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Travel App Review: Let RideScout Do the Navigating in 69 Cities

December 18, 2014 at 11:37 AM | by | ()

Booking a plane ticket to a new city is, for the most part, fairly easy. It's the arriving in that city which can be a headache, figuring out how best to explore and get around. Fret no more, because that's all RideScout's specialty.

This newish mobile app, available for both Apple and Android devices, helps travelers get from point A to point B faster and smarter using some GPS technology and an easy-to-use interface. RideScout gathers together all the ground transportation in the area and presents it as simply as possible, including directions, estimated cost, and arrival times, ensuring that you get where you need to go by cab, public transport, car-sharing, or biking.

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Travel App Review: ClaimAir Uncomplicates Airline Compensation

September 4, 2014 at 12:30 PM | by | ()

Flight delays and cancellations suck. Period. But since the U.S. government has levied guidelines on how airlines compensate travelers who experience flight disruptions, the situation has improved. Still, those strict rules and guidelines for payouts can be very confusing, and it's no wonder the casual flyer still has no clue what's due to them.

Luckily there's now an app for that.

Enter Claimair. This handy mobile app is basically the perfect flow chart if you have a cancelled flight, excessively delayed arrival, denied boarding, or facing lost baggage. So next time you're blood pressure is rising, step away from the gate and tap on this new app.

Start by choosing your flight inconvenience, then input flight details and answer a few questions directly in-app. ClaimAir will then display a result of what is due to you options on how to go about claiming it.

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The 'Smart Layover' Mobile App Needs to Go Back to School

September 5, 2013 at 2:21 PM | by | ()

There's been quite a bit of excitement over the new Smart Layover app, which claims to be a lifeline for travelers stuck with a long layover. Thus, we put it to the test on one of our recent trips and, while the idea is definitely a good one, we were left a little confused by all the hype.

Despite what the name would suggest, we donít find this app particularly valuable when it comes to finding things to do in an airport during a layover. In some cases, such as DIA/Denver International, there are no listings even available for offers within the terminal walls, which is a problem others have also reported. When we found ourselves in an airport that did offer deals, it was typically of the shopping variety; an example is a few bucks off headphones or something.

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Try Your Hand at Running an Airline with KLM's 'Aviation Empire' Game

June 21, 2013 at 9:30 AM | by | ()

Just what we all need—another game to consume our lives and eat up even more time. Luckily this new addiction comes from the masters of airline social media, KLM, who've realized that travelers may want to do more than simply fly on their planes, but perhaps try a hand at running the entire airline.

"Aviation Empire" is quite robust for a free game, ranging from choosing your own fleet and destinations to outfitting your own airport. The game will give any frequent flyer the opportunity to toy with the inner workings of the airline industry and, using social media as a launchpad, it will host a community of 'airline CEOs' trying to fly high in the competitive industry. Players can run their virtual airline, themed after the Royal Dutch fleet, on both iOS and Android mobile devices.

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First Comes the Android App, Then Come Mobile Boarding Passes on JetBlue

October 22, 2012 at 9:30 AM | by | ()

JetBlue is usually pretty on top of stuff when it comes to technology, but itís been a long time coming for them to jump on the Android bandwagon. Thankfully users of Android phones can now do the mobile app thing with JetBlue, as the carrier just released the latest version of their app in the Google Play store.

If youíve got a couple different flavors of mobile operating systems this might not be worth an additional download, as much of the stuff is the same when compared to whatís available on the iPhone. Android or iOS will get you access to postcards, TrueBlue enrollment opportunities, in-flight entertainment schedules, flight schedules, and more. The only thing missing is the capability to support a mobile boarding pass, but JetBlue did reveal a little clue...

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Apple and Google Go to Battle over Virtual Territory

June 18, 2012 at 9:05 AM | by | ()

Itís kind of like the timeless airline debateówindow or aisleóbut when it comes to mobile technology; Apple or Android can cause some serious discussion. In case you missed the big Apple shindig a couple weeks ago, thereís all kind of new technology heading down the portable pipeline. However, the big news for travelers is that Apple is getting into the mobile mapping business, and that means that theyíre ditching Google Maps as the default option for their iPhones, iPads, iPods, and pretty much everything else.

Of course like with any Apple product thereís all kinds of secrets, so weíll have to wait to get the new maps into our hot little hands before we can give a full review. However, Apple has been gobbling up other smaller companies and licensing technology. We wouldnít be surprised to see three-dimensional flyovers, turn-by-turn directions, traffic updates, and maybe even some other tech tidbits. One thing that we are sure about, is that thereís going to be some pretty decent integration with existing apps and the iOS software as a whole.

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Want a Mobile Hotline Direct to the TSA's Complaint Department? You Got It.

May 1, 2012 at 9:06 AM | by | ()

If youíve already battled your way through Angry Birds Space, then we might just have another app for you. Unfortunately, itís not exactly a game, but itís pretty darn neat if youíre sick and tired of being felt up and pat down at the airport security line.

The FlyRights app is available in both iPhone and Android flavors, and its sole purpose is to provide travelers a direct line to the TSA complaint department. Now, when you suspect that the airport security officials are going above and beyond in an unnecessary way, you will be just a few clicks and swipes away from letting someone know.

The app is specifically targeting passengers who are being unnecessarily screened or profiled based on their personal this, that, or the other thing, and itís all made possible from the people over at The Sikh Coalition.

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Why We're Still So Excited for Instagram and Travel Photography

April 3, 2012 at 1:26 PM | by | ()

We warned you it was coming! Social photo-sharing app Instagram launched today for Android and, while it's still totally free and available for download, its capabilities don't yet match the full functionality that iPhones enjoy with the app. Don't worry—it's all still coming. Better now download (right here), get your username reserved and start following people to see how it works. Shameless plug for our own accounts: jaunted, hotelchatter, vegaschatter.

Of course the introduction of the Android app will mean an influx of new users, so goodbye 27 million and hello...270 million? Of course all the new users won't just be Android, but more iPhone users as well as word spreads.

We're psyched. We're psyched that more people can now share the photos they've traveled for and spent time on. We're psyched for you guys to see ours as well. We're psyched for the future contests and opportunities that Instagram does so well.

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Instagram for Android Now on Final Approach

March 26, 2012 at 5:55 PM | by | ()

For all we talk about the awesomeness of Instagram (check out our photos under "Jaunted"), there is one major flaw: it's only available to those on iPhone or iPad. Until now-ish. Instagram is coming to Android devices, and soon.

Digitaltrends.com has the news that Beta sign-up has opened for the Instagram Android app

What this means is more than a huge growth in the number of users of Instagram (around 27 million now), but also much more travel photos from more places around the world. Plus! Plus naturally this will include enhanced features, like what we're really hoping for: multiple account management and the ability to save favorites into categories. Imagine having a "to visit" folder. WANT.

So, Android users—sign up for the beta here, and then when it comes to be, check us out at Jaunted, HotelChatter and VegasChatter. See you there!

[Photo: Jaunted on Instagram]

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Scared to Use a Mobile Boarding Pass? Don't Be.

March 5, 2012 at 2:15 PM | by | ()

We need to have a talk about mobile boarding passes. Are you using them? Most major airlines are these days, including (but not limited to) Delta, United, American, Alaska, SAS, British Airways, Lufthansa, Cathay Pacific and Qantas.

If you're just a little bit uncomfortable with getting through and airport and onto a plane using only your phone, read on. If you're totally cool with mobile boarding passes, awesome. Though we're seeing increasing use of mobile boarding passes—just look around next time you're waiting in a security line to have your ID checked, and note how many others have their phones ready to scan—there is still much hesitation and "I'll just wait 'til the airport."

So, we'll walk you through the five steps of checking in, this time on a real Delta flight. Their app is ace.

{Above} Step 1: Make sure you have your airline's app downloaded. Sign in. This is the welcome screen, displaying the indication that it's time to check in for one flight.
Step 2: Press "Check In," doublecheck the details of your flights on the next screen, and hit "Check In Now."

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Know Your Boeings from Your Airbus? Play Lufthansa's Card Game App to Prove It

November 1, 2011 at 1:35 PM | by | ()

Alright. How well do you know your airplanes, specifically from the Lufthansa fleet? Sure, the Airbus A380 is easy to spot and there are a few simple tricks to telling the difference between a Boeing and an Airbus, but what about when we're talking DC-10s or CRJs?

For the true #avgeeks (aviation geeks), Lufthansa has just released a new free iPhone/Android app card game called "Lufthansa Top Trumps." Top Trumps is simple and quick to play, and is a test-your-knowledge game requiring you to choose the right stat for a given airplane. Example: a photo of an Airbus A330 is shown. Pick which of the listed stats is correct (answer: 221 seats). There may be more than one correct stat, so keep that in mind.

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CNN Peers into the Future of Airline Mobile Apps

October 11, 2011 at 1:52 PM | by | ()

Not to be immodest, but we we think we've worked out a pretty good system for guessing when mobile and social media travel apps will work out. It's not particularly complicated. If an app helps people do stuff they want to do, in the way that people want to do that stuff, we lean toward success.

If it's based on the hope that people will start doing things in totally new ways—e.g. sharing their travel itineraries with everyone they know from high school, college, and work—we tend to express less enthusiasm.

So for instance, when we found out that Delta was planning to sell tickets through Facebook, we predicted troubled times because there's no reason anyone would book tickets that way. And wouldn't you know it, the airline ended up trading over one million unique website visitors during a three-month period in exchange for just over 1,000 Facebook fans (concluded Delta's VP for eCommerce: Facebook "clearly is not going to be our biggest channel"—no kidding).

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