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What Everyone's Buying in Tasmania: Single Malt Whisky

April 17, 2014 at 10:34 AM | by | Comment (1)

Welcome to "What Everyone's Buying," a new series on souvenirs, wherein we investigate what tourist trinkets are the hottest selling in hotspots around the world.

Open the duty-free catalog in your seatback pocket. Flip past the cosmetics, watches and cigarettes, and what's left? Booze, and lots of it.

Alcohol and travel have gone hand-in-hand throughout history, from rum runners in the West Indies to the Highland Malt Whisky which was, at times, the only thing keeping Ernest Shackleton's men sane during their expeditions in the Antarctic.

Speaking of Antarctica, Tasmania's location at 42° S latitude puts it into a last-stop-before-Antarctica position, and the climate and terrain is reminiscent of the Scottish highlands. In other words, it's ideal for the production of what's become a Tasmanian mainstay: cask-aged, single malt whisky. Tassie whisky even took the top spot in the World Whiskies Awards 2014, which didn't come as much of a surprise to Tasmanians who've always known they're drinking the highest quality.

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Lack of Limes Limits In-Flight Drinks: How to Cope

April 8, 2014 at 5:39 PM | by | Comments (0)

Say 'ta ta for now' to a gin and tonic with a twist of lime, or specialty cocktails like United's Sunrise Sunset (pictured above). A lime shortage is hitting North American airlines right where it hurts: in the beverage carts.

The rarity of limes is due to several issues, such as Mexican cartel control plus nature and biological factors, and US consumers may note that purchasing a single lime at the supermarket now costs three times what it did last season. Just think how businesses that buy limes in bulk are coping. Will travelers get their rum-and-cokes with a squirt of lime this month? Well, it depends.

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What Everyone's Buying on Christmas Island: Cheap Liquor and Special Stamps

April 8, 2014 at 1:36 PM | by | Comments (0)

Welcome to "What Everyone's Buying," a new series on souvenirs, wherein we investigate what tourist trinkets are the hottest selling in hotspots around the world.

As you may have already gathered from our previous posts, Christmas Island has a good lot to offer when it comes to nature, beaches, diving, and endemic species. When it comes to souvenirs, however, the island runs a bit dry unless you're looking for crab toys, crab t-shirts or books about crabs. So the majority of visitors, both long- and short-term, opt to head to the island's supermarket and its duty-free liquor variety.

The selection is excellent, including even "traveler edition" flavors of Absolut, and prices are half that of mainland Australia, so wine and liquor is a huge score for those wanting to imbibe without breaking the bank.

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Five Great Dive Bars Between the Florida Keys and Miami

March 21, 2014 at 12:31 PM | by | Comments (0)

Dive bars are a place you can go without needing to dress up and drench yourself in cologne. Each has its own character which makes the casual wanderer-in want to be him/herself. While in the Keys recently, we found a few such dive bars worth mentioning.

· Green Parrot Bar - 601 Whitehead St. Key West - Open Daily 10am - 4am
This dive bar is a long time favorite among locals and tourists. Formerly called The Brown Derby Bar during WWII, it was a favorite among the submariners and sailers stationed a few blocks away. Now called Green Parrot bar, some of the retired sailers still come back to the bar to find it virtually unchanged. I’m sure it can get very busy during the summer but the bartenders are quick and knowledgable so you won’t be waiting for your drink for too long.

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Only One Airline Gives Free Rum Punch on Flights to the Cayman Islands

March 6, 2014 at 11:38 AM | by | Comments (0)

These days, the general consensus is that airlines nickel and dime you every chance they get along the way. This is true of most of the mainstream North American carriers, but as we discovered with Southwest's ever-running happy hours and free drink days, there are still airlines out there that give you bang for your buck. Or better yet, let you have some fun on their tab.

Cayman Airways' flights allow economy class passengers to check two bags for free, and they also feature a meal and complimentary Tortuga rum punch. Yes, free unlimited alcoholic drinks in a non-transatlantic international economy class. It's not heavily advertised, but if you look closely at the list of complimentary beverages, you'll surely find it.

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Free Drinks on Southwest Flights? Yes, But Only on These Dates for 2014

February 25, 2014 at 10:31 AM | by | Comments (0)

We thought this was pretty widely known, but recent conversations have revealed that it is apparently not common knowledge that Southwest Airlines offers a free first cocktail on a handful of days throughout the year.

Here is the complete list, starting with the next to occur, just FYI:

• St Patty’s Day (3/17)

• Mother’s Day (5/11)

• Memorial Day (5/26)

• Father’s Day (6/15)

• SWA Birthday (6/18)

• Independence Day (7/4)

• Chase Customer Appreciation Day (8/11)

• Halloween (10/31)

• Thanksgiving Day (11/27)

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Monday, Five Thirty: Sipping on Estonia's Flagship Booze, Vana Tallinn

February 17, 2014 at 5:35 PM | by | Comments (0)

In celebration of the most needed happy hour of the week, we're launching a new column called “Monday, Five Thirty” that will take a look at different vices from around the world, specifically boozes and beers unique to a destination. For this inaugural run, we zip over to Estonia for a taste of its infamous Vana Tallin.

Estonia is a relatively new country, having gained its independence from Russia just over twenty years ago in 1991. Its most wide-scale attraction, Old Town Tallinn, looks like it should be on the top of a wedding cake with its medieval castles, and our sis HotelChatter dished on some of its properties, including one where the KGB literally bugged the hell out of its guests.

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Three Miami Bars for Beating the Heat with a Frozen Drink

February 10, 2014 at 3:10 PM | by | Comments (0)

Miami is known for a lot of things - beautiful beaches, the nightlife, shopping, and huge frozen cocktails.

On a recent trip to Miami Beach we were bombarded by hostesses offering 2-for-1 drink specials, 60 oz strawberry daiquiris, and martinis the size of our heads. We resisted falling into the giant drink tourist trap, but it did get us wondering: if you wanted to drown yourself in a mammoth Miami frozen margarita, where's the best place to go?

Here's a look at three Miami joints doing frozen drinks right:

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Alcohol Alternative: Have You Tried Kava Yet?

Where: Polynesian Islands
December 26, 2013 at 10:38 AM | by | Comment (1)

If you're anything like us, you like to enjoy yourself and have a good time on the road. There's no question that we do our fair share of research after the sun goes down in a destination, and coming together over a local beer or spirit is a great way to meet people and get involved in the social scene.

But for those of you who fancy feeling good about yourself in the morning yet would still like to indulge, the Polynesians might have the answer you've been looking for. Kava is a chalky, earthy drink that is made from the roots of the yaqona plant, and although it is alcohol free, it has been known to make people feel pretty good about themselves.

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What Everyone's Buying in New Mexico: 'Taos Lightning' Homemade Liquor

December 18, 2013 at 12:37 PM | by | Comments (0)

Welcome to "What Everyone's Buying," a new series on souvenirs, wherein we investigate what tourist trinkets are the hottest selling in hotspots around the world.

There's no shortage of awesome local foods in New Mexico, from blue corn tacos to posole. Just don't forget to wash down all that spicy nosh with products from two incredible local liquor brands. Santa Fe Spirits was launched by a British expat who found his way to the Land of Enchantment and never left. His company makes five liquors from local ingredients. You can check out their distillery just outside of town, but you can also sample the booze at their tasting room on Read Street in downtown Santa Fe.

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Welcome to California. Here's a Glass of Wine.

December 10, 2013 at 5:19 PM | by | Comments (0)

Apparently nothing makes you thirstier than a road trip across California, so of course it makes perfect sense to install a new kind of beverage vending machine at one of the state’s welcome centers...one dispensing wine.

Obviously you need to be careful if you’re the one behind the wheel, but for those along for the ride this certainly beats stopping for a soda and a bathroom break. The new wine welcome isn’t available where you think it would be—like Napa or Sonoma—but instead you'll find it at the California Visitor Center in Oxnard.

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The Little Things: Tiny Delft Blue Houses for KLM Business Class

October 9, 2013 at 1:33 PM | by | Comments (0)

In the midst of the bustle of travel, it's all too easy to overlook the details. We're talking about special touches others have stressed over just so you can enjoy a unique experience, whether you know it or not. Every so often we'll highlight The Little Things like this, so now you will know.

The Little Thing: Business Class passengers on KLM are given collectible miniature Delft blue houses.

It used to be that taking an international flight meant receiving gifts of complimentary playing cards, stationery (for composing all those mid-flight telegrams), and other niceties to pass the time. These days, even passengers paying top dollar to fly in First Class are lucky to enjoy a minimal amenity kit and an extra flute of champagne. One exception is KLM, who continue a 60+ year tradition of handing out special ceramic mini Delft houses to their Business Class passengers.

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