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Napa Valley Normal: Sipping Chardonnay with Delta's Sommelier

December 20, 2012 at 6:04 PM | by | ()

These "The One" glasses were designed by Andrea

Napa Valley is a weird place. It's kind of demure, with rolling hills blanketed in low rows of lush vineyards, but also kind of action central, as the chances are high that the person cooking your food or pouring your wine is at the top of the industry. Recently we ventured into kitchens, cellars and wineries (all accessible to you, too) in search of the extraordinarly yummy, which really is the norm in Napa.

In-flight wines get such a bad rap. Unlike airplane coffee, which is still all too frequently little better than "brown water," the reds and whites of the trolley have improved enough to warrant an airline bringing in someone like Andrea Robinson to expertly curate wine lists every season.

Andrea, a certified Master Sommelier/best-selling author/wine glass designer, has been the official Delta sommelier since February 2008 and it's her you have to thank for that smooth, in-flight buzz after your second glass because, to her, it's not just about getting blitzed onboard. In fact, Delta's transcontinental BusinessElite wine program turned completely to California wines from this September. The majority are from the Napa Valley, but there's always a focus on the richer, fuller bodied vintages to combat the effects of altitude on our tastebuds.

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Why Delta's Celeb Chef Michelle Bernstein Loves Warm Nuts

April 27, 2011 at 11:37 AM | by | ()

Before you're even ready to take a bite of her food, Chef Michelle Bernstein will make your jaw drop. Her credentials are enough to get foodies quivering, as she's owner of several heavily awarded restaurants, a James Beard award winner, an Iron Chef winner (versus Bobby Flay), a Food Network personality with her own cookware line, and an author. Ah yes—and she's Delta's celebrity chef, formulating special courses to be enjoyed in-flight by those in BusinessElite or First Class on select flights.

We were fortunate to meet Chef Bernstein on Monday night, as Delta rewarded their most loyal flyers—the Ryan Binghams of this world—with a private dinner at New York's JBF LTD, a one-month pop-up restaurant from the James Beard Society. What did we want to know of the decorated chef? Only her official position on warm nuts—the warm nuts you're served before an in-flight meal, that is.

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