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Look for Discounted Beer Tomorrow at Denver Airport for 'National Beer Day'

April 6, 2015 at 3:04 PM | by | ()

Timberline Steaks & Grille in the Denver Airport

If you find yourself on a layover tomorrow in Denver, consider yourself lucky. The Mile High City loves its beer, and since April 7th is "National Beer Day," one airport concessionaire, Mission Yogurt, is offering a discount in honor of the "holiday."

Don't be fooled by the name - Mission Yogurt operates food and beverage vendors of all kinds in the Denver, San Jose, and San Diego airports. Tomorrow, deals and specials will be available at its Denver locations.

Mention the promotion to your server, and get $1 off draft beer purchases all day at Timberline Steaks & Grille, Root Down DIA, Etai’s Bakery Café, Itza Wrap Itza Bowl, and Que Bueno Mexican Grille. You can follow Mission Yogurt on Twitter via @MissionYogurt to stay up-to-date on other promotions.

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Skip 'Beef or Chicken' and Pick a Picnic on Flights from London-Heathrow

September 24, 2014 at 9:47 AM | by | ()

Making the "beef or chicken?" choice on is hardly a highlight of the trip. But could we tempt you to get a little more excited over Gordon Ramsay's roasted Hereford rump of beef with green salad and mustard or perhaps slow spit-roasted chicken with fries, salad, bread sauce and roasting juices from Heston Blumenthal? Yeah, we thought so.

London-Heathrow likes to push the envelop when it comes to innovation and has a great idea for doing away with the typical in-flight fare. The airport will deliver full menu items from any one of the terminal's 118 restaurants right to your gate, all wrapped up in a cool bag for chilled items, or a thermal bag for hot items. Each meal is completely prepared and ready to be noshed at any time after take-off.

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Can a Gelato Bar Entice Travelers to Book Business Class?

Where: Australia
August 14, 2014 at 10:49 AM | by | ()

Flying can be exhausting, even if your itinerary involves lie-flat seats in the front of the plane. As such, you can imagine our jubilation when we passed by a low freezer case filled with creamy gelato goodness during some downtime in Qantas' Business Class lounge at Sydney International.

Along with the standard free-pouring champagne, hot dinner and bountiful desserts, the Red Roo's lounge serves up the icy treat for passengers traveling on international flights in Business Class (or holding Oneworld Sapphire status). Ice cream is a lovely little luxury, perfect to be present in a lounge for a level of luxury travel.

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Where to Find the Only Airport Locations of 'Starbucks Evenings'

January 13, 2014 at 8:48 AM | by | ()

If there’s one staple of the airport dining scene—besides Sbarro of course—it has to be Starbucks. The ubiquitous coffee shop is there when you need them, and of course they can supply you with everything from caffeine and cookies to macchiato and muffins.

Now things are getting even better, as the Starbucks Evenings concept has made its way to the airport. It’s just like Starbucks but with a little less coffee and a lot more food and wine. Here’s where to find the first couple of these locations during your next layover.

Los Angeles International Airport

The latest Starbucks Evenings location is part of the upgrades and improvements to the Tom Bradley International Terminal over at LAX . This one has been open since late last year, and it now gives the option for travelers to enjoy a nice glass of wine or a cold beer before their flight. As far as snacks are concerned they of course have those as well, as Chipotle Hummus Dip and Goat Cheese Flatbread are just a couple of the additions to the menu to help you further enjoy that adult beverage. Stop by before your next flight if you’re in the neighborhood of the South Concourse between Gates 157 and 156.

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How to Celebrate National Donut Day on the Road: Donut Shops in Airports

June 7, 2013 at 10:45 AM | by | ()

Today is more than just any Friday; it's National Donut Day. To celebrate this momentous occasion, we'll be doing what we do best: writing about donuts. And travel. Traveling donuts! People who travel for donuts! You get the idea. Now go get a cruller.

For those of you that are planning to be in the air today, there's no need to be left out of the National Donut Day action today (or really any day), as we've located the best airport donut outlets for getting it on with some sort of glazed-, cake-, frosted- or sprinkled-doughnut goodness.

For those that have decided that an ultra long-haul flight to Singapore is in order, look out for the Singapore Airlines gift of the sweet treat. The airline will start serving up Randy Donuts to passengers who fork over some extra cash to fly in their suites and business class seats form LAX. If you just can't swing that kind of dough, get some literal dough at Randy's shop in Inglewood, where the airline will be offering a free doughnut to anyone who stops by from 7 to 10am (today only).

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The Wine-Friendly 'Starbucks Evenings' Concept Opens at the Airport

December 26, 2012 at 11:04 AM | by | ()

Not too long ago we heard about one of those special new Starbucks heading over to LAX—the kind of Sbux with the wine. While it will be a little bit more time before that sucker opens to the traveling public, in the interim we can take a flight over to Washington-Dulles International Airport because they just cut the ribbon on the very first airport location of Starbucks Evenings.

HMSHost—they’re the ones behind many of your favorite and not-so-favorite airport restaurants—partnered up with Starbucks for this spot at the airport. It’s kind of just like any other airport Starbucks in that they’ll still serve up lattes and frappuccinos, but there's a twist.

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Yet Another Airport Adds Smartphone Food Ordering Straight to Your Gate

December 19, 2012 at 8:26 AM | by | ()

We’ve got a good feeling that many of you will find yourselves at the airport at some point during the holiday season. It may be on your way to visit friends and relatives, but we’re even more hopeful that you’re at the airport flying somewhere fun to avoid friends and relatives.

No matter how you end up at the airport you’re going to need a bite to eat while you’re wandering the terminals, so thankfully HMSHost and their food-from-your-phone technology is back with a new airport and new restaurants.

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If You're Not Looking for a Side of Roaches, Avoid These Miami Airport Restaurants

October 15, 2012 at 11:02 AM | by | ()

Have you had the chance to check out the latest and greatest in airport reality shows—"Airport 24/7: Miami?" The program on Travel Channel details the ins and outs of airport security, the boarding process, check in, and pretty much everything else through a behind-the-scenes look at the terminals and its employees. One thing they haven’t dug into too much are the airport restaurants, and that's a good thing given the recent news out of MIA.

If you’ve just cracked open your lunch box you might want to put that PB&J aside for a moment, as the following is far from tasty. Two restaurants at Miami International Airport were recently shut down as there were apparently quite a number of creepy crawlies where it should have only been nummy yummies.

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PDX, MCI, and SNA Get New Restaurants for Your Pre-Flight Noms

September 13, 2012 at 9:43 AM | by | ()

For those traveling through the nation’s airports there’s a few new bits and bites to sample, as a few new airport restaurants have now found their way into the terminals and concourses. They might not have celebrity chefs in the kitchen, but as long as they are not another outpost of a typical food court stand then we back them 100 percent.

Over in Portland—the one in Oregon—the city’s airport just scored a few new retail locations, and one of them can be even considered a restaurant if you’re okay with a few to-go items. There’s now a place called The Oregonian News, another known as Rich’s News, and a new Kiehl’s location. Over at The Market there’s even the opportunity to scoop up local snacks and sandwiches from the city’s Elephant’s Delicatessen—tasty.

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Iron Chef Morimoto Will Soon Be Slinging Yakitori Right Out of LAX

September 4, 2012 at 7:09 AM | by | ()

We’ve suggested that airports might become dining destinations regardless of whether you’re trying to catch a flight, and that might just be the case for LAX sooner rather than later. There’s still a little bit of planning and preparation needed, but if all goes according to plan an Iron Chef will soon be arriving at the airport.

Masaharu Morimoto is bringing his unique take on cuisine right into the middle of the airport, as the restaurant is set to debut September 13 right in the middle of Terminal 5. It sounds like the chef is going to focus on something he’s calling "fast casual street food." Thankfully this new take on airport dining also comes with a decent price tag, as the bits and bites will probably run between $9 and $15.

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Even More Tablets and At-Gate Delivery Arriving for Hungry Airport Travelers

August 15, 2012 at 8:22 AM | by | ()

Thankfully for our taste buds there doesn’t seem to be a shortage of restaurant options popping open at airports across the globe. And while there’s no new celebrity chefs putting their finishing touches on terminal tables and concourse chairs this week, there are a few technology tidbits.

HMSHost—known for creating and serving airport delicacies—is at it again with their gate delivery service. They’ve expanded their reach into Utah, as they’re now offering up free delivery at Salt Lake City International Airport. The B4 You Board app is now serving up stuff like a chicken and pork souvlaki plate from Greek Souvlaki over in Terminal 2. In case you don’t remember how things work, all you have to do is browse menus on your mobile device, place your order, and then it will be delivered right to you at the gate. We just remind you to take it easy on the tzatziki, as we’re not sure about the odor of Greek yummies at 35,000 feet.

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Guess the Airport Lounge with a Self-Serve Hot Dog Cart

Where: Australia
June 20, 2012 at 11:12 AM | by | ()

We've heard it all before: It's great to travel, but it's even greater to come home. And while we find half of this true, it is nice to get a little slice of home while exploring abroad.

On a recent international trip, we swaggered into the international business class of a partner airline we were flying and one very bright thing caught our eye. It was an authentic hot dog cart...the ones we would see in the zoo or parks back home.

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