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Now That AirTran Has Flown Their Final Flight, Here are 7 Things We'll Miss Most

December 29, 2014 at 11:28 AM | by | ()

When AirTran flight 1 landed at Tampa International Airport last night, passengers disembarked with tears in their eyes. It was the last AirTran flight ever, a bittersweet occasion as it marked the full integration of AirTran into Southwest.

So while AirTran as a brand is gone, their memory lives on through what they did right as an airline.

Here's what we will miss...

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Not Too Much Longer Now for AirTran, as Final Flight Date Set

May 27, 2014 at 9:23 AM | by | ()

We’re not going to pick on Southwest Airlines and their acquisition of AirTran, but we have to say that this airline merger has taken pretty much forever.

The process finally looks like it's wrapping up, as the combined carrier just announced when AirTran will be disappearing once and for all. Luckily there's still a few more months to slip AirTran safety cards before the brand says sayonara.

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Throwback Thursday: Jaunted's Own First Flight Memories

March 6, 2014 at 2:40 PM | by | ()

Sure, we love all the speed and comfort of modern travel, but it didn't that way overnight. Every Thursday, we're going to take a look back at travel the way it used to be, whether that's decades or centuries ago. This is Throwback Thursday, travel edition.

A trip down memory lane is always fun, and for this Throwback Thursday we're taking a stroll down our own. We asked a few of our own contributors to think way, way back to the first time they stepped foot on a plane and share what the experience was like.

Whether it was a family trip to Disney World or seeing Grandma for Thanksgiving, the memories involve some airlines no longer in the skies and some that've endured the test of time:

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Your Holiday Gift from Seven Airlines: Free In-Flight Facebook Access!

December 23, 2013 at 9:32 AM | by | ()

If you're taking to the skies any time in the next few days, there's a good chance that you can while away the hours with your laptop or mobile device. Thanks to the folks over at Gogo and Charmin (yeah, the toilet paper people), flyers can access Facebook for free during the busy holiday travel season.

Starting today and running through December 30th on seven airlines, Charmin will open the social media browsing session for free. "Like" friend's updates, post photos of their in-flight snack, and check out their 2013 year-in-review status update. Just be cautious because, if you start clicking on external links, you will be asked for your credit card details to fork over some cash for full access.

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Why Delta's Newest Planes are Actually Pretty Old Already

October 28, 2013 at 7:47 AM | by | ()

There’s nothing we enjoy better than a little new airplane smell, and if you’re getting aboard a Delta flight anytime soon you might be enjoying exactly that—well, kind of. You see Delta kind of has a whole bunch of new planes, but the catch is that they’re really only new to them. They’ve all had quite the life before flying with the Delta livery and logo, as many of them are just being shipped over from their former life at AirTran.

Just last week the first of Delta’s Boeing 717s took to the skies, as one of the planes departed from Newark-Liberty on its way to the home base down in Atlanta. Right now there’s a total of two planes in their Boeing 717 fleet, but they hope to boost those numbers to around ten before the end of the year.

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Cathay Pacific, Delta and American Announce New Routes

August 16, 2013 at 9:13 AM | by | ()

Sometimes it’s hard to stay on top of all the new route announcements that come our way, so we’ve complied a little bit of a rundown below. As long as you can afford the fares, this should definitely help add to your passport stamp collection.

· Cathay Pacific:
There were some rumors that Cathay Pacific had their eyes on a new destination, and this week the big secret was revealed. They’ll be flying to the exotic and exciting location that is Newark, New Jersey. Let’s just say we’re looking forward to the other end of this new route. Cathay Pacific will be flying nonstop from Newark to Hong Kong beginning on March 1 assuming that they can get all of the necessary government paperwork in order. Boeing 777-300ERs will do all of the flying fun on this new option, and of course if you’re willing to pay for the pleasure—Cathay Pacific has a heck of a business class option for the journey.

· Lufthansa:
If you want to fly aboard one of the world’s newest airplanes just contact Lufthansa, as they’ve been enjoying the Boeing 747-8 for quite some time. One of the newest options is a nonstop flight between Frankfurt and Mexico City. The flights depart Germany around 2pm local time out of the airport’s terminal 1, and after plenty of time in the air, things touch down over in Mexico at around 7pm local time. Of course there could be aircraft swaps or scheduled changes, but look for flight numbers LH499 and LH498—that way you can enjoy the new airplane smell.

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Happy Fifth Birthday, Checked Baggage Fees

July 23, 2013 at 1:16 PM | by | ()

Before early 2008, travelers didn't even think about forking over some extra cash just to put luggage in the belly of the plane, unless, of course it was oversized and overweight. On a whole, checking a bag or two without extra cost was just part of the air travel experience.

As we celebrate the 5th birthday of baggage fees, it's plain to see that much has changed. In 2011, US airlines raked in just under $3.5 billion—yes, billion with a 'B'—so there's no way these fees are going anywhere. Love them or hate them, they're here to stay (and eventually increase).

American Airlines started it all in May of 2008 with the rest of the industry watching with bated breath if it was going to fly or fail. Right in the height of the summer travel season, other airlines followed suit and began charging the extra bucks just for the privilege of checking baggage. Luckily there are still two major holdouts from the first bag fee: Southwest and JetBlue.

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Three Airlines Make Forbes' List of the 10 Best Travel Companies to Work For

June 10, 2013 at 1:28 PM | by | ()

At some point during your travels, you may actually think about making travel your job. It's a good idea, really, if you don't end up stuck behind a desk with the exception of the usual ten days of annual vacation leave.

Luckily Forbes and Glassdoor.com are here to help with a head-start towards that dream job in travel. They've recently ranked "well-known airlines, hotels, online travel agencies" with the goal of finding out exactly how satisfied employees are with their employer, and "how well (or poorly) their CEOs have fared in the past year."

Ten companies ranked higher than all the others, the ten companies you'd should probably be applying to first:

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New Routes from American, United, and JetBlue Get You Going

March 1, 2013 at 8:51 AM | by | ()

Sometimes it’s hard to stay on top of all the new route announcements that come our way, so we’ve complied a little bit of a rundown below. As long as you can afford the fares, this should definitely help add to your passport stamp collection.

· American Airlines:
Lately it’s all American Airlines all the time when it comes to airline news, after all they are shacking up with US Airways. There’s still plenty of time for new route news, as it sounds like American Airlines has their eyes on San Diego. June 12 will bring nonstop options between Miami and San Diego, and it's some Boeing 737s will do the flying back and forth between the two states and cities. The new routes don’t stop there, as American Eagle is also getting in on the flying fun. Two new spots down in Mexico will be an option out of Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport, as there will be nonstop flights to both the airport in Hermosillo—Ignacio Pesqueira Garcia International Airport—as well as Zacatecas and their General Leobardo C. Ruiz International Airport.

· United:
There’s still plenty of winter left where we call home, but United already has the warmer months on the brain. The carrier is busy moving planes around to here and there, as they’re looking to launch a new seasonal route this summer. They’ll be flying nonstop between Newark and Traverse City—that’s in Michigan—beginning on June 29. The plan is to fly these flights back and forth through the end of August, and there should be three flights doing their thing each and every week. Don’t expect too much in-flight comfort here, as Embraer ERJ145s will be doing the flying. However, we can’t really complain when we get to where we need to be.

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It's Air China, JetBlue and Etihad with This Week's Newest Routes

January 18, 2013 at 8:33 AM | by | ()

Sometimes it’s hard to stay on top of all the new route announcements that come our way, so we’ve complied a little bit of a rundown below. As long as you can afford the fares, this should definitely help add to your passport stamp collection.

· Air China:
The government paperwork is still in the mail, but if things go as planned then Air China will be touching down over in Houston. The plan is to link Houston with Beijing as frequently as four times per week, as Air China wants to start heading back and forth beginning on July 11. Boeing 777-300s will do the heavy lifting across the globe, but there’s no doubt that it’s going to be a long haul to get where you’re headed. Air China is buddies with United thanks to the Star Alliance, so we’re pretty sure that Houston is a great place to help domestic flyers hook up with their new Air China connection.

· Etihad:
If you’ve had enough of Europe then give Etihad a call, as they want to get you from Amsterdam to Abu Dhabi once you’re done doing your thing over in the Netherlands. The plan is to start the new flights just in time for the busy summer travel season, as May 15 is the day that they’ve circled on their calendars. Airbus A330s look to be the planes of choice for this new option, and Etihad will team up with KLM to market the flight as a codeshare option too.

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Dragonair, Delta and Frontier Serve Up This Week's New Routes

January 11, 2013 at 9:13 AM | by | ()

Sometimes it’s hard to stay on top of all the new route announcements that come our way, so we’ve complied a little bit of a rundown below. As long as you can afford the fares, this should definitely help add to your passport stamp collection.

· Dragonair:
If you’re looking to head over to Vietnam anytime soon, be sure to pay attention to this latest new route announcement from Dragonair—Cathay Pacific’s little sibling. The carrier is still waiting on government approval, but assuming everything goes as planned Dragonair will start nonstop service between Da Nang and Hong Kong beginning on March 28.

Airbus A320s will do the flying fun between the two cities—and countries—and the flights will do their thing on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays. Just be sure to do more than admire Danang Beach, as there are three UNESCO World Heritage sites to cross off your bucket list as well.

· Delta:
The latest new route news from Delta probably won't make or break your vacation plans for 2013, but when it comes to new route news we love each and every tidbit. Earlier this week Delta started nonstop flights between Dayton, Ohio and New York-LaGuardia. Obviously this is geared primarily toward business travelers, but we’re sure some leisure travelers will sneak aboard for a quick weekend Big Apple getaway. During the week there are a pair of departures scheduled to depart Dayton around 7am and 7pm, and on the weekends things depart at 7am on Saturday and around 7pm on Sunday.

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The Only Three Cyber Monday Airfare Sales We Care About

November 26, 2012 at 12:09 PM | by | ()

As much as it pains us to type the words "Cyber Monday," it's true that there are enough travel deals out there to make the term stick a bit. Here's a few worth mentioning:

· Virgin America private jet to CES:
$49,000 gets you VX's #nerdbird, an A320 that'll bear a design of your choosing for one month. Oh yeah, and you'll get a roundtrip flight for 136 guests from San Francisco to Las Vegas for 2013 CES—the world's largest consumer electronics show—on that plane.

The trip will come complete with free onboard Gogo WiFi, Elevate Silver status for all guests, Elevate Gold for the purchaser +1, and all 136 CES passes and keynote tickets will be taken care of. We seriously dare you to find a private jet company that can beat this deal. They just can't, especially when it comes to the addition of the custom livery! Buy it on Gilt City. AMEX Centurion cards were practically made for moments like this.

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