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Please Explain The Airport Taxi Lines At Logan

July 30, 2007 at 5:32 PM | by | ()

Late last night our JetBlue flight landed on time at Boston's Logan airport. However, little did we know the real waiting was about to begin, not not for our baggage, that arrived just fine -- it was the taxi stand line that was unbearable.

Now we expect the taxi line outside McCarran Airport, in Vegas, which is twenty stalls deep, with the queue organization of a popular Disney ride, to be a bit of a wait, but what is Logan's excuse? The taxi line was well over fifty people deep and it took a good ten minutes for the first fleet of cabs to even arrive on the scene. Want more? When you get the cab you are immediately charged a $6.50 airport fee -- guessing it helps subsidize those folks that keep the taxi line moving at a snails pace. Seriously, if anyone knows why BOS has such a taxi line issue, please let us know.

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