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Security Theater: Jewel's (Not) Hilarious Nashville Airport Prank

October 23, 2008 at 9:16 AM | by | ()

Stars: They're not like us! Singer Jewel played a prank on tour buddy Brad Paisley which consisted of him being arrested at Nashville International Airport.

After they played their last tour date together in Selma, Texas, the Alaskan former folkie arranged for two rent-a-cops to "arrest" Paisley at the gate when he returned to Nashville, handcuffing him and shoving him into an unmarked car. It was there Paisley learned it was a joke as he was cited for excessive "noodling" on the guitar.

This gives an entire new meaning to the term "security theater." Creating a realistic-looking arrest at a gate within view of other passengers and hiring people to impersonate TSA agents and cops? Totally OK. Making a joke going through security? Years in prison.

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