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Where Did Apple Lose their Prototype for the Next iPhone?

Where: 2615 Broadway [map], Redwood City, CA, United States, 94063
April 20, 2010 at 11:50 AM | by | ()

The biggest story on the internet yesterday seemed too impossible and too unbelievable to ever be true--some absent-minded Apple employee left a prototype for the new Apple iPhone in bar and it subsequently landed in the hands of tech site, Gizmodo. We admit when we first read Gizmodo's story yesterday, we laughed to ourselves. Sure, someone just happened to leave it in a bar for a Gizmodo blogger to find.

Although the story is a little more complicated--someone else actually found the iPhone and Gizmodo paid $5,000 for it--the truth remains--some absent-minded Apple employee actually did leave a prototype for the new Apple iPhone in a bar.

While we're curious as to how said absent-minded employee is faring in the wake of the leak, we're turning our attention to the bar where he left the iPhone behind.

Gizmodo has revealed the place of the most unfortunate tech incident of this decade to be the Gourmet Haus Staudt & Beer Garden Staudt in Redwood City, Calif.

Check out the leaked iPhone 4G photos from Gizmodo and more, after the jump

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Apple iPhone Ready To Save Travel On June 29

June 4, 2007 at 9:56 AM | by | ()

In a series of ads aired on 60 Minutes in the US last night, Apple announced the iPhone would be ready to save the world on June 29th--not that travel, or the world, will really be saved by Steve Jobs, but that is the kind of feverish hype this impending phone launch has created.

By far the most important new feature in phones right now is location-based services using GPS, and these new Apple iPhone ads highlight GPS use. At one point the iPhone user stops watching Pirates of the Caribbean, on the phone, because he feels like a calamari appie. Then he uses Google Maps on his iPhone to find a good calamari joint in San Fransisco, which the iPhone user then calls--in one seamless act.

For the record, sans iPhone, we recommend Thirsty Bear in SF's SOMA for a good dish of calamari.

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Will the Apple iPhone for Cingular Revolutionize Your Travels?

January 9, 2007 at 2:59 PM | by | ()

Possibly. It will also set you back $600. Depends how important gadget consolidation is for you when you fly.

Gizmodo's ace coverage of Steve Jobs' Macworld keynote address has been bringing in the info on the much-anticipated iPhone in real time. It's about time that baby made its debut, and it won't disappoint the gadget freaks. 'Tis a thing of beauty, though we worry about that huge screen and how quickly it'll probably get gunked up.

The iPhone stores music (up to 8 gigs) just like a regular iPod, plays videos in widescreen format, and runs on Mac OS X--that means in addition to the weather and stock widgets currently available, tons of fun stuff should be able to run on it eventually. Photo album, Safari browser, easy use of Google maps for emergency Starbucks location. What more could we ask for?

Ah, yes: could you please buy us one?

[Photo: Gizmodo]

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