time, one which has been in and out of the new for at least the last few years. Basically, car rental companies haven’t been doing their best when it comes to pulling recalled cars off the lot or sending them in for the necessary repairs. Obviously this isn’t a good idea, and that’s especially the case when it results in injuries, accidents, or other bad stuff.

Obviously there’s certain rules and regulations that have to be followed, but the basic premise is that rental car companies need to yank recalled cars off their lots as soon as possible. The new legislation requires the companies to stop renting out vehicles no later than 24 hours after getting the official recall notice, but the time period stretches up to 48 hours if the recall affects more than 5,000 cars within their garage.

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Snakes Have Moved Away from Planes and Into Your Rental Car

Where: Canada
August 20, 2012 at 11:37 AM | by | ()

Think about picking up your rental car. You do a quick walk around the exterior to ensure that you’ve noted all the scratches, dents, and other imperfections. However, the one thing you probably don’t look for are creepy crawlies on the interior, but searching for stowaway critters might be something you need to start doing.

A family up in Canada recently had a little bit of a surprise when they picked up their rental car from the Budget counter, as a snake decided it wanted to join them on their summer vacation. Apparently the family’s daughter was the one to announce her findings, as she saw the snake slithering in the back of the SUV.

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Grab $5 One-Way Rental Cars from Arizona While the Deal is On

March 12, 2012 at 1:24 PM | by | ()

There’s already a few rental car deals kicking around the Sunshine State—we’re still waiting to hear from Hertz—but it looks like it’s also the season to depart Arizona as well. The rental car companies are slowly but surely releasing deals here and there. So if you’ve always wanted to go on a road trip across the Southwest now is the time to do it. There’s probably a one-way rental car deal to meet you budget and needs, and this is especially true if you’re able to swing $5 per day.

Hertz is leading the pack when it comes to these rental car drive out deals. The rental car company is offering rental cars for as low as $5 per day as long as you’re willing to pick up your car in Arizona and then return it somewhere else. There’s unlimited mileage, no drop off fees, and plenty of places to pick up and return your car. Return options include states like California, Colorado, Kansas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Utah, and Texas. The deals are available now thanks to rate code DRV5—for economy and compact cars—but you have to travel between April 4 and June 30. The deal is good for like 14 days, so just make sure your road trip doesn’t take too long.

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Wrap Up a Rental Car Deal Thanks to Budget's New Ad-Mobiles

August 11, 2011 at 8:37 AM | by | ()

We love a nice rental car, but what we don’t love is the cost associated with one. After the airfare and the hotel the travel budget is usually running on empty, but now there’s one rental car company looking to help us out. However, there’s definitely a little bit of a catch.

Budget Rental Car is offering even better deals than with an online coupon, and that’s because they want to wrap your car with advertisements. As long as you don’t mind driving around a moving billboard, you might just be able to save a few additional bucks.

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More Road Trip Deals! Drive Outta Arizona For Just $5 Per Day

March 28, 2011 at 1:31 PM | by | ()

Not too long ago we were all excited about rental car deals out of Florida to pretty much everywhere, thanks to the migration of old people and college kids south. Now the rental car party is moving the way of Lewis and Clark, as Arizona has some cheapo one-way deals.

Now through the end of May you can grab a car from Hertz for as little as $5 per day. There’s no mileage caps, no drop-off fees, and all kinds of places to pick up the car and drop it off. California, Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, and Washington are just a few of the states where you can end your road trip. Just be sure to use the code DRV5 to get the deal or just click right here.

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Road Trip! $5 Hertz Rentals with Unlimited Miles Out of Florida

February 14, 2011 at 10:58 AM | by | ()

It’s that time of year again, as rental car companies need your help to get their cars anywhere but Florida. We’ve seen this before, so expect the deals to start flowing now that the spring weather is just around the corner.

Avis has a deal where you can take a car from the Sunshine State for $20 a day, but your return is somewhat limited as it needs to be dropped off somewhere in the Southeast portion of the country. Both Carolinas, as well as Arkansas, Georgia, Louisiana, Tennessee, and Mississippi are all options between April and June. Budget has a pretty similar deal for $20 per day, and you’re free to pick your choice of car including an SUV.

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