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The O'Hare Animals are Back for Another Season of Airport Maintenance

September 5, 2014 at 7:51 AM | by | ()

Some furry friends are now back doing their thing over at Chicago-O’Hare, as they do their best to keep the airport grounds in tip-top shape.

We’ve mentioned unique airport groundskeeping crews before, but the herd that tends to the land in and around O’Hare might just be one of the best. They’re back at work this year, as goats, sheep, llamas, and donkeys are all doing their thing. They’re hungry and there’s apparently plenty to eat, as they work to eliminate all kinds of vegetation—even poison ivy.

It’s all part of the Chicago Department of Aviation's Sustainable Vegetation Management initiative, and even better is that the farm animals come from a nearby animal rescue. We’re not sure of they would rather be somewhere else, but if we were either a sheep or a llama—we’d certainly enjoy spending our days munching and chewing outside the airport. Someone needs to stick a camera on one of these guys to capture their point of view.

The critters will be doing their thing until the weather gets cooler, and they’re separated from the runways and what not thanks to some well placed fencing. So no worries about an unforeseen sheep delay before your flight.

[Photo: Official Site]

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