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What's This Thing Where Pop Culture is into Plane Wrecks?

October 19, 2012 at 12:10 PM | by | ()

Normally, we wouldn't get excited over what looks like a plane crash, but something caught our eye after flipping through the TV channels. A striking beauty made up like a zombie, obviously posing for photos while crawling through the smoldering wreckage of a plane. Sounds like the work of the creatives behind America's Next Top Model, and it was.

On a recent episode of ANTM, Tyra challenged the runway hopefuls to "smise"—smiling with the eyes—while donning zombie costumes and emerging from the carnage of a plane crash. After being initially intrigued by which type of aircraft (we concluded a Boeing 747) and how realistic the set looked, we realized something. Glamorizing a tragedy is never cool. Setting up models inside a plane crash, however fake, is not cool.

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Asian Spa Fish Feast on Human Flesh

May 27, 2008 at 12:20 PM | by | ()

Fishy foot baths are all the rage in spas throughout the Far East. The bizarre trend started in Turkey where people pay to be immersed in a pool teeming with "doctor fish" that eat away at dead skin.

The treatment, which is also known as "fish reflexology," apparently results in super-smooth feet. Recently, doctor fish spas have popped up in Japan, Malaysia, Korea, Singapore and Croatia. After the jump, check out video footage of these flesh-eating fish in action.

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