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Malaysia Airlines Mulls Name Change

Where: Malaysia
July 28, 2014 at 11:29 AM | by | ()

Regardless on how accountable one might hold Malaysia Airlines for the two tragedies of the past six months, there's no question the airline's brand and identity have been considerably tarnished.

It's way too early to know if there will be any long-term impact on future business success, but it appears MH won't be waiting around to find out. In a media release, it announced that it has already begun considering a new brand identity, including a new name, to go along with a restructuring of routes. The Malaysian Government, which is the majority shareholder of the airline, said it would all be in an effort to draw new investors and rebuild.

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Landing in Peru Onboard LAN's New SFO-Lima Flight

July 6, 2010 at 10:41 AM | by | ()

Here at Jaunted, we like to report the biggest travel news and the best travel experiences first for you, from iPads down to inaugural flights. That’s why our Eric Rosen hopped onboard LAN’s first flight on its new direct route between San Francisco-SFO and Lima, Peru. Check out all the South American partying in his report below.

LAN 2609 is a flight that marks much more than just the South American carrier's entrance into San Francisco, but it also means a return of boom tourism to Peru, a country wracked by floods and depressing tourism numbers earlier this year—especially after the routes to historical site Machu Picchu were closed or plain destroyed. But with all of that fixed and hope renewed, we flew due south.

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The Eagerly Anticipated VAustralia Inaugural Flight Review

Where: Australia
March 2, 2009 at 9:11 AM | by | ()

Sir Richard Branson was on VA1 from SYD to LAX, but while Sir Richard was partying it up at The Chateau Marmont, Jaunted was riding VA2 from LAX to SYD to see what a Bransonless Virgin Australia experience was like.

LAX - SYD is the definition of the long haul route. For years Qantas and United have dominated this route, but VAustralia has jumped into the fray and is attempting to redefine the way we fly to Australia. How did they do? The full flight review is after the jump.

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Getting The LAN Bump To Biz Class

Where: Chile
January 30, 2009 at 12:41 PM | by | ()

West Coast web media princess, and the latest Jaunted Embed, Shira Lazar is making her way through Chile on a top secret travel mission. She will be posting daily for the next week, in hopes of creating a glorious on-the-fly travel guide using as much point oh social webbing as she can. Enjoy.

So my Chile trip began late due to LA traffic (not because of my personal tardiness of course).

Typically you are supposed to arrive to the airport at least 2 hours before an international flight. I arrived a bit less an hour and a half before my LAX--Lima(LIM)--Santiago(SCL) .

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First-Person Flight Reviews: JetBlue Goes Abroad

October 21, 2008 at 1:00 PM | by | ()

With the majority of their flights landing there and a new terminal on the way, it's pretty clear that JetBlue loves itself some JFK.

But the carrier has slowly started adding flights to Orlando International Airport as well, and beginning early next year, MCO will see a new JetBlue flight to Bogotá. If the service on this new offering is similar to the carrier's other international efforts, then we're in for a treat.

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First-Person Flight Reviews: Porter Continues to Please

October 16, 2008 at 10:00 AM | by | ()

Throughout all the bankruptcies, fuel cost woes and airline travel nightmares this year, the only noise out of Porter Airlines has been the addition of flights to Chicago. But it seems that no news is good news, as the carrier stacks up positive reviews.

Several Flyertalk users continue to praise the airline, including this one:

I just flew Porter for the first time down to EWR for a business meeting in NYC.... Check in and the departure lounge are great. The departure lounge is as good as the AC Maple Leaf Club in Pearson or one of the new UA Red Carpet Clubs in the US. The flight was about half full. We were the only flight at US Customs in EWR.

I do a lot of business-related traveling between Toronto and BOS so I'll be buying Porter passes as soon as Porter starts BOS service.

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First-Person Flight Reviews: Porter Gets It Right

May 20, 2008 at 9:30 AM | by | ()

Airplanes without jet engines aren't for everyone, but great service is--and that's apparently what Porter Airlines is all about. We've shed light onto their unique business model before, and now the New York Post has done the same.

Best part of all is that the Porter "experience" is far better than anything currently available on this route [Toronto City Centre to Newark]. Come to think of it, I don't know of any commuter service (Porter uses sleek, but still turbo-prop, Bombardier Q400's) that has a sense of style and offers free sandwiches, free quality booze (Niagara wine! Belgian beer!) and its own-brand bottled water from some no-doubt-verdant valley in Quebec.

The real joy, though, is arriving in and departing from Toronto, where they've kitted out their very own terminal. The departures lounge is just like a business class lounge anywhere else--espresso machine, free internet, snacks, a help-yourself cooler of soft drinks.

Frugal Traveler Matt Gross also enjoyed his recent trip with Porter.

Here's hoping they stick around. But if not, we pray that someone else buys the swanky lounge so we can still get buzzed on triple lattes and use the free WiFi.

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First-Person Flight Reviews: Ryanair Has Something Against Treviso Airport

Where: Italy
March 28, 2008 at 2:51 PM | by | ()

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Ryanair may have a smokin' hot cabin crew but that does little to placate the increasing number of Treviso-bound passengers who are being re-routed to other airports to land.

The main excuses are fog, rain and low visibility. Instead of landing at Treviso, flights are sent all over Northern Italy and then passengers are bussed back. The most frequent detour seems to be to Brescia (2 hour bus ride away).

University of London student, Patrick Kendrick, gives us the play by play from his recent $125 London to Treviso (to Brescia) flight:

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First-Person Flight Reviews: Chi Trib Does Skybus

March 25, 2008 at 2:05 PM | by | ()

Chicago Tribune reporter John Hilkevitch recently braved sampled Skybus' service--now once-daily to Greensboro, NC--from Gary Airport "outside of Chicago" (in Gary, IN). The Trib's got two of his videos up, plus a written review. Just like Skybus itself, Hilkevitch's praise is simple and to-the-point.

He knows that the shilling onboard is, in fact, ridiculous (though he has a "soft spot for the beef jerky"), but was pleased enough, given the low fare and early arrivals:

On the day I booked the airfare on the Internet, the same non-stop itinerary to Greensboro from O'Hare International Airport was $756.48 on United Airlines and $1,118.97 on US Airways. And neither of those serves beef jerky.

It also didn't hurt that both my outbound and inbound flights landed 20 minutes early—and the two United flights to O'Hare were listed as delayed.

So what's in the trip to Greensboro for tourists from the Chicago area? Sayeth the report: "There are some connecting flights [in Greensboro] to places that people may actually want to go..." Hee. (He does later call Greensboro "beautiful.")

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First-Person Flight Reviews: Virgin America's First Class

March 19, 2008 at 2:30 PM | by | ()

It's true. We enjoy Virgin America. The airline's got high-quality entertainment, fun-but-classy crews, low prices and, most importantly, flies where we do. But enough about us. What does grizzled airline reporter Joe Sharkey think?

I was in no mood for a bad trip when I left for a 7 a.m. Virgin America flight to New York. And I didn't get one...The biggest surprise was the seat, which had 55 inches of legroom, compared with the typical 40 inches or less in first-class cabins on most domestic narrow-body flights

The in-flight service was excellent...The in-seat entertainment system had live television and on-demand selections that included about three dozen movies.

Beyond the run-down of the first class experience, Sharkey reports that in-flight WiFi won't be available until fall. Also coming this year are two cities "east of the Mississippi." Let's see: Chicago, Boston and Miami. That's three cities isn't it?

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Silverjet Flight Review: Still Not the Gold Standard

September 24, 2007 at 9:45 AM | by | ()

Many pundits like all-business-class Silverjet for its valet service, which lets customers drive up to the curb, hand off their keys, wait inside and have their boarding passes delivered directly to them in the waiting area. The quick check-in process is a major plus, too: Most passengers say it takes less than 10 minutes from ticket counter to departure gate. But when it comes to on-time flights and cancellations, Silverjet's hardly the best.

It seems a number of travelers have had legs of their trips canceled as the relatively new airline works to get itself off the ground. And while alternative options are usually offered, they aren't always convenient. Here's FlyerTalker herbchris53's experience, after one of the airline's planes had to be taken out of service:

A few months ago, I was going to book a JFK-LHR flight with BA in June/July, when I saw an ad for SilverJet offering a free segment for NYC-LON flights. I booked with SilverJet instead. $1084 return - hooray!

They just called me to say that the 16:45 return flight I booked is "no longer available" and I can take the 10:00 that day or the 16:45 the next day. My schedule does not permit either, so now 24 days before departure, I have to start looking for a new flight.

I guess that's what you get from an operator with a handful of planes.

If you're willing to take the risk, this can be an affordably classy way to fly. But if arriving on time and avoiding canceled flights is a chief concern, it may be best to book elsewhere.

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Airline Flight Review: Allegiant Air Sends Customers Off with Smiles

August 21, 2007 at 11:35 AM | by | ()

Allegiant Air recently announced a laundry list of new non-stop flights to Phoenix from Midwest hot spots like Missoula and Rapid City. Deep discounts and on-time departures mean travelers will be lining up for tickets in no time. Here is what a customer we contacted said about their experience with Allegiant Air knows how to please its passengers:

Price and super friendly service are the two major things that stick out. Plus they were actually on time.

We have also heard stories where even disgruntled customers are happy with with the carrier's top-notch customer service. Rare indeed.

Smiling representatives with Can-Do attitudes who are eager to help? We didn't believe it until we heard these Allegiant Air stories either. Have you flown on Allegiant Air? Let us know your thoughts on the Allegiant Air experience here.

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[Photo: Allegiant Air]